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This module serves as a foundation for the other key components. The aim of this module is for students to develop the knowledge and skills required to work with the program, media, and evaluation for learning and to handle diversity in the classroom. Students will engage in pedagogical material awareness (PCK) and implementation, analytical practice, curriculum theory, and consequences for implementation in order to do this. Furthermore, the curriculum includes simulations from a variety of educational contexts to help student teachers train for the demands of teaching in the South African sense, in both the GET and FET bands. Students search for the Initial Teacher Education (ITE) programmes assignment help to cope up with their assignments.

Initial Teacher Education: Roles and Possibilities for Preparing Capable Teachers

This chapter examines the importance of initial teacher preparation in training teachers to take on the task of teaching in a non-traditional setting. While some teachers are able to smoothly adapt to a new subject, others will find it difficult to continue teaching. Early career teachers are particularly vulnerable to the detrimental consequences of teaching out-of-field because they are more likely to do so than their more seasoned colleagues.

A teacher's path, on the other hand, starts before they take their first teaching spot. This requires an understanding of the possibility of needing to teach out-of-field, which has become normal practice in many Australian and German schools. Although teacher preparation programmes are not expected to train teachers to teach outside of their profession, they do face the challenge of developing well enough and competent educators. Identifying the types of practices and behaviours that should be used to ensure teachers are properly trained for the task of teaching out-of-field is crucial to our understanding of how to address out-of-field education in Initial Teacher Education (ITE) programmes.

initial teacher education programmes

The BTE2601 programme would examine the various circumstances of pre-service teachers in terms of their preparedness to teach out-of-field during their initial teacher preparation, drawing on research from Germany and Australia. The chapter concludes with some reflections about the extent to which, and in what respects, teachers should be "prepared" to teach subjects in which they have little prior experience.

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Initial Teacher Education Reforms

The reforms for Excellence in Teacher Education are a series of eight acts that aim to:

Raise the standard of Initial Teacher Education (ITE) programmes at the beginning (ITE). Enhance early career support and advancement for teachers to raise the status of the teaching profession. These acts, taken together, seek to:

  • Classify the most eligible students for instruction and train them extensively.
  • Continue to encourage and improve them because of the important role they have in assisting children and young people in achieving academic and life success.

The efforts draw on the Australian Institute of Teaching and School Leadership's national agenda for initial teacher training reform (AITSL). They make use of the best practises that have already been introduced in Victoria.

We worked with teachers, principals, colleges, TAFEs, parents, and student leaders, as well as other academic experts, to develop the reforms.

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