MMGT8003 Globalisation and Value Chain Management Assessment Answer

MMGT8003 Globalisation and Value Chain Management Assessment Answer
August 17, 2020

MMGT8003 Globalisation and Value Chain Management Assessment Answer

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Students pursuing management courses from Australian universities might be asked to write MMGT8003 Globalisation and Value Chain Management Assessment answer as a part of the assessment. Writing MMGT8003 assessment answer need knowledge and skills to identify, explain, and examine the globalisation concepts, evaluation of the value creation methods concerning sustainability firm consideration, and develop and critique the real-world case solution. 

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Introduction to MMGT8003 Globalisation and Value Chain Management Assignment

value chain management assignment introduction

As per the Macquarie University's Department of Management, the MMGT8003 assessment is comprised of three different tasks like an essay, presentation, and case study.

Assessment 1: Essay

It is an individual essay that covers 30% of the total assessment. The topic and other descriptions are mentioned below.

mmgt8003 assessment sample

This essay should be written in 1300 words excluding reference lists, cover page, graphs, and appendices. Students are required to put total words on their cover page. The suggested structure for this part of the assessment is – 

  • Introduction: In this section, students are required to discuss the topic background and simplify the research essay. For instance, what type of industry will be analysed and justify briefly? 
  • Body section: Here, students must focus on secondary resources and literature review introduced in the essay. The body section generally includes details like – explaining all the key concepts required for arguments, just like explaining the global supply chain management. After this, they should create few logical arguments in the contexts of the assigned topic; and analyse the main theme of the research critically. Also, students can use sub-headings to clearly explain them. 
  • Conclusion: This section is written to briefly restate and say again all the key findings and arguments of the research. Also, include the recommendations and suggestions concerned with managerial implications.
  • References: This is a common but most important section of an assessment. Generally, this section asks students to review and analyse the entire related literature and other information or data collected from different sources. In this assessment, students must provide at least seven academic references in Harvard formatting style. 

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Assessment 2: Group Submission and Individual Presentation

The topic for this assessment task is assigned in the tutorial. A group leader will be selected for each group. The leader will hold a responsibility to communicate and interact with the course director. Each group is asked to make a presentation which should be 30-40 minutes and additionally 10 minutes for Q&A. 

The 1st slide should include topic presentation, member name, group number, and student's ID number whereas the last slide should have research resources like a textbook, journal articles, websites, online resources, etc. by using Harvard Referencing Style. 

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Assessment 3: Case Study

This section of MMGT8003 assessment asks scholars to write a case study report. While writing a case study, students must focus on the applications of concepts, insights, techniques, and tools that are studied in the class. 

To solve this assessment, firstly identify at least one Australian firm. In this task, students need a brief organisation and product description.  The chosen firms include agricultural producers, manufacturers, hospitals, wholesalers/retailers, health care providers, medical clinics, retail stores, call centres, IT design, schools, infrastructure, government, telecommunications, childcare providers, hotels, engineering consulting, financial services, transportation, marketing, and distribution, etc.

The recommended structure for the case study report is – 

  • Organisation selection – In this section, students must fleetingly explain the research background and the identified organisation.
  • Identification & analysis of a problem – This part of the assessment determines the issues encountered by the organisation. Adopting relevant technique/ method is helpful in terms of analysis, like value chain agenda, cause-effect analysis, etc.
  • Implementation and Recommendation – Here, students must suggest a minimum of two recommendations related to the identified problem. The recommendations should be practical and specific. It is involved with a diagram that shows activity duration, milestone, activities and makes sure that the implementation is done on time. 
  • References & appendices – This section includes a minimum of seven good quality references for the information and data taken from journal articles, magazines, and other reliable resources. 
  • Format: The maximum word-count for this case study is 2000 words. Put total word count over the cover page. The case study should be written in 12-point font size, in Arial or Times New Roman font style with 1.5 line spacing. 

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