How to Create a Video CV?

How to Create a Video CV
September 28, 2022

How to Create a Video CV?

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How to Create a Video CV?

You belong to a young generation; you might not know what it was like to get a job a couple of decades ago. A relative or related source always used passwords for a near one to get them a job. And then for a long-long time, that person used to stay thankful to that person, like debt for a lifetime. However, with each passing year, the trend changed; a generation earlier used to look at various flyers or pamphlets to get a job interview. If you remember the movie scene where the hero roams around on empty streets on scorching summer days with a bulky file?

Well, thanks to technology, that scenario has changed for sure. In today’s generation, getting an interview appointment is just a game of a few clicks. Rather than that, thanks to the constantly developing technology and the recently spread Coronavirus, it has made the job selection process an entire virtual round. Whether it is an interview offer from the college campus under the university placements or a job search on social networking sites. The whole process, from getting a job interview to slipping in the CV, everything has changed and has become a digital deal.

CV: From Sliding-in to Slides

As this digital world has undoubtedly left a remarkable impact all around the globe, the procedure of sending a CV has transformed from sliding an A4 sheet across the table to sending it as a FAX to now sharing a virtual video. Yes, you’ve read it correctly. A video CV. Gone are those typical days when people used to stuff all their accomplishments in one paper. Thanks to creativity taking a new turn and mixing perfectly with the digital world, the potential candidates for a suitable job now send a video CV as their resume.

The technological era has decided to stay here; sliding a CV resume across the table is outdated and old-fashioned. To ensure you get a job, bringing your uniqueness is the key and one of the factors why the employer considers hiring you. To tell the employer why you are the most suitable candidate, showcasing your talent in a unique form by taking advantage of the technology is a wise option.

Paper Resume VS Video CV

Apart from the digital age playing its game fair and square, what do you think is one such significant difference between a paper resume and a video CV that the other gives you a better chance and opportunity? You are all set to jump to know how you can create a video CV, but you must try to understand what the positive difference is between the two. Well, if you haven’t thought about that and are straight on your search for resume writing services, then hold on and read what we have to say.

What makes a Video CV a Preferable Choice?

You indeed haven’t given it a thought, but here we are telling you what you need to know. When you send a video resume to a recruiter, you have a positive edge to get an excellent chance of leaving a positive impact.

You must know one famous phrase, “your first impression is your last impression.” When you slide in your paper resume, there is a chance that you might not be able to leave an impressive and impactful impression on the employer. Because plain paper can never describe your nature or personality, you can hire a resume writer who provides assignment help for a flawlessly written resume. The recruiter must imagine your character, and as per your resume, you can either be a good fit or a bad match.

However, it leaves an impactful impression when you uniquely showcase your talent and share your video CV. The video shows your charming personality and confidence can do wonders for you. A video CV can be a significant game changer for you if you know how to create the same.

So, if you are ready to leave a remarkable impression on your employer at the first chance, then below are some helpful tips you can use while making your video CV.

Tricks to Create an Impressive Video CV

Whenever you try to do something new, there is a constant fear of failing and a trip of doubting your skills. Well, if you don’t trust yourself much, you can trust our experts offering resume writing and assignment help. The professional experts at Online Assignment Expert have shared an exclusive set of tips on how you can create an impressive video CV and get a one-on-one interview with the company’s recruiter you are willing to join.

Tips for Making a Video Resume

Start with a Script

Don’t think your video CV is less than any short film. You are the main lead of your story, and to rock the stage, you must showcase your best profile. Imagine your video CV as if you are about to write a self-biography and mention everything you would like your recruiter to know about you. Oh yes, don’t think your first script draft is the final speech you’ll deliver in front of the camera. There will be several changes because your video CV will have a maximum of TWO Minutes. During that time, you must talk about yourself and your achievements, including what you have done and your experience. So, once you are done with various cuts in your script, let’s move on to the next thing you must remember.

Keep on Recording

Once you are done writing the script, and you’ve ensured what the highlighted points you will be keeping a focus on, practise the diction to give stress on the highlighted topics in your video CV. Moreover, when you begin shooting, you must ensure a few things. Record in a quieter place for no background sound; don’t read as if you are delivering a speech; keep your tone conversational, so the recruiter feels engaged. Also, when recording your CV, you must keep recording once you’ve set a flow. It is because you’ll never be perfect in one go, and soon it might irritate you; however, your several shots taken from different videos combined will ensure an impactful video CV.

The Final Edit

As mentioned above, you can add various clips from different recordings for a flawless, perfectly stressed, and exclusively highlighted video resume; editing is a must. Once you’ve ensured that whatever you’ve shot until now is plenty for you, start the editing process. Cut out the impressive shots, check whether you have delivered what you’ve written, if the stress on accomplishments is perfect, or if there is any background sound that overlaps your voice. Once you finish the final checks, you are all set to leave an impressive impression on the recruiter. However, if you wish to hear the final verdict, you can ask your friends or family to tell if your video CV is impressive enough or not.

Wrapping it up

Moreover, if you are looking for assistance, you can take resume writing services offered by Online Assignment Expert. We have the best writers at work who will write the majestic script for you per your needs. And once you are satisfied with what you have delivered in your speech, our video editors will ensure to pick the most magnificent clips and combine one whole package that will help you in bringing a great job. What makes us a brilliant option for many people is that we are affordable, 24*7 available, and our experts guide you in the exact manner that will surely help you bag a successful interview—grooming you to be well-representable to leave an impressive impact on the recruiter.

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