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Analysis of Coca Cola Company - SWOT and PESTLE Analysis

Analysis of Coca Cola Company - SWOT and PESTLE Analysis

Analysis of Coca Cola Company - SWOT and PESTLE Analysis

When it comes to analysing markets, several analysis tools are used by marketers and researchers. Out of them, SWOT and PESTLE analysis are common ones. These methods are highly used for companies planning and conducting research. SWOT stands for Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats whereas PEST includes Political, Economical, Social, and Technological factors. If we talk about university education then students pursuing marketing and management courses are often asked to analyse different companies either by using PEST or SWOT or both. In this blog, we have discussed the analysis of Coca Cola Company through PESTLE and SWOT analysis.

In recent years, we have seen that many businesses and enterprises analyse market environment and conditions by using SWOT and PESTLE analysis methods. Similarly, the assignment discussed below talks about the company named Coca-Cola and their marketing analysis by using PESTLE and SWOT analysis. Dealing with such type of analysis assignments can be confusing and difficult to write and therefore we are providing help in the analysis of Coca-Cola Company in SWOT and PESTLE analysis. The assignment help is offered by professional academic writers who have earned master and doctorate from Australian universities. Besides this, they have written several SWOT and PESTLE analysis assignments for different companies. Thus, taking assignment help from us assure you to prepare and deliver the best and accurate assignments without any extra effort. 

Description to Coca Cola SWOT and PESTLE Analysis Assignment

As we said above that this blog talks about the SWOT and PESTLE analysis conducted for Coca Cola Company. In this assignment, you are required to discuss three different tasks such as –

coca cola company swot and pestle analysis sample

coca cola company swot and pestle analysis solution

To write a perfect answer for the above-given questions, you may discuss the theoretical price of Coca Cola shares once the placement is made. Along with this, you may follow the academic integrity and university guidelines accurately. If you find issues in writing an analysis of Coca Cola Company SWOT and PESTLE assignments then refer to the samples attached below.

coca cola company swot and pestle analysis introduction sample

coca cola company swot and pestle analysis assessment sample

A Brief Discussion to SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis method assists businesses and enterprises in identifying their strengths and how to overcome the weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Our experts providing Coca-Cola Company SWOT and PESTLE analysis help have discussed the important terms of SWOT analysis in detail.

Strengths – Organisations and businesses are required to concentrate and build their strengths to meet their goals. Businesses may mainly focus on the unique selling point and enhancing the product and service quality. Thus, strength can be termed as one of the most important internal factors.

Weaknesses – In SWOT analysis, weaknesses suggest the things or situations where a company fails to achieve the goals or lacks. Weaknesses are required to deal with such internal factors.

Opportunity – Opportunities are said to be an external factor in company analysis. It is very much likely to be an external environment by which organisations and/or businesses manage to gain a lot in case their plan moves wisely. Businesses generally benefit from good market trends, lower taxes, and a growing and successful economy.

Threats – Many businesses fail to control their threats and it becomes more difficult to handle when in case of external factors that create uncertainty. This could be said as a negative impact on the business. Some of the best examples of threats are new competitors, unrest, and government policies.

With the help of shepherding and applying SWOT analysis, businesses use to determine the negative as well as positive aspects and then apply this research. Many organisations perform this analysis regularly based on the situations of the company. Conducing SWOT analysis not only assists businesses in examining and evaluating their existing state but also assists you in compelling countermeasures to prevent factors and overcome barriers. If you want to know more about Coca-Cola SWOT analysis then you may reach to our experts who are well-known among Australian students. 

Understand PEST Analysis by Our Assignment Help Experts

PEST analysis generally focuses on the external factors of the company and it is mainly used for market research. PEST analysis is quite alternate to that of SWOT analysis. Let's understand how.

Political – It is an external factor which impacts the business environment. Government policies and decisions impact the firm's structure and position, tax laws, fiscal and monetary policies and reforms of workforce and labour, and influence future companies. Political factors are quite necessary and required to be managed properly to astounded uncertainty.

Economical – Such factors are considered to be one of the most important factors since it affects businesses in the long run. Factors like interest rates, inflation, demand/supply trends, and economic growth should be effectively measured and evaluated before planning and applying. The economic factors not only affect enterprises but also make an impact on consumers.

Social – Few social factors contains trends of domestic markets, population, demographics and cultural trends. Such factors assist organisations in marketing evaluation and improve products and services accordingly.

Technological – It mainly studies the technology advancements and trends in business innovations and advancements. Technological factors include development and research activities, incentives, and automation.

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