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AMB303 International Logistics Assessment Answer

AMB303 International Logistics Assessment Answer
January 14, 2021

AMB303 International Logistics Assessment Answer

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Existing and future managers in an organisation are required to understand the roles that are played in supply chain management and logistics management to improve corporate performance. Isn’t it? To offers adequate knowledge and appropriate skills, Australian universities are providing the Faculty of Business and Law courses. In this field of study, you deal with several units and AMB303 International Logistics is one of them. The study of this unit code asks you to write AMB303 International Logistics assessment answer.

The AMB303 assessment mainly requires you to find solutions for all the logistics problems that are faced within the field of international activities. Additionally, you may have the knowledge of logistics concepts, processes, and terminologies which are seen important in logistics management. Therefore, if you are a student enrolled in this Marketing and Public Relations courses then you may need to deliver a complete AMB303 International Logistics Assessment Answer to your university.

The Australian Logistic and Transport sector has approx. $102.87 billion of revenue annually, with an operating profit of around $10.14 billion in the year 2018. This sector works with approx. half a million people in its different sectors such as Logistics, Road Transport, Warehousing and Stevedoring.

Now, you may have understood the importance of providing International Logistics and Supply Chain Management courses in Australia. During the study, you are also required to deal with several assignments and in this blog, we along with our Supply chain management assignment help experts have tried to cover a few of them. 

Types of Assessments covered in AMB303 International Logistics

We have now understood the demand for supply chain management and logistics study in Australia. When you are enrolled in this field of study, then it is obvious to deal with several assignments that test your subject-knowledge. However, let’s have a look at the types of assignments related to AMB303 International Logistics assignments.

  • Oral presentation

This is the first part of the assessment. In this assessment, you are required to design and develop a video presentation discussing the logistic problems that you have selected. Remember that the problem should be as per the course requirements.

  • Midterm examination

This is an online exam which asks you to give an examination. In this exam, the topics are generally related to international logistics.

  • Case study assignment

In the final set of the assessment, you are required to deal with a case study assignment.

The above two tasks of the assessment can be done by you, but when it comes to case study assignment you might need supply chain management assignment help help services. At this service, you will find experts who are highly-talented, skilled, and professionals in writing assignments for Australian universities.

Follow these steps to write AMB303 International Logistics Assessment Answer

To complete the case study assignment, you will be given an international logistics case study sample. The reason to assign AMB303 International Logistics assessment answer is to examine and analyse several business situations and designing new suggestion based on that.

However, let’s focus on some aspects and different other things that might help you in writing AMB303 assessment answer.

amb303 case study assessment sample

amb303 assessment answer

These are the highlights of the case study sample. For a complete case study sample, you can get in touch with Supply Chain Management assignment help experts. There are few steps to be taken care of while writing AMB303 answer.

Important Sections to include:

Introduction: Introductory paragraph generally gives a brief background of the topic to an audience. The best way to write an introduction is to narrow down the selected topic and state the research aims and problems. The introduction for AMB303 Assessment Answer looks like:

Export readiness factors: In this section, you are required to conduct an analysis of the country discussing Geographic and political landscape, how ease is to carry on business, resource and infrastructure, market potential, and more. Let’s have a look at the sample:

Mode of entry analysis: In this case study assignment, our experts have chosen SALSORA. They say that in Egypt, 4 major options to enter in the market to enhance SALSORA’s profit as well as reducing costs. Apart from this, there are few modes such as:

Challenges and risks: In this section, you get opportunities to discuss the possible challenges and risks that can be faced by SALSORA in the context of the global expansion process. Some major risks are –

  • Transportation risks
  • Political and legal risks
  • Competition risks and
  • Construction risks

Recommendation and justifications: Once you have completely analysed the market prospects, entry opportunities, and other methods between Egypt and other networks, you are now needed to propose possible recommendations and justifications. The sample will look like:

References: This is an important section in an assignment whether you are writing an essay, case study, dissertation, etc. Thus, be careful while including references. A minor mistake can make a huge impact on the overall academic grade.

Apart from this, there are several other things to be remembered while writing AMB303 International Logistics Assessment Answer. Willing to get complete help in your logistics or supply chain management assignments? If yes, reach us!

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