Studying in Australia: 7 Things to Know Before You Begin

7 Things to Know Before Studying in Australia
October 18, 2022

Studying in Australia: 7 Things to Know Before You Begin

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Studying in Australia: 7 Things to Know Before You Begin

Australia is an immigrant-populated country, and one quickly learns that there are several civilisations as they set foot on the ground. There is a significant cultural exchange in Australia due to the diverse races and countries that people from there bring with them. Australia is a terrific country for international students and has a lot to offer; however, some of the students may need some time to get used to the new culture and way of life there. Most Australians are friendly and open to receiving overseas students from all over the world. And the best part is that many assignment help websites are available to assist overseas students studying in Australia.

Australia is primarily recognised for its fauna, coral reefs, and stunning beaches. Beyond all of this, there is much more to learn about this nation. Research Australia's cuisine, social customs, culture, and history if you're considering studying there. If you don't, you can find yourself in an unexpected circumstance. We will share 13 things with you that you should be aware of before travelling to Australia to study in order to assist you in making a decision.

However, no matter which university you enter or which subject you choose, there will always be one common enemy for every student that can make your college life difficult. Yes, we are talking about those boring assignments. The problem becomes even more vital when you are an international student who does not follow the ABCD of the Australian education system. And interestingly, this blog is about helping you learn why Australia is beneficial for your future. So, learn about the top seven things before you decide to fly away to the land of kangaroos, lakes, beaches, and so many other alluring destinations.

Why Australia for higher studies?

Why study in Australia? This question brings several benefits of studying in Australia for not just domestic students but for international students as well. Look at the points below to know the key benefits of studying in Australia:

  • Depending on the selected region, the cost of pursuing an education and living in Australia is 40–60% less than in the USA/UK.
  • In light of the quantity, standard of living, and travel opportunities, it is the next "hot" destination after the USA. Every year, more than a thousand Indian and international students travel to Australia to pursue their academic goals.
  • Australia's internationally renowned universities, which offer a wide range of courses with up-to-date curricula and infrastructure and result-oriented professors, are another significant advantage of studying there.
  • There are part-time career opportunities for overseas students who want to work while they study and get work experience. This facilitates networking at a higher level and establishing new relationships at a fundamental level.
  • Australia is always willing to hire graduates from its institutions since they are prepared for the workforce and have a wide range of employment prospects in both the public and private sectors.

Benefits of Studying in Australia for Indian Students

In 2017, over 65,000 Indian students were admitted, setting a record. This suggests that Australia is one of the top 5 worldwide destinations for Indian students. For Indian students, studying in Australia offers several advantages. Some of the major ones are- internationally recognised degrees, ease of obtaining a study permit, plenty of scholarships, employment prospects, inclusivity regardless of race, more excellent professional experience, etc. Look up Popular Australian Scholarships for Foreign Students. The major arguments in favour of Indian students studying in Australia include the ones listed below:

  • Due to its widespread qualification acceptance and global reputation, Australia is a famous study-abroad location. In 2017, over 68,000 Indian students relocated to Australia.
  • India students with CGPAs as low as 3.6 are eligible for scholarships from Australia, which is an added benefit. There are more than 300 scholarships available for Indian students, ranging from 10% to 100%.
  • Affordable living expenses for Indian students in Australia, whose annual costs do not exceed AUD 90,000. This covers tuition costs, salary (part- or full-time), food, travel, etc.
  • Additionally applicable are lower tuition rates in Australia and the ability for students to work while enrolled in school with a student visa. Part-time workers may work up to 20 hours per week.
  • Indian students can obtain a two-year work visa extension in Australia. The students have the option of sticking behind to get experience in real-world situations.
  • Indian students can find employment in Australia throughout their studies and after graduation. For a select degree, many Australian universities provide on-campus assignments.
  • The resemblance between the Australian and Indian educational systems is one of the unique advantages for Indian students. Both methods of education are primarily based on the British system of education. Since there is no longer a difficulty associated with evaluating credentials or having universities check credentials, it is simpler for students to be admitted into any level.

Seven things to know about Australia before you begin

Here is something interesting you need to know before you pack your things and get ready to enter the whole new island:

Requirement of Visa

The first step of entering Australia as an international student is to have a visa. A visa is a fundamental necessity if you are pursuing a program for more than three months. Interestingly, you can apply for a visa online, which is undoubtedly the most straightforward process, says the assignment services expert. The passport will be linked virtually to the visa application. However, keep in mind that the procedure can be expensive, so make sure you consult with the concerned person.

Research about the Place

in Australia, you should attend university, depending on whether you enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city or a rural location.

There are countless opportunities to study in major cities and rural places in Australia. Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Canberra are some of the most well-known locations in Australia for study abroad programmes.

Study in Australia for International Students

Academic requirements at Australian universities can vary and, in some situations, be challenging. Australia's universities prioritise both theoretical and practical learning. For international students, it's crucial to strike a balance between the two parts of their studies.

So, if you choose part-time work, you must balance the job and your studies. International students must adapt to Australian institutions' academic requirements and teaching styles, and universities and their global representatives can assist you with that. Some students find attending the best institutions challenging and demanding, but it may also be rewarding.

Financial independence

Cultural Diversity:

Australia is a land made of immigrants. In some cultures, one realises that as soon as he or she puts his foot on the ground. People from different countries and ethnicities bring their own cultures with them, and a tremendous cultural exchange is happening in Australia. Few of the students might take time to adjust to the new culture and the way of living in Australia, but once it settles, Australia is an excellent place for an international student, with a lot to offer. Australians are primarily open and very welcoming to international students from different parts of the world. There are online forums to help international students studying in Australia, too.

Language Requirements in Australia

English language proficiency is a further requirement for overseas students. Students must have some level of competency in English to participate in the learning and assignments at Australian institutions that offer English-taught programmes. IELTS, or tests similar to IELTS, are the most distinctive approach to demonstrating one's ability in the English language. In Australia, PTE is also widely accepted because immigration accepts test results for visas. The minimum score criteria vary on the courses and universities, just like in any other nation.

With the aid of foundation and linguistic courses and courses under certain restrictions, some universities allow students to study in Australia without IELTS as an exception to that requirement.

Different Grading system

As we know, every country has a different grading system. Still, surprisingly Australia has a vast range of grading systems in several regions, which hold much more important in the education system than any other country.

Australian grades work in a different pattern. If you achieve a D in any subject, it might be average in your country, but it's high in Australia. Most Australian Universities implement D (Distinction), HD (High Distinction), P (Pass), C (credit), and F (Fail) as their system for grading.

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