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What is Contingency Management Theory?

What is Contingency Management Theory?

What is Contingency Management Theory?

In management, you will find several management theories such as Systems Theory, Principles of Administrative Management, Bureaucratic Management, Theories X and Theories Y, Classical Management, Human Relations Theory, and more. Similarly, Contingency Management Theory is one of them. In this blog, we have discussed all the important concepts and other details that can be useful in writing contingency management theory assignments.

When you refine the organizational structure, you generally come to review the managerial philosophy to know its effectiveness. This might need management theory and contingency management theory is one of the most popular managerial theories. The contingency theory of management needs the flexibility to identify, examine, and evaluate each situation and make unique decisions with respect to those situations.

Applying this managerial theory cannot be easy as it requires one to stay alert and avoid relying on tradition, policies, and rules as the only guides for their choices. To enhance productivity and improve employee morale, managers need to understand why the contingency management theory is important and what its positive implications are. However, further details are discussed below by the experts providing cheap assignment help in Australia. 

Contingency Management Theory


A contingency management approach generally depends on the theory which management effectiveness is dependent or contingent, upon the interplay between particular situations and the application of management behaviours. Our assignment help experts say that the ways in which you manage employees or resources should be changed as per the circumstances. 


The contingency management approach was developed by Management Psychologist named Fred Fielder. This management theory says that leadership effectiveness is a type of element of two factors: relation motivation/ task motivation, and circumstances. You generally evaluate relation motivation or task motivation, by the LPC scale. LPC stands for Least Preferred Co-worker.

The Least Preferred Co-worker scale lets the manager think about the persons who least like working with and then rate them based on a few questions. Each question has an 8-point scale. For instance, if you score one, then it is considered to be uncooperative, and a score of eight is said to be cooperative. Fred Fielder evaluated that people having higher LPC scores seek to manage harmony in work relationships, while people having lower LPC scores are concentrated on completing the task.

The contingency theory of management states that relations and task motivations are contingent and depend on whether the manager can affect and control the group's situational outcome or favourability, or not. As per this theory, situational favourability can be assessed by these three factors:

  • Leader-member relations - It mainly addresses the manager's point of view for his cooperative relations with other employees and his subordinates. In simple words, our experts providing management assignment help say that it is the cooperation between the manager and his/her employees bad or good?
  • Task structure - This is the 2nd factor that is concerned with whether the work structure is appropriate, subject to adequate assessment measures, and subject to standard procedures or not. Some of the tasks are quite easy to standardize, structure, and assess whereas some can be challenging. In case if, you find difficulties to structure your tasks then avail yourself of help from us who provide fabulous help in contingency management theory assignments. 
  • Position power - The position Power factor of the contingency management approach asks you if the manager's level of authority depends on rewarding or punishing behaviour. For instance, does the manager procure his/her authority from offering bonuses or terminating employees?

These were the key factors concerned with the contingency management approach. If you still want to gain further details about them then read the details given below or avail of cheap assignment help services from us. 

Contingency Management Theory Evaluation Discussed By Our Experts 

In this section, we will talk about how this theory has proved to be useful for managers in practice. Each detail is evaluated by the subject-matter experts who have been helping scholars since 2010. Let's start reading!

  • It is said to be a type of integration for several schools of thought; systems, behavioural, and classical approach. Moreover, it consists of the principles of different schools of thought and implements them contingent depending on their needs. 
  • The contingency management theory approach is pragmatic in nature. It is said pragmatically because the solution to each problem is determined after examining and analysing situations carefully.
  • The contingency approach to management is a method of multivariate analysis as it thinks and determines all the possible factors or variables which can affect the situation and choose the best among them.
  • It is adaptive. Our best assignment help experts say that this management approach does not anticipate a pre-designed structure for any situation but takes into account a structure that is helpful for an organization in adapting them.
  • Contingency management theory is designed and developed for the organization structure and planning information decision systems. A large-sized organization can be decentralized in structure whereas small-sized organizations are centralized. 
  • The contingency theory of management helps to testament motivation and leadership approaches in order to motivate employees within the organization. The autocratic style can be taken into account in order to deal with unskilled workers whereas the participative style is adopted to deal with skilled workers. 

The contingency management approach is well-advised and considered one of the leading branches of management in today’s world. In addition to these, there are several other things to know about such as features of contingency management approaches and limitations as well. All these details can be found with Online Assignment Expert. However, let’s have a look at the features and benefits being offered by us. 

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