How to Transfer Universities Within Australia?

How to Transfer Universities Within Australia?
November 09, 2022

How to Transfer Universities Within Australia?

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Are you a university student who has made a mistake by choosing the wrong university or course? Are you feeling unsatisfied with your current university? Well, worry not. It happens to several students every year.

So, if you are also having doubts and second thoughts about the university you have enrolled in, this is the right place to find a solution. Read the blog and learn some tricks and updates about how to transfer to universities within Australia.

Reasons Why Students Transfer Universities in Australia

There are multiple reasons why international students in Australia feel the need to transfer universities. Check out the below reasons to know more:

  • Making the Wrong Course Choice - Students may pick a university that does not suit their intended objectives. Later, students may come to the realisation that their selected course is not suitable for them. You might need the university assignment help to take the course you want at the institution. Therefore, transferring to a different university is the wisest choice in this scenario.
  • Environment: Students frequently switch colleges when they feel unwelcome at their current institutions. Universities may occasionally need to give students the high-quality education they demand.
  • Financial Situation – International students undoubtedly have a difficult time keeping track of their financial obligations. Due to the high cost of three years of university attendance, several students decide to transfer. Students may prefer to attend a less expensive university.

Things to Consider before you Transfer Universities in Australia

Once you have considered the reasons for transferring to the new university, here is what you should know as before applying to a new university:

  • Suppose you have yet to finish at least six months of the main course of the study programme at your current college or university for which the student VISA was issued to you. In that case, you may need help to enrol in the new university while transferring to one in Australia.
  • You must ask your current college or university for authorisation if you wish to transfer from one university to another without wasting time.
  • To apply for a Letter of Release from your present university, you must first get an Offer Letter from the new school or college.


If you've read thus far, you probably already know which university you want to transfer to and what new degree you wish to pursue. The time has come to examine the more minor points. Do you qualify for this new degree's entrance requirements? Remember that your eligibility can change depending on where you are in your current degree.

For instance, your current GPA will affect your selection rank if you move universities after the first year. Key dates should be taken into consideration as well. What dates—such as when applications must be submitted—should you be aware of? Your next step in the formal transfer process will be influenced by knowing the answers to these questions.

You must be aware that you will not be eligible for loans and financial aid if you plan to transfer from your present university to another school by the middle of the year, even if you may have utilised them in your current institution.

Can I change course?

Yes! but If you have been studying your original course for six months or more and wish to change to the same or higher level Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) course at your current institution, then you don't have to apply for a new student visa.

Your education provider will update the Department of Home Affairs with any changes in your study situation, and for that, you won't even need to update your ImmiAccount! You will only need to apply for a new student visa if your current one is due to expire.

If you have completed six months or more of study and want to change to the same or higher-level AQF course, you will be able to transform educational institutions. Generally, you will also be able to get course credit at your new institution for subjects already completed.

If you are considering transferring to a university in Adelaide, you can check eligibility for credit transfer at the institution you are interested in moving to.

Steps to consider while changing the university

Here are some of the crucial steps every university student much consider when changing university due to any set of reasons:

Step 1 Have a conversation first

Speak to someone who can give you unbiased advice for transferring to a new university. You can connect with a student advisor who will help you decide what is best for you.

Step 2 Research

It is time to research if you are determined about what university you want to enter. Deeply look into the courses and universities you are willing to switch to. You can also seek guidance from the university assignment help experts who have a vast expository of colleges and procedures and can find your correct destination. At Online Assignment Expert, we have student counsellors who can provide you with multiple options to choose from and give a thorough knowledge of each option.

Step 3 Finances

Determine that you have the budget to take the transfer to a new university. Naturally, there may be some fees you need to pay while changing from one university to another. So, make sure you are financially ready for it!

Step 4 Check the transfer policy

Next, you need to speak to your current institution and find more details about the transfer policy. The reason because you need to know the rules and regulations of your current one to enter a university. As per the university assignment help experts, your institution must give you specific instructions that you have to follow. For example, how to proceed with the transfer, what forms to fill out, and the timeline to point out a few. If you cannot find these instructions on your university's official websites, ensure you get a copy from the institution.

Step 5 Apply

Once you have tick-marked all the criteria, apply for a new university. You must have a letter from another university that confirms the valid enrollment. You can only transfer from one university to another if you have an offer from the institution. For this, you can also look for University Assignment Help, which enables you to receive better counselling and helps you find the best universities. Moreover, if you are stuck on assignments, check out the assignment help services we have on our website. 

Step 6 Consider Visa Requirements

Obtaining a visa is essential for international students. A student must fulfil a number of conditions before their visa application is approved. And the majority of those conditions apply to your present institution. However, you must meet the visa criteria of the new institution if you want to transfer to another university in Australia.

If you are given a streamlined student visa, you will only be allowed to transfer to institutions that accept such visas. However, you might need to cancel your existing visa and reapply if you want to share with a school that is ineligible for this student visa. If you want to move to another university, visa restrictions become a crucial deciding element in this regard. You must contact the visa authority, who will be able to tell you the precise status of your case, to obtain all this information.

Step 7 Relax!

We know how difficult it might be for you to juggle around a suitable place. But this does not mean you should lose your mind and feel inadequate in any form. With the proper guidance, patience and time, things will naturally fall into place. And for this, you should remind yourself that your college is one of many things you should focus on. Besides this, you should follow your heart and take care of your mental health.

Furthermore, once you have finalised which university you will choose next, ensure that you enjoy every minute of it. As the University Assignment Help experts advise– find the support at the right time, so you do not feel scared or under pressure.

What paperwork is required for my transfer to a new university?

Depending on the institution, specific documents could be requested before moving. If you have studied at your current institution for less than six months, you will need a formal letter of release from that institution.

Along with this, you should also take care of any other necessary documentation specified by the university's transfer policy. You should get in touch with a student advisor because they can assist you through the transfer processes and regulations.

If you have been studying for more than six months, your education provider will notify the Department of Home Affairs about your change to a same- or higher-level AQF course. Your ImmiAccount will be automatically updated.

A parent or legal guardian must submit a letter endorsing the move if you are under the age of 18.

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