How Do University Semesters Work In Australia?

How Do University Semesters Work In Australia
June 02, 2022

How Do University Semesters Work In Australia?

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How Do University Semesters Work In Australia?

If you want to educate at an Australian university, you'll need to understand how the schools work. It isn't just the climate culture that will confound you; the Australian academic calendar will.

To help you get started, here's a quick rundown of the terminologies and dates associated with the Australian university academic year.

How Does Australia's Educational System Work?

In Australia, "tertiary education" is a form of educational system you will receive once you have completed secondary school. Higher Education and Vocational Education and Training are the two alternatives available to students.

Technical and Further Education (TAFE) is a type of VET that can be used as a stepping stone to a university degree or a professional certification. It emphasises hands-on education and industry-specific skills. Certifications and advanced diplomas are awarded to TAFE graduates. Information Systems, Transportation, Tourism, Media, Business Administration, and other industries and subjects are taught in TAFEs.

Higher education encompasses all university degrees, including bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees. It is Australia's top rank of schooling. Undergraduate programmes normally take three years to complete, whereas honours programmes require four years. It's worth noting that Australia offers roughly 43 universities from which to choose!

If you need help preparing for an undergrad or post-graduation university degree, route programmes are available to ensure you get into your desired programme. It should be remembered that to continue to a university degree, you must also obtain an ATAR score. It also is important to note that the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) oversees and monitors all education programmes and programs' qualifications.

In Australia, when does university begin?

While you're certainly already acquainted with Australia's new curriculum, there are also many other study alternatives if you want more mobility. Here is a guide is given by our university assignment help regarding university start dates and study options.

  • Semester start dates in Australia - The vast Australian universities operate on a unique semester system, which entails attending at least two sessions every year. Double-check the dates before starting classes because these dates vary by education and state. However, our assignment help professionals have listed the common semesters covered in Australia:

Semester Start Dates in Australia

  • Semester one - If you're attending a school that uses the semester system, your first-semester session will generally start in February or March and continue until May. It includes a two-week break in April that normally corresponds with the Easter weekend. If we talk about the exams, they will be conducted throughout June.
  • Semester two - After that, you'll have a few months free before the second semester, which starts in August and ends in November. Just like the semester first, it has a two-week vacation. The exams generally take place in late November and continue till mid-December. After that, you will have around an eight-week break before the semester begins the following year.

In Australia, there are a variety of college start dates

There are many other possibilities for obtaining your college education in Australia if you want to finish sooner. These are some of them:

  • Trimesters - three study periods in a single year that permits you to finish your course 30 per cent faster than a semester system. Hence, it makes an excellent choice if you want to accelerate your studies.

Here is the way in which a trimester system may work in practice:


  • Summer semesters - Enlisting in a summer term can help you graduate faster or even offer you the opportunity to release extra time in the coming year. From January to early March, you can typically register in a summer season to finish pre-requisite subject areas that you just cannot fit into your timeline the past year, retake college courses that you failed previously, or finish a requisite component in a short amount of time such that you can get a lighter workload the following semester. Learners who choose this path will begin semester one immediately after completing their summertime.

It's important to mention that if you commence a study in November, you will get several benefits, such as the opportunity to lighten your study load or hasten your degree.

How many academic sessions are there?

Most Australian institutions use a two-session format, although others use a three-session model, with one session being known as a trimester.

The two-session type model consists of 13 weeks of study followed by a break after exams. Additionally, the trimester has a 10-weeks study period, including a study break and exams and then a nine-week summer off. Universities like The University of Canberra, CQ University, Deakin University, Bond University, the University of New South Wales, and Griffith University follow the tri-semester system. In contrast, Melbourne Institute of Technology follows two-session and tri- semester options.

Want to know more about academic sessions followed in Australia? Just get in touch with our experts delivering university assignment help. They have completed their education at the different prestigious universities in Australia, and thus, they are well aware of the education system followed by Australian universities.

Understand the term 'Summer Session.'

Australian schools with 2 sessions provide scholars with an alternative summer session where they can complete additional courses. It is regarded as the third semester. Alternatively, a three-trimester summer session is required. As a result, the two-session universities only include spring and autumn semesters.

What Time Does Each Session Begin?

The year begins with Autumn Session between February and March in two and three-session semesters. This initial session generally lasts till the month of 15th April. Exams are held in June and/or July. The Spring Session takes place in July and August, and it includes a break in September or October. Students who opted for the spring session are generally required to undergo an exam in October and November.

In most cases, the Summer Session takes place in November and finishes shortly before Christmas. Yes, Christmas arrives in the last week of December! Australia has a knack for catching you off guard!

That concludes the discussion. You now have a thorough understanding of Australia's education system. If you've not already, we urge that you learn everything there is to know about Australia's grading scale. After all, if you don't understand the rules, you can't play the game. Hence, if you feel confused about understanding the education system of Australian universities, then you may reach out to Online Assignment Expert.

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