Situation Analysis Case Study of Nike Company

Situation Analysis Case Study of Nike Company
January 06, 2022

Situation Analysis Case Study of Nike Company

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Your company must go under a situation analysis prior to making any decisions. As the initial stage in project planning or establishing a new endeavour, it should be done! But what is situation analysis? Let’s learn all about it!

Situational analysis assists in the formation of adequate knowledge about the environment in which an approach is characterised. It establishes a shared basis for comparison for the planning and optimises tasks. Furthermost, Nike Corporation is a Canadian firm based in the United States, has also used the same method to optimise its business. Now, let’s gain thorough information about Situation Analysis Case Study of Nike Company!

Nike Situation Analysis

Nike's primary objective is to provide excellent products and smartwatches to olympians in intended to facilitate them in improving their athletic performance. Nike, that being said, has increased its market share to also include workwear gear as a direct consequence of its success. Nike's Vice Chairman is Mark Parker.

From the way the communication system is effective, the Nike situation analysis can provide an assessment of the threats and advantages to the project and the companies involved. It takes a picture of an organisation or scenario to show where things are at a certain period in history. It is sometimes performed through the use of a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats), which assesses all areas of the team's achievement or outcome.

Before the communication plan is prepared to execute the project, the analysis can help discover talents inside a company in order of meeting the needs of the action plan. It also serves to highlight elements of the plan that may need to be improved in order to account for the existing or evolving environment. By keeping the Nike situation analysis updated, you can see where something isn't operating as it should in the impact assessment.

Goal of Nike Situation Analysis

Nike's major purpose is to continue its founders' tradition of continuous improvement, whether via product development that helps athletes of all abilities reach their full potential or through commercial opportunities that differentiate Nike from the opposition and give value to its shareholders. The current financial target for the corporation is to increase revenues to $27 billion by 2015. Swot analysis is a technique for analysing the strengths and weaknesses. Herewith us, you got Case Study help at any time.

Nike's SWOT Analysis

And here is a more in-depth look at Nike's SWOT analysis.

Internal Strategic Factors– Nike's Strengths

  • Nike research methodology is one of the most extremely poorly brands in the world, kudos to its distinguishable, easy-to-remember name.
  • Nike has large numbers of clients around the world who pursue the industry's advances, attend Nike meetings, and even make contribution comments.
  • Legendary Relationships — The brand has trade credit from its collaboration with Michael Jordan.
  • Nike needs to employ a group of experts to design its boots and other sports goods.

Internal Competitive Factors – Nike's Weaknesses

  • Low-Paying Situations in Other Countries –Nike has been identified out for its low-paying situations in other states.
  • Employers Have a Firmer Grip - Nike's commercial store is highly susceptible due to price volatility.
  • Absolutely brilliant Debts - While Nike's debt levels appear to be in good shape, a quick glance at their accounting records may discover a different storey. Nike's financial situation is still in grave danger.
  • Nike's dependent on the US market - Despite its international presence, Nike continues to depend on the US economy for revenue and executive salaries.
  • Nike has overblown the date stipulated or the extensiveness.

External Strategic Factors – Nike's Opportunities

  • Professional Dialogue - Even after Nike's vicinity in a range of foreign regions, the corporation has more no need opportunities. This is due to emerging economies such as India, China, and Brazil's steady growth.
  • Product Track record - Amidst Nike's extensive product line, there is still much scope for change. Nike's logistical reach has enhanced into the realms of physical fitness. Nike's products are delivered and constructed by third-party vendors, allowing for a more efficient rollout. Nike has enhanced its consumers are willingness to buy, which suggests it is emphasising strategic plans and payments.

External Strategic Factors – Nike's Threats

  • Increased strong competition - But besides Nike's preeminence in the sporty sector, new emerging companies and new entrants remain area is part. Because of the increased economic growth ratio, Nike must spend more money on marketing and sales.
  • Financial International Exchange Risk means - Because the brand is global, fluctuating market prices pose a threat.

Despite the fact that the company is currently in debt, the next several years appear to be positive. Nike situation analysis has developed at a breakneck pace over the last generation. It takes an enormous amount of effort to launch new product lines, construct new brands, outsource, and have an international presence. You would be capable of understanding Nike's marketing strategy after reading this Risk assessment. Students seek Case Study help from our experts.

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