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The issue of well-being alludes to an individual’s own particular needs and such needs can just truly be resolved and comprehended by the individual themselves. The idea of a person’s job in their own comprehension about their wellbeing and to what degree they are in charge of it is a significant complex territory. As per Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in the US, $3.5 trillion were spent in the year 2017 as a part of healthcare cost. Nevertheless, even after spending this much money on the people in the United States, they have inferior life anticipation as compared to people in the other developed nations. The reasons behind this are many factors inclusive of the access to healthcare, lifestyle choices and many others.

Ever since the professor announced the last date to submit your 5NH025: challenges to health and mental well-being assessment, you had been hopping from one peer-reviewed article to the other in search of some nursing assignment help online. Good health is fundamental to getting hold of stress and living a longer and more charged life. In this blog, we discuss some important questions pertaining to writing the NH025: Challenges To Health And Well-Being assessment answers. Here we go!

What’s the Difference Between Well-being and Health?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines health as ‘a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity’ (WHO, 1948). Physical well-being is inclusive of pursuing a healthy way of life to minimise the risk of disease. Upholding physical fitness, for instance, can defend and progress the patience of a person’s muscular strength, flexibility, breathing and heart function as well as the entire body composition. What else does making sure of good well-being and physical health consist of? Well, they involve minimising the danger of an injury or health issue, namely:

  • curtailing threats and perils at the workplace
  • making use of contraception while having intercourse
  • performing effective sanitation
  • evading the usage of alcohol, tobacco, or any type of illegal drugs
  • having the mentioned sera for a precise disorder

Sound physical health helps in tandem with mental health in order to enhance the quality of life of a person. For example, as per a report in 2008 study, mental illness namely, depression, may upsurge the jeopardy of drug use syndromes, which can further badly affect the person’s corporeal health.

And What’s The Relationship Between Them?

There are two models through which the relationship between mental health and wellbeing can be carried out namely, the dual continuum model, and the single continuum model. On one hand, the dual continuum model is directed towards mental health strongly related to mental well-being, wherein, an individual is either flourishing mentally or not flourishing at all. For instance, someone with bipolar disorder may have high well-being if taken into account via medication.

Good mental health doesn’t only mean that the person is not suffering from depression, anxiety, or any mental issues. It hinges on the person’s capability of:

  • Enjoying their day-to-day lifestyle
  • Bouncing back after tough situations
  • Adapting to adversity
  • Managing varied fundamentals of life, such as family and finances
  • Having the feeling for a safe and secure life
  • Acquiring full potential

There is no denying that physical and mental health has resilient connections. For instance, if a prolonged ailment marks a person’s capability to thorough their day-to-day life tasks, which may ay lead to stress and depression.

What Are The 5 Areas of Well-being?

Long back in the year 2008, New Economics Foundation stated 5 proof-based tasks people can do in their regular lifestyle to enhance their well-being. Below are the actions that we have mentioned have been endorsed and applied in a wide range of public health settings. The below-mentioned five ways to well-being is a useful way through which a person can undoubtedly improve their own well-being. Here are the 5 ways:

  • Connect: There is no denying the fact that strengthening relationships helps in building and boosting one’s well being. Feeling close to an individual on personal as well as professional level helps in many ways.
  • Keep learning: This is the second way to boost one’s well-being. Being excited and looking out for new life experiences in life as well as at work, stimulates the brain in a positive manner.
  • Be active:  Being active physically or at work, helps in improving the physical health, one’s mood and lowers down the stress factor, depression and/or anxiety. 
  • Give: The act of kindness is another way, be it small or big, help in increasing the happiness and life satisfaction. Thereby, improving the well-being of a person.
  • Take notice: Paying attention to the moments in the current life, the thoughts as well the feelings around oneself helps in boosting the wellbeing.

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