How To Cite A Poem- The Best Guide Ever

How To Cite A Poem- The Best Guide Ever
December 30, 2021

How To Cite A Poem- The Best Guide Ever

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How to Cite a Poem- 2022 | Best Guide Ever

Hath thou ever cited a poem before?

When it comes to specific compiling assignments, the question of "How to Cite a Poem" emerges! When students are given the responsibility of analysing assigned poems, for example, they must utilise precise quotes to back up their views and avoid plagiarism. In this writing piece, the formats for citing a poem are determined by the writing styles employed. In general, different referencing styles, such as MLA, APA, Harvard, and Chicago/Turabian, convey distinct information. As a result, this blog will cover key features of how to reference poems in various formats. Let’s begin with a How to Cite a Poem- the Best Guide ever without wasting any further time.

Citing a Poem as a Source

Poetry can be used as a source in academic studies. Unlike other forms of publications, the format of poetry frequently necessitates only in-text citations. If someone wishes to know how to reference poems, for example, the American Psychological Association (APA) and the Chicago/Turabian referencing styles have no rules for poetry in-text citations. The Harvard and Modern Language Association (MLA) styles, on the other hand, contain guidelines that authors need to be familiar with in order to make accurate citations.

Let’s undertake all the sources which are used to cite an immaculate poem.

How to Cite a Poem in MLA Style?

When quoting poetry, make sure the quotation and in-text citation are correctly formatted so that the reader is guided to the correct source item in the Works Cited list.

  • In a poetry quotation, use a slash to separate lines, and add the poet's last name in your text or in parentheses following the quote.
  • Grant line numbers (if specified in the text) or a page number to denote where the quote is located (if the poem is published across multiple pages).

In-Text Citation in General

When compared to other reference methods, the MLA format citation structure for citing a poem is distinctive. In order to solve the question of how to cite poems, an MLA in-text citation should use the author-page structure. In MLA citation, nevertheless, there are three basic steps:

Rule 1: An in-text citation format is used for a poem with an author and line numbers. Page numbers in this case include line numbers. Writers can refer to a certain line by using line numbers. When analysing poetry, for example, Alexa 17, it is quite useful.

Rule 2: Students should only use the author's name and no line numbers when citing a poem. Essentially, other than the use of line numbers, this in-text citation for poems does not allow for alternate techniques of identifying specific information, such as Alexa.

Rule 3: A poem with an author and line numbers that are broken into sections should include section identification as well as the line numbers, separated by a period. A poem may methods of gathering, books, scenes, or other pieces in this scenario. Furthermore, it is critical to recognise subdivisions. At the start of each paragraph, the area to identify count may be restored, for example, Alexa 7.17.

Here is the Sample of a Works Cited entry for a poem in MLA:

  • Alexa, Ghuman. Song of Love. Learning books, 1865, pp. 1-47.

Here is the Sample of a short quote for a poem in MLA:

  • Alexa writes “This blew my mind in high school, and I wasn’t the only one” (6-7).

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How to Cite a Poem in Harvard-Style?

When it comes to citing poems, the Harvard style guide takes a unique approach. To keep the author-date format, citing poetry, for example, covers the identities of editors or the title of the anthologies. This guideline implies that the poet's name should not be included in the in-text citation. Instead, the poet's name and the title of the poem are placed into the referenced sentence's text. As a consequence, here's an example of a Harvard in-text citation:

One Art (Elizabeth et al. 2000, p. 7) by Elizabeth Bishop was comprehensively condemned in the 1990s because it challenged current poem inclinations.

Here is the Illustration of a reference composition for a poem in Harvard:

  • Bishop, E. (2000) ‘One Art,’ in Poems Series One. pp. 15-17.

Here is the illustration of a reference of an in-text citation of a poem in Harvard:

  • “A triumph of control/Even of self-mockery/in the poetically pushed rhyme word “vaster”/ladylike, pinkies-up “shan’t.” Elizabeth, 2000, p. 17).

How to Cite Poem in APA and Chicago/Turabian Styles?

There are no specific strategies for citing poems in the APA and Chicago/Turabian styles. The APA format guide does not have specific solutions to questions about how to reference a poem in APA style. Because there are no specific rules to govern the establishment of APA citations, poetry sources must use the generic APA citation format. Consequently, there is no documentation on the Chicago style citation or the Turabian format. In this scenario, footnotes are provided without any further requirements for a poem's citation. Citing poetry addresses citation standards for the container in APA and Chicago/Turabian approaches.

Sample of a reference entry for a poem in APA:

  • Robert, H. (2020). Middle Passage. Poetry Foundation.

Sample of an in-text citation for a poem in APA:

  • According to Hayden (2020), He writes that “ Standing to America, bringing home black gold, black ivory, black seed.” (1-3).

Example of a bibliography entry for a poem in Chicago/Turabian:

  • Allen, Ginsberg. “Howl.” In Selected Poems, 5-6. Edited by Allen Ginsberg. New York: Library of America, 2005.

Quote sample or in-text citation for a poem in Chicago/Turabian:

  • In Howl, Allen, Ginsberg states, “With on the Road, the most persistent work of the lionised Beat Generation's writings, and the best of the two.”
  • Allen Ginsberg, “Howl,” in Chosen Poems, (Australia: Library of Australia, 2005), 5.

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Final Reflections on How to Cite Poems…

Subsequently, MLA and Harvard have different citation rules for poems. MLA style guidelines, on the other hand, are more detailed than Harvard guidelines. Then, for quoting a poem, Chicago/Turabian and APA styles use standard conventions. Furthermore, the elaborate restrictions for referencing poetry in MLA may be a result of the style's widespread use in pieces of literature. As a result, typical in-text citation forms may need to be tweaked. The quoted statement provides the line number to allow for more precision than just the page level. We’d hope that you have understood- “How to Cite a Poem- the Best Guide Ever” in a better way this time!

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