A Thorough Case Study Analysis on Qantas Group

A Thorough Case Study Analysis on Qantas Group
January 06, 2022

A Thorough Case Study Analysis on Qantas Group

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Guide on a Thorough Case Study Analysis on Qantas Group

Qantas is the country's second airline having been founded in Queensland in 1920 as the Queensland and Northern Territory Airlines (QANTAS). Its primary business is air public transport, which it conducts through two major airlines, Qantas and Jetstar (Qantas, 2013). The Qantas Group has a solid plan: its prime objective is to provide shareholders with long-term returns. Their primary focus, however, has always been protected. Indeed, the company's vision is to "be the country's biggest airline group in terms of air, surface, and folk’s health and welfare" (Qantas, 2013).

In respect of monetary data, the Qantas Group's primary source of income is net passenger revenue, which is generated by the two major brand names, Qantas and Jetstar. Let’s take tour to A Thorough Case Study Analysis on Qantas Group.

Porter's Five Forces and Qantas

To actually accomplish its large market share and deliver on its business model, Qantas subsidiaries tried to address each of Porter's Five Forces (Porter, 1979).

Within Established Competitors Rivalry

Because of the large number of firms in the aircraft industry, there is huge competition among them, and because of the saturated market, there is a lot of rivalries.

Bidding wars, regular and lengthy special offer cycles, and the addition of new product lines on a routine basis, huge advertising campaigns, and improved customers are all examples of rivalry.

Qantas subsidiaries have gained a competitive edge over its competitors by developing and maintaining a larger, more specific market with a broad group of unintended consequences.

Buyers' Bargaining Power

The majority of buyers are budget conscious and will superstore around for better deals or value (Porter 2008). Individual people from the middle class or industry people have put a high value in the aviation industry. Because they are able to travel freely among air carriers, they have significant buying power.

Due to the ease with which buyers can open multiple frequent flyer loyalty accounts, this strategy is no longer as helpful in keeping customers obedient to the item or brand. As a result, Qantas has two major brands: Qantas subsidiaries and Jetstar method must be careful not to kill and eat its own market, which could lead to customer dissatisfaction.

Suppliers' Bargaining Power

Qantas is a very well brand around in the universe, making it a reliable company in the eyelids of wholesalers. Qantas started working with many of its distributors in the last year to minimize total costs and maintain prevailing margins. Because so many distributors rely on Qantas, they most reluctantly agreed to the fact. Airlines have little bargaining control over costs where goods hold vital military assets, but the company can begin negotiations results and evaluation over a good few years. The majority of other air transport wholesalers aren't mission-critical, and they operate in a tight world where technology companies could indeed switch distributors at any time.

Potential Newcomers

The aircraft industry has stiff competition due to the need for large capital investments to enter and compete with competitors. There are a lot of airlines in the business, the industry has thin returns, and jet fuel is volatile. It this difficult for new entrants to break into the industry and compete against established players. Besides this, through marketing strategy, Qantas has established a powerful loyalty rewards programme that helps them maintain their client base while complicating the task of retaining customers.

Substitutes for Products

Regionally, train and highway transport is the primary alternatives; however, with drastically cheaper rates, the airport industry is expected to exemplify considerable value over road and railway travel. Customers are less likely to toggle to substitute products thanks to Qantas' interconnected cost focus tactic.

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