A Comprehensive Guide to Getting a Part-Time Job in Australia

Comprehensive Guide to Getting a Part-Time Job in Australia
August 03, 2023

A Comprehensive Guide to Getting a Part-Time Job in Australia

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A Comprehensive Guide to Getting a Part-Time Job in Australia

“We are hiring!” These words sound better than I love you to an international student who is studying at an Australian university and is currently looking for financial aid to support their living. Suppose you are one of those international students studying in Australia who is currently looking for a job besides learning to earn not only some extra bucks but also some experience. In that case, finding a part-time job is a suitable task for you. As an international undergraduate student, at the time of peak semester, you are allowed to work 40 hours per fortnight to gain some extra money and experience.

Now, your decision to find a part-job isn’t all you need to do; there is a series of 4Ws and 1H you have to answer before you get your first part-time job in the land of Kangaroos. As an undergraduate student, your study is the most crucial thing for you; you can’t stay focused on your part-time job and get distracted from your studies that you end up with poor grades and finally look for assignment help. To ensure your extra working shifts don't harm your overall goal of coming to Australia, which is to grab a degree, you must consider a few things before applying for a part-time job and starting working.

What is a Part-Time Job?

Calm down, calm down. Indeed, you know what a part-time job is, but still, there is some need to discuss it to clear the basics. So, according to you, what is a part-time job? The most frequent answer is a part-time job is a job students take for work experience and to earn extra money. And yes, your definition of a part-time job is accurate. However, it is a common human emotion that if you are learning something and enjoying doing it, you intend to ignore the other essential things on your plate.

This is the same with the students. You are so much indulged in the new part-time job that you prefer to neglect that your studies are more essential to you. This negligence becomes the reason why students end up with poor grades. In order to find success in one area, you completely overlook the other important factor because of which you arrived in Australia. As an international undergraduate student, your responsibility towards academic learning and additional educational tasks is the same.

Things don’t work right if you feel you’ve attended the class, and now you can leave your assignment writing process, so you prefer to stay focused on earning extra bucks. Remember, you’ll get your degree once you have submitted all your assignments and exams, and to complete them, you’ll look for cheap assignment help if you are focused on earning extra bucks. Also, do not forget that in a part-time job you have to cover 20 hours shifts in a week and it doesn't mean you have to finish it in one go.

Why do you Need a Part-Time Job?

When you have decided that you’ll be doing a part-time job, one thing that is most important for you is to determine why you need it. Indeed, you are an international student living and studying in Australia; you have to support your everyday essentials to buy the necessities. But along with that, you have a course to study and a degree to take, so ensure your priority is the same. Moreover, one of the most significant advantages you get when looking for a part-time job is the additional advantage of enhancing your skills.

One of the biggest skills you develop while working in a part-time job, studying, and balancing out your additional projects is that you learn the trick of time management. Also, your multitasking skills now as an undergraduate will leave an impressive impression on the hiring manager when you are looking for a full-time job. So, it is good if you have decided to be working in a part-time job, in this manner you won’t only be earning extra bucks, you’ll be gaining the necessary experience and enhancing your skills. Moreover, talking about your need to complete academic projects, you can take assignment help from experts who provide such service.

What are the Employment Rights?

You are living and studying in Australia, and here rules are a bit different from those in your home country. If you are willing to take a part-time job, as per your student visa, you have restricted options because of the limited working hours you get. However, your part-time working hours are the same as an Australian.

You must balance your studies and a part-time job and be eligible for the National Employment Standard in Australia. However, talking about your working hours, you can work up to 40 hours per fortnight, and if you are working during your semester breaks, then there is no issue with that. You need to read the employment rights section in the contract when joining someplace. So that if, by chance, you have to leave your job due to some reason, you aren’t liable to work for the hours you’ve promised.

Additionally, when starting your part-time job in Australia, it is better if you could get a bank account in an Australian bank as it will be easier for you to get your salary credited. Furthermore, you must also apply for Tax File Number (TFN) so that there are no tax deductions from your hard-earned money. Even though some employers also provide a Tax File Number, if you aren’t equipped with one, you must fill it out online.

What are your Part-Time Job Options?

The next and last “W” you must consider before picking the best part-time job for you that also adds value to your resume is what are your part-time job options. Indeed, when you are looking for a job, it is not only about earning extra income. But there are two other factors as well: experience in related fields and enhancing relatable skills as per your course. This technique is the best because, in this manner, you won’t have to worry about giving time to only one thing. As you are pursuing a course, you are gaining theoretical knowledge, and to gain practical knowledge, the best way is to work in a part-time job.

Some of the ways to find a perfect job for you by the following means:

  • On-campus jobs include a newspaper editor, a club president, or something beneficial to your course.
  • Services such as community service, serving for the cleanliness drive etc.
  • Retail, such as selling goods and products like working in a clothing store.
  • Hospitality is one of the most accessible places where you can get a job as a waiter, valet, etc.
  • Industry, only if you are lucky enough to pull off a part-time job in the specific sector you see your future.

Part Time Jobs in Australia

Moreover, some specific fields allow you to earn great bucks alongside studying, which are mentioned in the following image.

A Beneficial Tip

When you are applying for a part-time job, several options are available for you, as mentioned above in the image. You can opt for housekeeping, babysitting, waiter, helper in a fundamental store, delivery person, and whatnot. But when you are an undergraduate student, you have to keep your focus on your studies, so when choosing a part-time job, look for something with a future perspective that is related to your course and something that will help you get a full-time job.

For example, if you are a student in the English department, finding a job in content writing, copywriting, or in some publication house will be an excellent idea. Gaining experience in related fields will help you in building an impressive resume. So that after graduation, when you look for a full-time job, this previous experience will leave an unforgettable impression on your resume and on the hiring manager.

How to Apply?

As your list of “Ws” ends here, now is the one important and final question you must consider. How to apply? When applying for a part-time job, you must ensure that you have a resume first. Ensuring that your part-time job won’t affect your studies or push you to take cheap assignment help, after all the considerations, comes the question of how to apply. There are three ways you can opt while looking for a perfect and reliable part-time job. Those three options are mentioned below.

Applying through Sites

Several websites in Australia allow you to apply for a part-time job, such as Indeed, CareerOne, ApplyDirect, and Seek. The easiest way to get a job is to apply on these portals and get a perfect part-time job that doesn’t affect your overall studies.

Direct Visit

The next best option you have is to visit a bunch of places personally where you see people hiring. In this manner, you can judge the distance between your college to the workplace and how you can manage your time in travelling.

Ask On-Campus

Usually, the on-campus jobs are the placements you get once you are done with your graduation. However, if you are genuinely willing to get a part-time job, you can consult a professor if they have any openings in any department.

Job Culture in Other Countries

You are lucky if you have the liberty to work a part-time job while in college. In several countries, undergraduates don’t prefer to work as collegegoers because it leaves a wrong impression on their personalities and attitude. So, if you have to fight with such thoughts, be happy that you can work without being judged. Because eventually, with your hard work, you are making your future a better tomorrow.

Summing Up

Your decision to get a part-time job is excellent, as this implies you are responsible enough to know your responsibilities and how you must manage your studies and support your living expenses. The above is your guide about everything you must consider before taking a job. Moreover, the main highlighted point you should never forget is your degree is more than your part-time job. At no point, try to be so indulged in the work that you fail to do your assignments, and then you need to look for assignment help.

However, if that moment comes in your life, Online Assignment Expert is only one call away from providing you with assignment assistance and the best resume writing service. So, you can connect with us today for any of your academic dilemmas.

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