7 Important Technological Advancements for Nursing Students in Australia

7 Important Technological Advancements for Nursing Students in Australia
April 23, 2022

7 Important Technological Advancements for Nursing Students in Australia

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7 Important Technological Advancements for Nursing Students in Australia

The new medical technologies are crucial for continued patient care and the healthcare system at large. Advancements in medical technologies can make life easier for medical professionals and patients alike. They can also assist patients in getting the care they need with more convenient and accessible options. While Albert et al. (2019) nurses agree that new healthcare technology and innovative medical devices can help them, they also agree that technology shouldn’t replace day-to-day human interactions. Working directly with patients is a huge element of healthcare, and nurses provide a crucial element of interaction that allows patients to feel at ease.

Nursing is an important backbone of the medicinal world and has emerged as a prominent subject that has taken the interest of many for a healthier global community. As a passionate and respectful profession, nursing students have chosen the right path toward helping humankind in many ways. A study conducted by Health corner Journal associated nursing with almost all aspects of hospitality logistics that effectively produced positive results (Smithson, 2014). Thus, nursing is one of the key medicinal practice and learning centres. Over the years, the nursing industry has risen and given rise to many Professionals who also largely agree that there shouldn't be an over-reliance on healthcare software and technology. While technological advancements aren't a cure-all for healthcare solutions, new technology is changing how nurses work in positive ways.

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Improving Nursing Care 3 Points

Below are seven technologies transforming medical care and services. As nurses are educated about new medical technologies and practices, patients and providers can access several benefits at a lower cost.

  • Automated IV Pumps - Automated IV pumps are responsible for controlling the dosages and drips given to patients. Software and medical tech allow nurses to change the drip amounts and medication doses according to the patient’s requirements. IV pumps provide the nutrition of meals at the right times and self-pumps that allow patients to increase a controlled amount of pain medication for them. Automated IV pumps help speed up the complicated nursing processes, which are crucial in times of immediate adjustment. This technological process also removes elements of human error that could present issues for clinical patients and hospitals. Additionally, many nursing schools and courses in Australia provide training and information on new software and technology, including how automated IV pumps work and why they’re valuable. Our nursing assignment help is familiar with the relevant knowledge of technological advancements required for your assignments.
  • Portable Monitors - A portable monitor allows nursing professionals to check on their patient's condition while they simultaneously work on other tasks. Portable devices monitor vital signs like ECG, respiratory rates, and oxygen saturation while transmitting the information to a central monitor. This allows nurses to get an alarm notification in case of any emergency. Nurses are taught at their specific hospital how to utilize portable monitors, and nursing schools help teach students the value and general use of many common pieces of equipment.
  • Smart Beds - Smart bed technology helps nurses track their patients' movement, weight, and even vitals. Smart beds play a major role in providing safety and comfort during long durations of hospital stay. Instances of patient fall and injuries can be avoided with smart beds. Smart bed technology provides nursing operations with constant in-room monitor updates on a patient’s activities. It can also help them identify their improvement or declining patterns, leading to a new diagnosis or a different understanding of a condition. Nurses can keep a holistic overview of all their patients through this technology and spend less time coming in and adjusting supplies and medical equipment for comfort or safety.
  • Wearable Devices - Wearable devices and mobile apps are transforming the mobility and logistical functioning of the healthcare industry. These devices keep a regular track of heart rates, exercise, sleep, and respiration, enabling the patients to monitor their conditions without the intervention of nurses, making them more self-reliant. Wearable devices help remove error elements for nurses because data communication comes directly from the device itself. It allows a swifter mode of performing nurse duties through faster record keeping and helps patients and nurses maintain consistent health monitoring.
  • Electronic Health Records - Electronic Health Records (EHR) are perhaps the biggest contributors to transforming healthcare administration by replacing older paper filing methods. Electronic Health Records allow nursing experts to document care provided to patients and retrieve information that can help prioritize care. Additionally, information entered into computer systems can then be accessed by the care team, including doctors and even patients themselves. EHRs can tell registered nurses (RNs) whether there are further steps they need to take for a patient, monitor small condition changes, and give them information immediately as alerts or reminders. As the recording of EHR is an important skill needed in nursing training, it requires the submission of several coursework assignments. Therefore, students who feel like they cannot give much time or effort to this task can take the help of assignment help services.
  • Centralized Command Centers - One of the newest ideas for hospitals, centralized command centres promise improved patient experiences and better ways for RNs and doctors to manage supplies, clinical technology, and capacity. This is done through software applications such as dashboards that provide real-time updates. With shorter or non-existent delays between care transitions, nurses and doctors can actively be aware of room availability, OR schedules, and what individual patients still need before being discharged. This allows everyone to do their job more efficiently and helps patients more effectively.
  • Telehealth and Apps - Telehealth is a valuable, newer element in healthcare. Hospitals and clinics allow patients to virtually video chat with a doctor or nurse to describe their symptoms or show doctors things like rashes or bumps. This helps patients with a quick diagnosis without leaving the comfort of their own homes. They can find out if they need to come in for further testing or diagnosis, get a prescription for medicine, or get medical advice. Similarly, medical apps and wearables help patients and doctors work to improve health. Doctors and nurses can monitor patients' vital signs without them being in the office. They can be utilized for overall health and wellness or specific medical concerns such as seizures or diabetes. Apps can also help patients understand when to call a doctor and when a simple over-the-counter medication could help.

Nursing has become a promising aspiration for many students in the medical and health world. There are thousands of students who embark on learning nursing in many Australian universities. Melbourne, being one of the most popular cities globally, invites several students from all over the world to its nursing programs. Students who want to make a career in the health and medicinal field take on this challenging subject to prepare themselves and build a healthier community. This is why Online Assignment Expert has established nursing assignment help. We have a dedicated team of experts under our assignment to help the Melbourne team who offer industry-level academic guidance to be at the top of your medical journey.

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