An Overview of Paediatric Asthma

An Overview of Paediatric Asthma
September 28, 2022

An Overview of Paediatric Asthma

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An Overview of Paediatric Asthma

Get the inhaler, get the inhaler… These are the most common words in your life if you have asthma. Not finding your asthma inhaler on time when in desperate need is the worst nightmare for every asthma patient. Your health condition, suffering and misery have no comparison to anything else. However, there is one more nightmare that makes you struggle and suffer a lot: being unable to submit your nursing assignment within the deadline. Online Assignment Expert is there to save you from choking on your assignments and offer your nursing assignment help. The struggle while writing a nursing assignment is complex, and we will get back to that point about how efficiently you can write your nursing academic project. Although, for now, let's look at the overview of Paediatric Asthma.

Here's an interesting fact for you if you are a student from another origin and are confused about the correct spelling of Paediatric. Allow us to set straight this confusion of yours. Similar to many different spelling differences between British and American English, Paediatric is another word with two variations of one spelling with the same meaning. In American English, the spelling is PEDIATRIC; in British English, the spelling is PAEDIATRIC. As an Australian university student, your spelling is the same as in British English.

What is Paediatric Asthma?

Paediatric Asthma also stands for childhood asthma, the same health condition in adults. An asthmatic person faces difficulty breathing while performing any physical activity or sleeping. Or, if an asthmatic person has a cold, the severe condition can bring a doctor's visit on the cards.

Per, "Asthma is a common disease of the airways– the structures through which air passes when moving from your mouth and nose to your lungs."

The tightening of the muscles in the airway and the lining of the airway become swollen, which causes sticky mucus which is the cause of asthma. These changes in the human body, where the airway becomes narrow, make it difficult for a person to breathe, leading to coughing, and wheezing. According to, every one of 10 Australian children suffers from paediatric asthma leading to a doctor visit and missing out on school for a significant portion.

What Causes Asthma?

As a medical science student looking for evidence-based nursing assignment help, you must know the causes of asthma. If you are one of the asthmatic persons or you are on the path to finding a cure to this disease, you must know what causes asthma in a child. The exact factors of asthma occurring are difficult to state, but some of the potential risks are as follows;

  • A mother who smoked during pregnancy
  • A family member has asthma, hay fever, or eczema.
  • Sensitising airborne particles

Other than what causes it, it is also essential to know the signs of asthma symptoms. A child can never express what they are experiencing, but as a parent and responsible adult, you must stay alert to the signs and symptoms. You must know a few things about your child when they experience difficulty breathing. Look for these signs when you are rushing to the hospital. One more fact to state here, if you are living in Australia or see someone facing a sudden asthma attack, then call 000 for an ambulance.

Things you need to know about Paediatric Asthma

A child is very young to understand what they are experiencing, and it becomes more challenging for them to react accordingly. However, if there is a surety that a child is facing asthma issues, the following things are essential to be examined.

  • The asthma pattern
  • The asthma triggers
  • The asthma symptoms
  • The asthma medication
  • The asthma first aid kit.

As a medical student, you are currently busy with your nightmare of submitting the assignment on time. However, before moving on to knowing how to write a perfect nursing assignment, you must know a little more about paediatric asthma. Whether you become a doctor or a nurse in the future, one thing you must suggest to children's parents dealing with asthma is everyday treatment.

Everyday Treatment for Paediatric Asthma

Asthma might not have a permanent solution, and some standard asthma treatments can be helpful if done right. Some of those solutions are as follows.

  • Keep the symptoms under control
  • Keep lungs as healthy as possible
  • Prevent attacks
  • Try to stop asthma from interfering the schooling or playing profess
  • Help the child to enjoy physical activities fully.

Not being able to breathe is the worst-case scenario. Any average person who runs for a mile feels difficult to catch their breath once they stop running. But a kid with asthma can't even be a part of their favourite game. Without doing anything from their end, the kid finds it difficult to live everyday life like other kids. Sudden asthma attacks are the worst as they mainly hit at night when there are chances of the nightmare coming to life. An asthmatic kid lives a different life where they visit doctors more often than at school.

However, the above are some crucial things related to paediatric asthma. Moreover, if you are struggling with writing a perfect nursing assignment, here's your quick guide on the same.

How to Write a flawless Nursing Assignment?

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Being by Understanding

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Research done Right

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Write as per the Outline

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