How To Write a Letter of Recommendation?

Tips to Write a Letter of Recommendation
February 14, 2022

How To Write a Letter of Recommendation?

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How To Write a Letter of Recommendation?

It can feel overwhelming as to how to write a letter of recommendation (LOR) for someone else. Prior to drafting a letter of recommendation for someone's abilities, it is generally beneficial to research some of the most important aspects of the letter and the formatting criteria that must be followed. Therefore, to understand what goes over a LOR is imperative to go over the procedures involved in writing one, and encourage the reading of some of the sample templates in order to understand how they are done.

In this blog, I will share a sample that will assist you in writing a recommendation letter for someone else. Here’s a brief sample on how to write a letter of recommendation (LOR) before going ahead with what and how and by whom should a LOR be generated. But before that, let’s check out what is the purpose of writing a recommendation letter.

What Is the Purpose of a Recommendation Letter?

A recommendation letter is essentially a positive endorsement of an applicant's qualities that places them as a strong contender for future employment or admission to a certain educational institution.

  • In an LOR the candidates’ features, abilities, and characteristics are described that set them apart as the most qualified candidate for a particular position or opportunity in the letter.
  • A strong recommendation letter increases the likelihood of an applicant's consideration for a position, especially in a competitive environment.
  • In addition, using a recommendation letter, a hiring manager or admissions office can learn about a candidate's strengths and flaws, which can help them make a final decision during the selection process.
  • Having a strong recommendation letter increases the likelihood of an applicant being considered for a position, especially in a competitive environment.
  • Using a recommendation letter, a hiring manager or admissions office can learn about a candidate's strengths and flaws, which can help them make a final decision during the selection process. However, students often face the problem of whom to approach for the LORD.

LOR Sample:

I am pleased to write a recommendation for Hamid Saif. He is a B.E. (Computer) student who has always excelled academically and topped our engineering department. He has grown into an independent and confident person with exceptional interpersonal skills who is respected and admired by her peers as well as her teachers.

As Department Head, I have seen his work on an International Journal of Graphics and Image Processing and an International Foreign Research Centre Application. I recall Hamid Saif participating in practically all events such as debate, public speaking, and others. She was regarded as a standout contestant and participant.

His enthusiasm for most of the class's inter-skill development exercises also appeal to me. He appreciates his instructors input and works hard to improve. That Hamid picked that particular course relates to his potential. The (course name) programme will help him improve his abilities and broaden his employment prospects. He will also gain a wide range of practical experience in the course code and modules benefiting him later. Hamid is diligent, thoughtful and a team leader between his classmates, and will be a valuable addition to your course and university. Therefore, I strongly recommend Hamid for admissions in your deemed university for the university's applied course.



However, students are often confused regarding whom to contact for a referral letter. Someone who is familiar with you, like a person with the title 'professor' employed at the institution or someone else like a Boss in the profession you are employed at. Another compelling question is:

When To Give a Letter of Recommendation?

This is another overwhelming question which the students face. Inquire about a letter of recommendation no later than two weeks before the deadline for the application. A writer gets plenty of time to draft it and make any necessary modifications, as well as ensure that you submit your application on time. Giving a writer extra time enhances the likelihood of receiving a high-quality suggestion.

It is generally best to schedule a meeting to discuss the suggestion at least three weeks before the deadline —preferably a month or more in advance, especially if you require numerous letters —to avoid any confusion.

Professors have hectic schedules and need plenty of time to compose a meaningful and distinguishing letter to their students. Scholars also have doubts on under what circumstances should a LOR be written to an employer?

The most appropriate opportunity to share recommendations is likely after the interview! As the meeting comes to a close, there are a few topics that can be brought around in a LOR, such as your interest in the position, a brief review of relevant experience, and the sharing of references.

Here Are A Few Referral Tips on How to Write a Letter of Recommendation!

The letter of recommendation you write must be professional, relevant, and personalised. To report a successful recommendation letter, you should follow the procedures outlined below:

  • Follow the established rules of formal letter writing.
  • In the first paragraph, express your admiration for the nominee.
  • Describe the letter's purpose in detail.
  • Explanation of why the candidate is a good fit for the position
  • Give particular examples and anecdotes to support your claim.
  • Prepare a concluding statement.
  • Include a professional closure and Signature at the end of the document.
  • Check for grammatical, spelling, and formatting mistakes before publishing.

Below are Some Tips on How to Write a Letter of Recommendation?

  • Follow the established rules of formal letter writing: - Because a LOR is a professional letter addressed to an employer, it should be written in the same manner as other business letters and adhere to the proper letter-writing format. The name and contact information in the upper left-hand corner of the page, followed by the job title, company name, and business address at the beginning of the letter. When addressing it formal pronouns like Mr., Mrs., or Ms. are maintained to maintain a professional tone. If you don't know who you're writing to, use the phrase, “To Whom It May Concern.”
  • Begin with a brief introductory phrase that praises the candidate: - Begin the letter on a positive note by expressing your excitement at the prospect of recommending the candidate. It helps draw the hiring manager's attention and piques their interest, leading them to want to learn more about why you are so enthusiastic about recommending them. Example: “I'm thrilled to recommend Hamid for the opportunity to work with your organisation.”
  • Describe the letter's purpose in detail: - Suppose you're writing a recommendation letter for someone. In the first paragraph, the author should clarify why you're writing it, your relationship with the candidate, and how long you've known the person you're writing about.

Include a brief description of your position as well. Your ability to explain your relationship demonstrates that you can provide an honest appraisal. This also assists hiring employers in better understanding whether your perspective is from the perspective of a supervisor or an employee.

  • Describe why the individual is an excellent fit: - Along with highlighting the candidate's accomplishments in their previous position, you should also explain why you seem to fit the requirement of the opening advertised. In order to do so, make some preliminary study into the company's culture, vision, and goals. This helps in comparing the candidate's values, goals, and personality in a meaningful way. Explain why the individual will succeed in the new function or industry if the candidate changes careers. The candidate must share the job description with you to accomplish this. Having a firm grasp of the duties and obligations associated with that role will assist you in obtaining employment. In addition, you will write a strong, unbiased, insightful letter of reference if you are well-informed about the requirements for the position. This will provide the hiring manager peace of mind that the candidate is a good fit for the post.
  • Give examples and anecdotes to support your claims: - Mention specifics about the person, such as why they are a good fit for the position. And if hired once, what are the desired changes that they are likely to introduce to make things look up once appointed. Include some particular examples relating to the candidate's qualifications in your recommendation letter to increase the credibility of your letter. LOR samples will also give you a good understanding of how the candidate works on a typical day in office. The letter for the candidate should be a convincing and positive candidate recommendation. The most significant letters show the candidate's talents and accomplishments while also explaining how the candidate intends to use those skills and achievements to succeed in the position for which they are applying.
  • Conclude your essay with a statement of your own: - Specify clearly in the conclusion that any additional information about the candidate will be provided if necessary. For example, the phone number or an email can be included. Finally, finish the LORD summarising because you believe the candidate would be a good fit for the advertised position.
  • Finish with a professional concluding line followed by Signature: - Finish the letter by including your name and position. Use popular concluding phrases such as ‘sincerely, thank you, or best regards to express your gratitude. In case of delivering a hard copy of the LOR, it should be duly signed.

-With best wishes,

Signature (for hard copy)

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