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CHCCSM004: Case studies - Coordinate Complex Case Requirements - Assessment Answer

CHCCSM004: Case studies - Coordinate Complex Case Requirements - Assessment Answer

Case studies are challenging and grim, and when we say so, we truly mean it. We understand that there should be a certain level of understanding of the subject and its core topics before penning a worth-reading case study. That’s why students start to look out for case study assignment help, especially, when CHCCSM004: Case studies - Coordinate Complex Case Requirements - Assessment Answer is involved. Students usually get stuck with the different approaches and models of case management, a full range of local services and support available, the impact of service duplication, principles and practices of planning complex service inputs, principles and practices of working across multiple services, risks and responsibilities relating to the duty of care for children and young people, domestic violence, suicide and elder abuse, and so on. This blog will definitely be of some help to you in writing CHCCSM004 assessment answer.

Define the term conflict management in group work

Conflict management is the process of limiting the negative aspects of conflict while increasing the positive aspects of the conflict. The aim of conflict management is to enhance learning and group outcomes, including effectiveness or performance in an organizational setting. It is known to all that if there is a conflict in a group, it will lead to a lack of productivity and no one wants this. This would also be the cause of marinating the coordination and achievement of the goal. Mistrust or personality clashes often lead to conflicts amongst the group. By making use of the following measures, conflict can be eradicated from the group:

  • Equality
  • Respect Hierarchy
  • Support and feedback
  • Diversity


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Tasks of a group coordinator in the community service sector


The group coordinator is accountable for various things such as planning, development, and delivering the services relevant to the group of the people. In addition to this, the group coordinator is also responsible for the physical, emotional, and social well-being of the people in a group. Below are the key tasks of a group coordinator:

  • A group coordinator is responsible for managing and enabling the social development activities that could meet the individual goal of the client. As said earlier, this part of a coordinator’s job also involves relevant planning and reflecting the activities to attain the goal in mind.
  • A group coordinator is also responsible for devising and managing multidisciplinary service to the client. 
  • A group coordinator is also accountable for handling all the community members and colleagues with the utmost respect and consider them all on an equal basis. 

Behaviours that could be disruptive in a group meeting

Below are some of the behaviours that are not acceptable in a group meeting and would prove to be disruptive:

  • Nonparticipation or Withdrawal: People who have the right to choose the option of contributing in the group or withdraw from the group. Sometimes, a set of people is not happy with the kind of work they have been allotted probably because they aren’t sure if they can contribute the best or not. Therefore, a lack of confidence in doing a task may lead to their withdrawal or non-participation.  
  • Monopolizing: Monopolising behaviour is such behaviour that takes place when one or a few members of the group dominate the other set of people in that particular group. Hence, the leader should always talk about these sorts of issues and give equal breaks to one and all. This is how the issue of monopolising behaviour or dominating behaviour may be kicked off for a certain set of members in a group.
  • Scapegoating:  Scapegoating is a condition wherein one blame the other in case things or plans executed aren’t going the right way.  Such behaviour gets the person vetoed from the group or becomes the target for others. Sooner or later, this will direct to the extraction of people from the group. The blame game is very damaging as it always adds risk in a group and no solution can be attained. Therefore, the group leader should take initiative to resolve the problem by discussing with all instead of putting blame on one person.


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