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An Ultimate Guide to Personal Reflection Essay Writing

An Ultimate Guide to Personal Reflection Essay Writing
By writing a personal reflection essay, it allows you to analyse past experiences in the present. It is a type of academic paper where you describe your experiences or events and then analyse the learning/ outcome from it. A personal essay requires you to open up the emotions and thoughts to present a real picture of their personality, history, and traits.

While writing a personal reflection essay, you may include a vibrant description and summary of your experience to engage with readers. Also, include an explanation for your feelings, thoughts, and reactions. Apart from this, you may read the details explained by our reflection essay writing experts.

What is the Purpose of Personal Reflection Essay?

University professors often assign various types of essays to students. The main purpose behind it is to develop their knowledge & skills and delve deeper about experiences. Apart from university assignments, reflective essays are being utilised to help workers learn. The experts providing assignment help and reflection essay samples have highlighted "how do professionals use these essays?"


Many professionals including doctors, social workers, and teachers generally use reflection essays in their training to help employees and employers to make them learn the ways to do their jobs better. 

  • While writing a personal reflection essay, medical students often examine patients and write about them. Under this essay, they explain the patient and their thoughts they have experienced as they find out the appropriate treatment. They mainly focus on the ways they work together with the patient and describe conclusions on what did not work and what worked so that it can be helpful for them as well as others to do better with patients in the same scenario.
  • Doctors use personal reflective essays in order to polish their ability so that they can provide effective and the best health care assistance. Doing this not only makes the patient reply to them, but also to follow their instructions and advice. Generally, in their personal reflective essay, they highlight how well their words, body language, and voice tone convince the patient in terms of making lifestyle choices, following advice, and/ or how they have helped patients to deal in difficult situations.
  • Medical assistants and nurses write about the patient's care experiences. They understand the ways to help patients to deal with stress, illness, and pain reminding of different past cases and patient's responses. Writing a personal reflection essay assists them to deal with emotions as well as stress they handle from patients and doctors.
  • When teachers write their personal reflective essay, they mainly share experiences that they gain in teaching. Apart from this, they discuss the case study of students. They review their emotions while teaching and examine what has worked and what to avoid so that they can do better in solving similar problems.
  • Social workers use such kinds of papers to analyse problems and environments related to their clients. Also, they can encourage client members to discuss their experiences which can help analyse the causes & effects of circumstances and behaviour.
  • Business peoples such papers in order to examine the way they interact with people in a business setting. Examining themselves helps them to know "how they can market their products or services more effectively to customers?"


Such essays generally ask you to summarise and answer to literature to understand it clearly and relate it to your experiences and life.


Apart from sharing experiences of thoughts, events, or incidents, students are also asked to discuss a lecture in their reflection essay to know what they have learnt and understood during that lecture.

Personal Growth

Such writings also help an individual to understand and examine their life experiences. It helps you to grow emotionally as it helps you to learn and understand yourself better.

How to Write a Perfect Personal Reflection Essay?

As we have discussed above, a reflective essay is an academic paper where you express your emotions and thoughts about a certain phenomenon or event. Writing a personal reflection essay requires critical thinking skills and a solid training. Also, you may have the ability to establish and express personal opinions about the topic. However, students finding issues in writing a personal reflective essay can follow the steps given below or refer to more reflection essay samples available on our website.

Pick a Topic Idea

Generally, the professor gives a topic for a reflection essay but if you are not assigned a topic then choose topics of your interest. Sometimes choosing a topic can be a complex task and thus we have explained a few reflective essay trending topics.

personal reflection essay sample

You can choose any topics from the given list. If you want further topics for your reflective essay, feel free to contact assignment help experts who will help you with self-reflection essay samples.

Study the Subject

Once you are done with the selection of the topic, the next task is to vividly think and recall about the subject. You are required to read, remember, listen, watch, and/or imagine about the topic, topic ideas, and subject. Lets' understand this by a personal reflective essay example.

personal reflective essay example


Jot down everything that you remember about the topic/ subject. Here, you are required to explain the selected topics as brilliantly as possible. Try including gaudy adjectives that explain the experiences clearly. Our assignment writing experts suggest looking for sense-describing words which can be helpful for you. You can write points in the form of phrases and sentences. Just collect memories as much as possible and write them in a paragraph.

Focus on Reflection Questions

From the below give lists of questions, you may choose any three to answer.

self reflection essay question

In case, if you encounter any sort of problems in writing personal reflective essays then refer to self-reflection essay sample.

How to Answer the Questions?

For example, if you have selected "What did I notice?" "What does this event mean to me?" and "How did it shape my life?" questions, then answer them correctly. You can take help from the below-given reflection essay sample.

reflection essay sample answer

Illustrate your Experience

Before you start the writing, you may know the most important thing you have learned from the experience. The most important thing will be used as the thesis of your essay.

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