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Using The IRAC Structure In Writing Law Assignments

Using The IRAC Structure In Writing Law Assignments

Using The IRAC Structure In Writing Law Assignments

Writing law assignments has always been a challenging and complicated task for students. Since dealing with legal problems in an assignment is like dealing with an erroneous task because of its facts and structured approach. Many a time, students seek law assignment help to overcome such problems.  However, this blog discusses how to structure your law assignment by using the IRAC format.

What is IRAC Format and How Do I Use It in My Law Assignment?

IRAC is an abbreviation used for Issue, Rule, Application, and Conclusion. It is a function of the methodology used for legal analysis. This format is mostly used in bar exams and law schools to solve hypothetical questions. To help you understand this concept, we will take the example of LEGL 1001 assignment. Our Law team at Online Assignment Expert has solved thousands of similar assessments for students in the past eight years.

LEGL1001 assignment is an individual task based on IRAC format. In this assignment, you are required to draft an answer by using the IRAC method of analysis. This assignment covers 20 marks including 4 marks for Issue, 6 marks for Rules, 8 marks for Application, and 2 marks for Conclusion. The maximum word length allowed for LEGL1001 assessment is 1000 words.

Here is a law assignment sample for this question:

law assignment sample using IRAC format

The IRAC methodology function can be termed as a framework to organise the assignment answers to a particular business law question. The important sections to be defined while writing a law assignment by using IRAC format are - Issue, Rule, Analysis, and Conclusion. In case, if you find any difficulties in IRAC format of a law assignment, read the details explained below by our assignment help experts.

Important Sections of IRAC

Here, you will find all the essential details about the important sections covered in IRAC. So, let’s read further – IRAC methodology for legal analysis


As per the IRAC methodology, the term "issue" is just a legal question that a student is asked to answer. This issue takes place whenever the facts and evidence related to a case shows a legal ambiguity. Such issues can be solved by consulting legal precedents such as court rules, past cases, existing statutes, etc.

For example:

issue as per irac methodology


The Rule is the second section of an IRAC. The rule section is explained as a statement for rules applicable in determining the stated issue. Rules are originated from statute and precedent of a court case as per the common law jurisdiction. The information involved in this section completely based on the question’s specificity. The rules help to present a clear and accurate legal analysis of an issue by using the evidence and facts. You should present the rules section as a legal summary that is used in analysing. If you want to know more about the rule section, feel free to contact our law assignment help experts. They are well-versed with the use of IRAC in law assignment.


This section is also known as the Analysis section. The application of an IRAC is used to apply the rules developed in the rules section. It only includes the set of rules mentioned in the above section. While writing this section in your assignment, it is important to apply rules based only on the facts of a specific case. Along with this, argue or explain the reasons behind applying or not applying a particular rule in the given case. The analysis or application section can be the most crucial section of your law assignment because it is a place where you provide the solution to your issue. You must act like a lawyer and argue the facts before making a conclusion.

For example –

sample application of an IRAC


The conclusion is the final section of an IRAC where you describe your answer to the identified issue. To provide a strong conclusion, you should present the analysis result. Talking about the above law assignment sample on IRAC, the conclusion can be written as follows –

conclusion of an irac

Additional Hints to writing the LEGL1001 Assignment Answer Using the IRAC Rule

Willing to compose the best LEGL 1001 assignment paper, consider the steps given below by our law assignment writing expert.

Step 1: Determine the law areas that should be appropriate to the case. Also, clearly explain the legal problems that you are going to address.

Step 2: The next thing required in writing an ICAR law assignment is to find out the related legal principles and its authority source. But remember that the authority source should be the case law, Act of Parliament, or both.

Step 3: Now, you must consider the identified legal principle and describe the facts relevant to it. You must also explain how to apply or differentiate them in order to support the arguments.

Step 4: In the end, you should conclude all the facts stated above and present the overview describing the ways in which arguments address the issue.

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