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Role of Information Communication Technology in HealthCare

Role of Information Communication Technology in HealthCare

Role of Information Communication Technology in HealthCare

Information and communication technologies (ICTs) relate to the embodiment of all digital technologies that support the electronic capture, storage, processing, and exchange of information to promote health, prevent illness, treat disease, and manage illnesses. It has been argued by Genevieve et al. (2017) that ICTs offer insightful projects or services that allow for remote care, interdisciplinary clinical support, as well as efficient modes of knowledge transfer in the health sector. Further, they have added that the use of ICTs can promote patient-centred healthcare at a lower cost, improve quality of care and information sharing, and educate health professionals and patients, which eventually encourages a new form of relationship between patients and their health providers.

However, Giueseppe (2018) has highlighted the problems pertaining to the implementation of ICTs, which remains difficult and involves changes at different levels ranging from the lifestyle of patients, healthcare providers, and healthcare organizations. Therefore, the role of nurses is critical to the development of ICTs. The use of ICTs by nurses has a significant impact on their practice. For students who feel like they are facing academic difficulties, we provide nursing assignment help services. We provide ample resources with integrated and well-researched syllabus papers and an expert panel from the medicinal industry; students can avail the best assignment help Sydney for future reference.

Why is ICT Important for Health

Defining the Role of ICT in the Healthcare Sector

Giuseppe et al. (2017) have shown significant progress in Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), which is shaping the healthcare domain by providing new opportunities and unveiling application scenarios. As a result, despite an increased population in the globalized sector, several benefits are being procured in the overall health sector. The quality of medical services is enhanced through efficient modes of communication with reduced costs of healthcare technologies. However, Giuseppe et al. (2017) have demonstrated the negligence of research and scientific literature due to several contexts of the interaction of scientific communities with different backgrounds, skills, and approaches. Thus, the imperativeness to recognize and encourage research in this field is an important and critical requirement. Many students, however, face several issues while writing their nursing assignment papers. It is advised that these students use nursing assignment help and guided session experts to help them.

The use of ICT in healthcare can be categorized into 4 main streams such as;

  • Health and Education: The virtual and digital arena has enabled people to easily access learning & communication processes with others within a short span of time. This makes education accessible, available and open to all. Health education creates awareness among the public about infectious diseases, health status, prevention measures and various current diagnostic & therapeutic procedures. In this way, it gives freedom to the people to choose the best hospitals and doctors for approaching various complicated treatments, ultimately leading to a healthier population.
  • Hospital Management System: The correct utilization of ICT helps the Hospital management systems lead their organization efficiently. By helping the management to overcome complex challenges faced by the Hospital, the utilization of ICT helps the management to improve patient safety and satisfaction. Moreover, technological advancements have a strong foothold in providing data analysis on population health & statistics and keeping a regularized track of government mandates on its functionings. Primarily, it enhances the workplace efficiency by strengthening its operational structures.
  • Health Research: ICT in healthcare research helps in the inquiry of establishing possible prevention measures to eradicate and reduce the spread of diseases. By finding empirical evidence against new technology in diagnosis procedures, it reduces the time and cost required in normal practice. This saves the lives of many individuals by providing treatment in advance. The traditional healthcare systems can be eliminated through ICT, and new models can be formed for effective quality care.
  • Health Data Management: The fundamental use of ICT in hospitals is the electronic storage of medical data. This helps to retrieve important information easily. The data can be transferred to the patient or the doctors through ICT for consultation. The patient can have medical records in hand, which can be used anywhere.

Types of ICTs and their related utilization in Healthcare Facilities

It is important to consider all types of ICTs to understand their potential in the medical arena, which are digital devices/media used by nurses to provide healthcare. Mair et al. (2020) suggested that by dividing e-health (i.e., “the use of emerging information and communications technology, especially the Internet, to improve or enable health and healthcare”) into four domains: management systems, communication systems, computerized decision support systems, and information systems, it would be easier to understand its potential applicability. Under our assignment help services, we cover several ICTs and nursing-related topics. This is why we are recognized as the best services in Australia under our assignment help Sydney wing.

  • ICT in Management systems: This relates to the computer-based systems for acquiring, storing, transmitting, and displaying patient administrative or health information from different sources that can support patient or clinical activities. Management systems include ICTs such as electronic health records and personal (patients) health records.
  • Communication systems of ICT: They are communication and telecommunication systems utilized to benefit efficient communication, a kind of communication synchronously or asynchronously, between health professionals or between doctors, nurses, caretakers and patients. Communication systems involve the specific sharing of information between select individuals or groups about their distinct roles for diagnostic, management, counselling, educational, or support purposes. There is a wide range of communication systems, from e-mail and smartphones to telemedicine and telecare systems.
  • Computerized decision support systems: These types of ICT systems refer to an automated computer-based system that aims to support health professionals practising within clinical guidelines and care pathways or providing the best evidence-based care. These systems are usually operated in real-time and involve decision support that comes from artificial intelligence (for example, a software program) rather than a person.
  • Information systems. These systems are defined by the use of internet technology to attain access to different information resources, such as health and lifestyle information. The information remains at a general level, and it is not tailored to specific individual needs. Web-based resources and e-health portals for retrieving information are applications of information systems.

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