6 Common Challenges Faced by all International Students in Australia

6 Common Challenges Faced by all International Students in Australia
September 19, 2022

6 Common Challenges Faced by all International Students in Australia

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6 Common Challenges Faced by all International Students in Australia

Do you desire a shining future in nursing but already wear out with the idea of tackling too many challenges? Well, it is true that an international student's life will not be easy. So, if you are ready to enter the course but not prepared for the real deal, this blog is going to help you!

However, there are many reasons to pursue your dream career at a renewed university in Australia. But do you know that a dream can never be achieved without facing challenges? This blog lists challenges you might encounter as an international student and how to overcome them in just a few steps!

Why Australia?

Australia is home to a wide range of the world's most prestigious universities. As per the report of QS World University Rankings by subject 2020, there were 10 Australian universities ranked under the top 50 remarkable nursing schools in the world.

There are institutes for each subject and multiple streams. It is one reason international students enrol a considerable number every year.

Communication barriers

Communication barriers are one of the challenges you always want to escape. Here are three categories that becomes challenging for most students;


To pass the semester, it is important that you understand the lectures in classroom studies. But when you do not understand the language or subject, avoiding the pressure of poor communication becomes inevitable.


Well, when you enter college, your goal is to understand the lectures, but it is not that easy with an Australian accent. Your professors do not have much time to explain everything in detail to each student, which is one major challenge to deal with.


Australia is a different place in terms of communication, language, vocabulary, and accent. There are people who are natives and only understand the Australian accent, and there you are trying to join the dots from what they speak because of the dark accent.

These common barriers could often diminish your confidence and lead to isolation. However, you can start practising the language if you want to deal with this pressure. Here is how:

  • Make new friends who are native Australians.
  • Seek programming assignment help from native tutors.
  • Watch English movies and shows.
  • Practice the accent by speaking in English.
  • Read English literature and newspapers.

Job opportunities

Finding a suitable job is not easy. In any field or country, nursing is not an exception. Due to highly competitive exams, assignments and rising demand for nursing professionals, it is not always easy to get the selection. Moreover, getting a job requires knowledge and skills, which are often rare. However, to lean towards your goals and achieve perfection, you can surely get in touch with consultants and tutors of nursing assignment help who know your requirements and provide the most suitable pathway to success.

School-life balance

There is rarely anyone who has found their way out to manage EVERYTHING without panicking. And college life is certainly not the easiest thing you can fix due to the heavy load of assignments with tight deadlines. However, when you go on the internet and look for ideas, you will find endless suggestions for Programming Assignment Help. Some of them are right here;

  • Make a to-do list for each task and try to complete them as much as possible. If you cannot meet all of them, appreciate your efforts and be ready for the following challenges.
  • Set your daily goal for assignment writing. Make sure you know your deadlines and adhere to them.
  • Plan your diet wisely- a healthy diet is essential for the required nutrition that keeps you moving.
  • Try to manage your sleep cycle. According to many researchers, a good night's sleep can improve productivity, learning, memory and heart health.
  • If possible-manage, work out for at least 20-30 minutes to keep yourself in shape, reduce stress, improve memory and concentration, and eventually become more productive.

Cultural differences

Australia is one of the developing countries where you can avail yourself of high-quality education, better lifestyle, infrastructure and much more. However, even after decades of connection between Australia and other countries, students still feel alienated in their surroundings. The phenomenon is called cultural shock to those who find it difficult to adjust to a new tradition and norms.

The best way to overcome the difference is to practice acceptance and understand the culture closely. Connecting with locals and finding your way to explore new traditions will gradually bridge the gap between the two cultures, and you will feel more comfortable around native Australians. Even though it will not be an easy process as we all have our prejudices, make sure to keep them aside and be more welcoming to unique things in life.

Accommodation Problems

You have got admission to one of the most prestigious colleges in Australia. Now what? Where will you stay? Hostels could be expensive with some restrictions, staying with natives could be overwhelming, and now that you want to enjoy your freedom, you may not want to live with one of your relatives. Ugh! It is frustrating to plan your accommodation in an unknown place.

However, do not fret because there is a way out! Many organisations are there whose job is to help you find affordable rental spaces. Even if you can explore the internet, you will find many apps and suggestions that provide accommodations under your budget. All you need to do is look for the right location that meets your requirements.

Feeling Homesick

When you move to a new country and try to adapt to a new lifestyle, the sudden change of location might be an overwhelming experience. You may also feel alienated due to the shift in your entire life, which runs super-fast. Leaving your life behind and stepping into a new one is not as easy as you might feel. As a result, you miss your loved ones and feel emotions while hundreds of memories come your way.

To overcome homesickness, you can use the internet, a useful way of connecting with almost everyone via FaceTime and social media. This way, you will not lose touch with your loved ones and feel more motivated toward your goals. And endless apps can enable you to share daily updates about your life.

If you are an international student struggling to bear the challenges alone, just trust the experts who can help you with your life-school balance, accommodation ideas, and much more! And nothing works out; the Australia Assignment Help is always feasible!

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