PMIT IT Project Management Assessment Answers

PMIT IT Project Management Assessment Answers
November 20, 2018

PMIT IT Project Management Assessment Answers

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In simple words, project management is the art of directing projects. However, PMIT IT Project Management course is not as simple as it looks. This is because it mainly focuses on how the concepts of project management can be applied in IT projects. More importantly, it also talks about various project management issues which are unique in relation to IT projects.

Thus, PMIT IT Project Management assessments become really important for the development of the thinking capabilities of students in this field.  Realising this, the experts at Online Assignment Expert are there to guide students with the concepts and assignments that govern this vast and complex course.

Under this course, students would be able to review various concepts, methodologies as well as numerous project management tools that are related to information technology. Also, they will gain knowledge about the fundamental concepts of project management such as the scope, managing integration, costing, managing risk, human resource management and many more.

How Our PMIT IT Project Management Assessment Experts Aid Students?

To let you know the approach that our PMIT assignment experts have used in dealing with such complex Project Management Assessments and completed some really good ones; here is a free sample that our experts have worked on.

So, this is a PMIT sample that our experts have worked on for the reference of students. Here goes a step-by-step guide to brief you about how our experts do this kind of assignments, which goes like,

  • Firstly, our IT assignment help experts thoroughly study the scenario given in the question file. Then, they research the organisation (VUISC) and study the background, employee details and other details about the firm.
  • Thereafter, they take notes of the client scenario and the process of implementing SAP system upon which they need to report the progress.
  • Then, studying the project report, they complete drafting an outline of the VUIS consulting status report, which would include the baseline version. Subsequently, they enter the accurate values for finding the delay in the report.
  • In the end, our project management assignment help experts analyse how entering this actual value impacted the delayed result in the report initially. Finally, they complete the project report by removing all the prompts and replace it with their personal responses based on their analysis.

Phases of the Project Life Cycle:

Our PMIT IT Project Management assignment help experts basically guide students on the five main processes included in project management. These are outlined as follows:

1.      Project Initiation

This is the initial phase of this cycle. Here, the value and feasibility of various projects are measured. Generally, project managers have devised two important tools that help them to evaluate and decide whether the project is worth pursuing or not. These are-

  • Business Case Document- It justifies why any particular project is needed and also includes an approximate estimate of the possible financial benefits.
  • Feasibility Study- It evaluates the goals, costs and the timeline in order to determine whether the project is worth execution or not.

2.      Project Planning

As soon as the project gets approved, it requires a proper plan for guiding the team about the various aspects of the project. This is the role of a well-thought-of the project plan, that helps the team to procure suitable resources and other required materials.

3.      Project Execution

According to PMIT assignment help experts, execution is all about building the appropriate deliverables which would satisfy the customers. Our experts guide students about how to allocate resources.

4.      Monitoring and Control

In order to guarantee the delivery that was promised, our experts guide students with concepts like preventing scope, calculating various performance indicators and other things.

5.      Project Closure

This is the most vital step in the project management cycle. It allows evaluating and documenting the project and progress to the next one, keeping in mind the mistakes committed in the previous projects.

We at Online Assignment Expert are a team of steadfast experts who ensure and put forth our firmest feet while we guide you on every requisite that is mandatory in the PMIT Assessments. Our project management assignment help experts make sure, with our reference assignments and expert guidance, students are able to attain desirable grades.

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