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Strengths and Flaws of the Classical Management Theory

Strengths and Flaws of the Classical Management Theory
If you have been struggling to get to know about Classical Management Theory, no worries, you have landed on to the right page. Here we will be discussing all about Classical Management Theory including its strengths and flaws. So, let’s get started. Classical management theory was firstly introduced in the 19th century. Later on, in 20th century it was popularly known as many organisations tried using classical management theory to address issues concerned to industrial management, including efficiency, specialisation, worker-management relationship, cost reductions, and higher-quality. Classical management theory is a management theory that is based on the belief where employees only have economic and physical needs. This theory doesn’t take social needs or job satisfaction into account but instead advocates centralized decision-making and leadership, labour specialisation, and profit maximization. However, in this blog, we are here to the strength and flaws of the classical management theory.

Concepts of Ideal Workplace Discussed by Our Management Assignment Experts

The classical management theory defines the ideal workplace that includes three key concepts, i.e. hierarchical structure, incentives, and specialisation. Here, our experts providing best Assignment Help in Australia have discussed these concepts in detail.   Hierarchical structure – In this theory, workplaces are categorised under three different management layers. The top-level management is the Board of Directors, owners, and executives who set objectives for the organisation. Just like top-level management, the middle management holds the responsibility of supervising supervisors while defining aims and objectives at the department level to get fitted within the boundaries of the managers’ budget. Similarly, at the lowest level within the firm are supervisors, who are responsible to manage all the activities, providing employee’s training, and addressing their problems. Specialisation – This theory includes specialisation where the workplace assembly line view is found in which difficult tasks are categorised into smaller ones so that they can be accomplished easily. In a single area, workers comprehend their responsibilities and roles and classically specialised. It is quite helpful in increasing efficiency and productivity while eradicating the employee’s needs. Incentives – Under the classical management theory, it is believed that employees are motivated by providing financial rewards. It says that employees generally work harder and more productive when they are awarded incentives. Employers motivating their workers by using this approach can maximise production, increase efficiency and earn more profit. The central part of classical management theory is the autocratic leadership model. Here, you need not consult a group of people for making decisions. In this mode, even a single leader is capable to make the final decision and then it is communicated downward. It is best when decisions are required to be taken quickly. Now, we along with our management assignment help experts have discussed the strength and flaws of classical management theory.

Strengths of the Theory

Even though the classical management theory is not used much in today’s workplaces, there are some strong points. It includes:
  • A clear and perfect management structure, its operations and functions
  • The division of labour makes complicated tasks easier and more efficient to attain, that can improve productivity
  • A clear definition of employee’s tasks and roles

Flaws Concerned with Classical Management Model

When classical management theory is applied within the organisation, it can be seen that production numbers are increased. However, there are some flaws in respect of this management model. Some of them are illustrated below:
  • By attempting to regulate and envisage human behaviour, this theory manages the significance of human creativity and human relations.
  • In principle, the classical management model sees workers as a machine but fails to understand the importance of job satisfaction, morale, and employee input within the workplace.
  • The dependence on the ability to apply them and prior experience are quite solely to manufacturing settings.
This model helps in modernising manufacturing operations at the time when high productivity is required. In addition to this, there are several other things that students must know before they begin to work on their assignment. If you are a student and assigned with the classical management model, then this blog will be quite helpful for you. In case, if you find any sort of issues in writing your assignment, then you may reach to Online Assignment Expert.

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