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FINS3623 Finance Simulation Blackstone Celanese Assessment Sample

FINS3623 Finance Simulation Blackstone Celanese Assessment Sample

Making a career in the field of accounting and finance is not as easy as we think. Only getting enrolled to finance & accounting degrees do not mean you have open best career paths. During the course, you are required to deal with several activities and assignment is one of them. Dealing with finance assignments is one of the most challenging and difficult tasks. There are numerous units covered under the study of finance, accounting and information system and one of them is FINS3623. The FINS3623 assignment is offered to students pursuing finance courses in Australia. This assignment generally deals with the finance simulation, explains why BATNA and ZOPA are important in deal negotiations, etc. If you lack this knowledge; then you may contact us to avail the best FINS3623 finance simulation Blackstone Celanese assessment sample.  We, at Online Assignment Expert, offer the best assignment help in Australia and in other countries as well. Here, you will interact with professional assignment writers who have ample knowledge of finance simulation assignments. Thus, availing help from them ensure you to write perfect FINS3623 finance simulation Blackstone Celanese assessment sample. Before we begin with the important details for FINS3623 assignment, let's have a look at the assessment details. 

Introduction to FINS3623 finance simulation Blackstone Celanese Assignment

Generally, the FINS3623 is a finance simulation assignment which is assigned to students pursuing MSc in Asset Management or MSc in Corporate Finance. In this assignment, students are required to write a 2000 words essay and upload on Canvas. This assignment is an individual task. However, to complete this assignment, the university gives a case study for The Blackstone Group LP to launch a tender offer for Celanese AG's common share. fins3623 assessment sample In this assignment, you are required to play the role of Blackstone. Not only this but you may also establish deal terms, conduct due diligence, and answer to counter-bids and bids. Moreover, there are the following things to be taken care of – 

The role you must play – 

  • Make proper use of simulation in valuing Celanese
  • Describe the process you have followed to value Celanese
  • Why ZOPA and BATNA are important in negotiating deals?
  • Why timing is important in completing acquisitions?

If you lack any of the above job or role, contact us and avail the best FINS3623 finance simulation Blackstone Celanese assessment answers at a most decent price. Doing these do not complete your job. Various things can be helpful you in writing FINS36223 assessment answer. 

Take care of the following pointers while playing the role of Blackstone

  • You must contemplate and examine all the actions that are needed to be considered by a Celanese owner to satisfy lenders and develop a value for Blackstone Investors altogether. 
  • You must consider the Celanese boards and shareholders requirements. 
  • There are a few questions to be considered. They are like: a) Will the offered deal generate value for the investors? b) How values for the investors can be generated? c) Do the assumptions made are too conservative?

Remember that the Celanese valuations can vary on the basis of due diligence items and the ways in which it should be used.

Following Pointers to be kept in mind while doing the role of Celanese 

Following points are to be remembered while playing the Celanese role. These points are defined by the experts providing FINS3623 finance simulation Blackstone Celanese assessment help in Australia. However, let's read it. 

  • Take into account the number of cost-cutting for Blackstone post-transaction which is very much likely to earn the preferred rates of return. 
  • What does the Blackstone post-transaction cost-cutting imply about its financial forecasts and Celanese valuation? 
  • Keep in mind that the shareholders and the board anticipate thinking about the value of the firm by the Celanese management no matter whether it is in the context of proposal got from Blackstone or independent entity. 
  • Few important questions to be answered are: a) Will the Blackstone's offer acceptances create value for the shareholders? State with the reasons. b) What could be better and different deal terms? Discuss. c) Will the board employee agents be satisfied with the offered terms?

If you find difficulties in dealing with these tasks and job role then you are in need of expert's help or FINS3623 finance simulation Blackstone Celanese Assessment Sample. You can contact the Online Assignment Expert for both the services. We, at Online Assignment Expert, are known popularly in Australia for best assignment help. In addition to this, we have experts who know how to deal with FINS3623 assignments effectively. So, contact us and get a chance to avail the following features. 

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