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A Nurses' Guide to the Hierarchy of Research Designs and Evidence

A Nurses' Guide to the Hierarchy of Research Designs and Evidence
December 18, 2020

A Nurses' Guide to the Hierarchy of Research Designs and Evidence

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Evidence-based practice or evidence-based medicine is the astute use of existing evidence in making patient's care decisions. It assimilates clinical expertise and includes patient values, needs, and values into considerations. Being a university scholar, you must know that EBP is slightly different from EBM. Evidence-based practice includes evidence-based nursing, evidence-based medicine, evidence-based dentistry, evidence-based physical therapy, etc. 

This blog aims to provide complete information about the hierarchy of Research Designs and Evidence. In this blog, you will learn about Evidence-based practice, steps of EBP, and five models of Care, step-by-step EBP. 

Also, this guide will help you in writing your evidence-based nursing practice assignment effectively. You can refer to this page anytime when you are stuck in the middle of your assignment. Information discussed below is defined by nursing assignment help professionals who have been into providing academic assistance since 2010. 

What are the 5 Steps of Evidence-Based Practice?

5 Steps of Evidence-Based Practice

The 5 steps of EBP are discussed below by our best assignment help experts. 

Step 1: Ask questions

Here, you are required to put searchable clinical questions such as diagnosis, prevention, therapy, prognosis, causation, etc.

Step 2: Find evidence in support of your answers 

Track the most relevant evidence with respect to the answer 

Step 3: Assess evidence/ information critically

You must assess and evaluate the evidence-based on its impact, validity, and applicability 

Step 4: Assimilate evidence with patient's preferences and clinical expertise 

Integrate critical appraisal with the patient's unique biology, circumstances, values, and clinical expertise 

Step 5: Evaluation

Assessing the efficiency and effectiveness in executing all the above steps and seeking how to improve them 

5 Models of Care Described By Nursing Experts

The model of care is generally defined as the way in which health services are organised and delivered. It briefs best-practice services and cares through principles and core components that fit with the framework and gives the best structure for evaluation of care and implementation. However, the 5 Models of care in evidence-based practice are – 

  • It is not necessary that every people need palliative care but it is important that palliative care and a palliative approach to be available where and when needed. 
  • A care model is seen as the way in which health services are prepared and delivered. This model can also affect the quality of the care. 
  • Different models for palliative care delivery are available without a univocally-accepted model. Hence, the palliative care model shows the benefits for patients as well as their carer. 
  • Care models have now become important as the number of people having chronic diseases and the population ages increases.  
  • For aged people, palliative care or community palliative care in Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACF) are seen as one of the most beneficial and high-quality research. 

Step by Step Guide to Evidence-Based Practice

If you are a student pursuing nursing courses from any of the Australian university, then you need to know the processes concerned with evidence-based practice. Here are the few steps discussed by our nursing assignment help experts. 

Part 1 – Searching and Developing Clinical Questions

Here, you are required to be well-versed with the skills and knowledge that are needed to apply the evidence-based practice. Moreover, you are required to do the following tasks – 

  • recapitulate the information that is necessary to understand the steps of implementing EBP
  • analyse the EBP implementation steps 
  • outline the suggestions given for clinical decision making

Part 2 – Critically Appraise of the Evidence

In this part of EBP, you are required to summarise all the components and elements needed to critically appraise the evidence of research. Also, plan the steps that could be undertaken in critically analysing evidence. 

Part 3 – Implementation

This is the last part of the evidence-based practice where you must be able to – 

  • summarise the essential details that play an important role in planning for sustainable change
  • outline the implementation process progression 
  • plan for the concerned actions 

The above steps are determined by our assignment help experts that are taken by the Arizona State University College of Nursing and Health Innovation's Center for the Advancement of Evidence-Based Practice. EBP can be expressed as a problem-solving method for the health care delivery which assimilates the most appropriate patient care data with clinician expertise and evidence from studies and patient values and preferences. 

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