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Role and Contribution to the Interprofessional Team Nursing Essay

Role and Contribution to the Interprofessional Team Nursing Essay
December 21, 2020

Role and Contribution to the Interprofessional Team Nursing Essay

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In academic, we have seen that several types of assignments being assigned to students such as case study, dissertation, bibliography, etc. Role and contribution to the inter-professional team nursing essay is one of the most common types of assignment covered in universities. In this blog, we have discussed the role and contribution of nurses within interprofessional teams along with the essential steps to write this particular nursing essay. Let's read further!

The Role and Contribution of Nurses within Interprofessional Teams

Offering the best hospital experiences for patients needs effective communication and proper coordination among patient care providers. This cooperative approach is also termed as interprofessional collaboration, and its key aim is to assist nurses and doctors to work together in order to provide high-quality care. It also nurtures respect and trust between healthcare providers and support practices to treat nurses as equal to physicians. 

Interprofessional Practice (IPP) generally takes place when professionals from different groups work collaboratively and trust each other to attain the desired goals and enhance healthcare results. The ways in which medical care professionals communicate and interact with each other impacts the healthcare quality they offer and impact patient safety and care. In this section, we have discussed the role and contributions to the interprofessional team in healthcare. 

Encourage Participation in Other Departments' Training

Along with training sessions that are given to healthcare professional as per their disciplines, nurses are also required to take part in other departments' classes in order to have extra insight into other roles. It also helps nurses in understanding the challenges and problems concerned with their colleagues coming from other disciplines that can strengthen bonds among members of another team. 

Professional Understanding

In the role and contribution of nurses within interprofessional teams nursing essay, you are required to assess the role and contribution a nurse can play in the interprofessional team and the ways in which it is concerned to collaborative practice and professional understanding. It discusses how personal, professional, and social issues which can affect in collaborative working and discover the negotiation process of decision making.  

Promoting Multidisciplinary Rounds

Multidisciplinary rounds provide an easy way to enhance communication among different departments of an organisation. Nurses are required to motivate their staff members to grab advantages and opportunities to put questions, know the answer, and discuss the goals of the patient. As per the Australian nursing assignment help experts, multidisciplinary rounds can be said as the best example of interprofessional collaboration as it permits the entire team member to discuss and share information about the patient's care plan. Also, they make sure that all the providers are on the same platform to identify the best things for the patient.

Know your staffs

It might seem common, but it is easy to forget in the midst of hustle and bustle shift. You do your best to get in touch with the new team member and spend a little time with them, but your duty asks you to shift your attention to some other work. Suddenly, you come to know that you are not aware of nurse lives they lead outside the workplace. In certain situations, it can be assumed that your team members do not know about you. As a result, it can affect the ability to trust.

The most suitable way to overcome such a situation is to get some time with the team members once they are added to your team, and this should go at a regular interval. 

Building relationships

Employees are very much required to support and communicate with team members in order to know them in the best ways. Nurses who are contented with other team members usually find it easy to ask their team members for help. 

The best way can be to schedule a short daily, weekly, or monthly meeting where members can feel free to share their challenges and triumphs, experience or humorous story. It has been analysed by our assignment help experts that the more you normalise communication, the more comfortable they can reach you in case of any queries/issues.

Create guidelines

You are required to create a set of guidelines so that each member of the team should know what exactly is expected from them? Just like your institution's credo and code of ethics, you are required to provide one as well for your team members. Additionally, you may make sure that they follow the guidelines accurately.

Ask for Feedback

You must provide opportunities so that can comfortably share challenges, issues, and concern face with them. Also, you can ask them to provide suggestions so that an effective decision can be made. 

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