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Role of Animal Health in Maintaining the Health of Human Populations

Role of Animal Health in Maintaining Human Health

Role of Animal Health in Maintaining the Health of Human Populations

"The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of a man"- Charles Darwin.

We couldn't agree more with Charles Darwin's thoughts. If a human loves an animal and cares for the same, you can say that the person is of a golden heart. However, do you know in Indian Vedas, it is stated that a dog went to heaven with an Indian king named Yudhishthir? Because of the love and devotion of the human towards the animal and vice versa, the bond of unconditional love made it happen.

Have you ever seen a baby and a dog together? The smile a baby possesses and the assurance of being protected every time the dog is around. The playfulness, the kind heart, and the baby's attachment to a dog can't be explained via words. As a student, you are living away from your family, and the feeling of homesickness kicks in many times in a month, but if you have a dog or a cat by your side, your tension, stress, and missing the family will be decreased for sure. Even the pressure you take because of your assignments or exams and keep looking for agricultural science assignment help will be shifted to the back seat when an animal comes in the frame.

If you live alone and the empty house haunts you, or you don't wish to return to a room filled with silence, you can bring a pet home. Both emotions you have while living alone or while having a pet at home are different. In this blog, let's see why animals are important to human health and how animals impact human health.

Importance of Animals in Human Life

The innocent eyes of a pet animal, continuously staring at the door when it is time for the pet owner to return home, shares nothing but genuine affection. Several cases worldwide have become highlights where pet dogs or cats have helped their owners countless times. An event was noted in Australia where a dog saved his home from burning when his family wasn't in town. There have been several similar incidents where the pets have helped babies, elderlies, or their owners.

As a pursuing agricultural science student looking for an assignment help Australia, you must have read about various animals, such as livestock. However, if we look at a comparison between livestock and pet animals, some might think that both are similar. If you are considering the same, then you are surely mistaken here. Even though livestock animals live on farms with their owners, they differ from those living with families in cities and towns.

According to Center2research.org, over 90 million American households have pets and are considered valuable family members. A pet in a home keeps the entire family healthy; the constant urge to play with your dog or cat, take them for a walk, stroke a pet with love, all these activities keep a human happy.

In a 2002 study, researchers quantified the changes in heart rate and blood pressure among people who own a dog or cat compared to those who don't. In that test, people who own a pet showed better heart rate and blood pressure results than non-pet owners. Having a pet at home also helps in keeping humans under stress.

A study was also conducted measuring the heart rate of pet owners when their pets were present in the room and when the humans were alone. All these studies and experiments only indicate the positivity of owning pets, and having a pet ensures lower risks of heart attack and other stress-related health problems.

There have been several such surveys conducted over the years. One more such study was conducted in two different years, 1996 and 2001, among 9000 people. Those who owned a pet in both years have stated that they have fewer doctor visits because they are healthy by all the exercises done with their pets.

The various studies were a great highlight to tell the importance of animals in human life. However, every advantage has a disadvantage. On the one hand, although animals help humans stay healthy and live happy and cheerful life, there are some disadvantages too. Moving forward, let's look at the dangerous impacts of animals on human health.

Animals and Human Health

No one in this world is unaware of the recent pandemic the CoronaVirus. This pandemic affected the past two years of the world so severely that human beings were living behind closed doors, and animals were freely roaming the streets. In those tough days surviving and studying were the only things that mattered. However, those two years also made us realise that it is not only the humans who own the planet Earth. But animals also hold the same importance as humans, and a balance between the two is essential.

Out of several theories for the origin of CoronaVirus, one was the myth of Covid-19 emerging because of a human who ate a bat in China. Well, the truth behind the head and occurrence of coronavirus is still a study to be resolved by researchers and scientists. But one thing that is sure is that animals impact human health. All the diseases that are transmitted between two species (from animals to humans) are called zoonotic diseases.

Zoonotic diseases include rabies, blastomycosis, psittacosis, trichinosis, cat scratch disease, histoplasmosis, coccidiomycosis, bioterrorism, and more. The zoonotic disease occurs in two different ways, first by the direct transmission route such as bite. Second, the risk factor of potential exposure route, which is difficult to detect and cure. According to the National Library of Medicine, approximately 75% of emerging infectious diseases account for zoonotic diseases.

In A Crux

There is no doubt that animals are a great emotional support to humans. If you live away from your family and alone, having a dog by your side is always the most cherished choice. However, in order to maintain the same great health of the dog, you have to ensure doing to several visits to animal doctors; at every minute of the day, you have to think about your pet waiting for you at home, buying their food when you are yourself a student struggling to earn money and looking for affordable agricultural science assignment help. At that time, taking care of a pet seemed an additional task. Moreover, when your lack of attention to your pets dies, it makes your heart sink badly, negatively impacting you.

Also, as seen above, some pets transmit infectious diseases harming human health. Owning a pet is the warning for owning every good and bad thing done by the pet, and if you are ready for that role, only then are you a noble human being.

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