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How A Multi-Disciplinary Team Impacts Quality of Patient Care?

How A Multi-Disciplinary Team Impacts Quality of Patient Care?
Before we discuss the topic "the impact of a multi-disciplinary team on the quality of patient care", it is important to understand the term 'multi-disciplinary working in healthcare'. Generally, a multidisciplinary team can be termed as a group of health care workers coming from different professions such as social workers, psychiatrists, etc. providing services to the patient. It helps in coordinating services and encouraging the team to work together towards a particular goal. Without further ado, let’s further discuss the details about the impact of multidisciplinary team on the quality of care. 

Multi-Disciplinary Team Working in Respiratory Care

Team working in the field of respiratory care was consisted of attending a nurse practitioner, in charge physicians, a pharmacist, a dietician, a social worker, a nursing staff, case manager, and registered respiratory therapists. During 7-years of a retrospective study; Tsai and his co-workers have undergone two medical residents (e.g. senior and junior) with ICU training. The results were measured on the basis on studying monthly mortality rate, weaning rate, returns to the ICU, etc. Conspicuously, the writers found that there is no such major difference between training levels (junior vs. senior), rates of the residents in the ICU.  In other words, having a well-established protocol and team in place can lead to no increase in contrary results no matter what level of training has been offered to on-call residents. 

Benefits of Multidisciplinary Team Approach in Nursing

It is necessary to develop medicine as a cooperative science where the laboratory workers, the specialists, and the clinician are united for the betterment of the patient. Each of them assists in addressing the issues, and each one of them is dependent on others for support. The multidisciplinary teamwork concept is originated with the Mayo brothers. Their Clinical Care Model provides principles for an organisation in the ways in which they can provide coordinated patient care by following a multi-disciplinary approach in order to treat patients.  By design, healthcare can be said as a multidisciplinary profession where nurses, doctors, and specialists from different professions work together, share resources, and communicate often. A multidisciplinary health team is said to be successful when a complete assessment of a patient is analysed and a full-range of the treatment plan is given. Each team should work collaboratively to develop and promote health initiatives for different communities and educating them to deal with diseases.  Some of the benefits of a multidisciplinary team approach in nursing are discussed below – 

Teamwork is a Key for Good Results

Clinical care is termed as one of the most specialised and complex fields, compelling staffs to learn new skills and provide complicated health services. Other factors may be increased in diseases like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, aging populations and managing tasks of patients. Hence, it can be said that medical staff are forced into the multidisciplinary approach.  It has been found by the researchers that when healthcare specialists come to work as a team, the medical errors are reduced and the patient's safety rises. Moreover, it also reduces the work culture issues which create professional burnout. One of the key reasons is that health teams assist in giving out the hierarchy and centralise the power of health and/or medical organisations. It gives leverage to healthcare professionals and delivers maximum work satisfaction. 

Role of Multidisciplinary Health Teamwork in Nursing Practice

In order to make sure that the team is functioning well and effective outcome, the roles for multidisciplinary team members in nursing practice should be well defined. It may include – 
  • Trust and respect for each member
  • Make appropriate use of skills while working
  • Agree for the clinical governance structures, protocols, and systems for communication 
  • Effective interaction within the team members
As per the AMA Journal of Ethics, the top 3 team competencies maybe – 
  • Open communication
  • Inclusive collaboration
  • Enhancing collective intelligence
Multidisciplinary teamwork approach has been successfully adopted by several health institutions such as Cleveland Clinic, Massachusetts General Hospital, Johns Hopkins Medical Centre, and Mayo Clinic.

Advance Multidisciplinary Healthcare Teams

Some of the healthcare organisations include internal development within organisational staffs with the learning-design, team-effectiveness expertise, performance consulting, and skills to develop and provide the best program. Also, there are regional and national team-effectiveness training firms which deliver customised tailored development solutions and team-effectiveness learning.   These were the few benefits of a multidisciplinary team approach in nursing discussed by our nursing assignment experts. If you are a student and want to gain complete information about the above-terms, contact Online Assignment Expert. We, at Online Assignment Expert, can be the best choice for university scholars who are facing issues in writing nursing assignment answers. 

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