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What is Elton Mayo's Human Relations Theory?

What is Elton Mayo's Human Relations Theory?

What is Elton Mayo's Human Relations Theory?

Elton Mayo developed the Human Relations Theory of Management. Mayo was known for his book “The Human Problems of an Industrialized Civilization (1933) and the Hawthorne Studies. In the Elton Mayo theory of human relations, he states that employees are motivated more by relational factors like camaraderie and attention than environmental factors like humidity, lighting, etc. and monetary rewards. Elton Mayo developed a milieu that he use to define the possibility that assigned task will be completed successfully by the team.

In this blog, we described the Elton Mayo’s Human Relations Theory. This blog talks about the basics of this management tool. Let’s begin!

Understand “Human Relations Theory of Management” Developed by Elton Mayo’s 

Elton Mayo's has made an important role to management theory that helped make preparations for modern human relations management approach.

Mayo’s human relations theory was based on his Hawthorne experiments. Mayo's theory was based on his employee observations productivity levels under different environmental conditions. His experiments described different conclusions about the source of employee motivation. Mayo’s management theory describes that team members are motivated by relational factors like camaraderie and attention than by environmental factors and monetary rewards such as humidity, lighting, etc. as we have discussed in the first paragraph.

Elton Mayo created a matrix that is being used to define the likelihood that ensures that the assigned task to a team can successful completes the task. The matrix developed by Mayo explains the role that combines several group cohesiveness and group norms maximum effectiveness of the team.

Here are the few combinations of Mayo theory and its effect on team dynamics:

  • According to Mayo's theory, groups with low cohesiveness and low norms are ineffective with no impact, since no members are motivated to excel.
  • Groups having high cohesiveness and low norms have negative impacts, since team members buoy up negative behaviour.
  • Groups who have low cohesiveness and high norms have a few positive effects through individual member actions.
  • Groups with high cohesiveness and high norms come with greatest positive impact. Elton Mayo's Human Relation Approach to Management theory envisages, since group members reassure to excel each another.

Know the Concepts of Mayo's Theory and its Benefit

Over the internet, you can easily find number of websites providing information concerned to Mayo’s theory in the form of summaries, diagrams, and explanations. Including these, we along with assignment help experts are providing enough information through instructional materials and videos which can assist you in developing the practical expertise and background knowledge that can be put into writing Mayo’s assignments.

Here are the key benefits described by our assignment help experts discussed below.

  • Even though management is completing the task with and through people, managers are required to have fundamental understanding and knowledge of human behaviour in different respects— especially in the milieu of organisations and work groups.
  • Managers are required to educate themselves about inter-personal relations for the people working within the organisation.
  • Higher motivation and larger production are likely to be attained by developing strong human relation.
  • The management study must lure the principles and concepts of different behavioural sciences like Sociology and Psychology.
  • Taking benefits of resources that are designed to assist in making the Mayo's management frameworks. Several online resources and tools are available that can be helpful in applying Mayo management principles easily and effectively. Several other Mayo theory-based products, services, and information will opt you to choose the most valuable and effective resources for your business.
  • Take advantages from consulting services which provides you the greater understanding and vision to Mayo’s Theory X and Theory Y. The Elton Mayo’s management theory directs you in enhancing benefits of his principles in the organisation's unique environment.

How George Elton Mayo Contributed to Management?

George Elton Mayo was a professor who published the book – Human Problems of an Industrial Civilisation in 1933, Social problems of an Industrial Civilisation in 1945, Training for Human Relations 1949 et cetera. He also conducted “Hawthorne Experiments” during 1927-1932. Experiments are illustrated below – 

  • Illumination Experiments: Under this experiment, it was known that productivity can be maximised not only by developing a proper work environment, but also by in­formal social relations between teams.
  • Relay Assembly Test Room Experiment: Here, a homogeneous working team was constituted where different elements were introduced, such as—proper rest periods, shorter working hours, friendly supervision, improved physical conditions, free social interaction, etc. At the time of experiment, morale and productivity is increased. Morale and productivity were maintained even when improvements were withdrawn even in the working conditions. The experts come to conclude that socio-psychological factors like recognition, feelings of being important, in­formal work group, participation, non-directive supervision, and so on are the key factors for higher productivity.
  • Mass Interviewing Programme In this programme, several workers were interviewed in order to know their orientation and perceptions on the working life. The outcome again says that informal relation information, social, and psychological needs impact on the workers’ behaviour.
  • Bank Wiring Observation Room Experiment In this experiment, 14 workers were observed depending on their work behaviour. As a result, it was revealed the informal production norms which were formulated by the workers and also the informal relations existence was seen.

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