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During the study of programming or IT courses like in Australia, you might be asked to write several assignments such as essays, case study, research papers, etc. Dealing with these assignments can be difficult for students who are engaged in part-time jobs or other academic activities. To help such university scholars, we are offering application developer assignment help. Under this service, you will interact with subject-matter experts who are well-versed with how to develop applications for Android as well as iOS by using different programming languages.

Mobile applications are rendering a good platform for banking, reading, business, education, etc. Thus, the demand for application development courses and application developers is increased. However, earning graduate or masters' degree in the field of application development cannot be easy because you will be asked to prepare assignments (as discussed above) on topics like PHP Web App Development, Color Scheme, Databases for a website, Static Web Designing, User Interface, Web Standards, Graphic Design Structure, etc. If you are finding any type of issues in relation to these topics avail application developer assignment help.

Understand the Concept of Web Application Development

As per our application developer assignment experts, web application development is defined as a field that is concerned with the process of developing a web application. You may be aware of "what is a web application?" In the academic language, the web application is something which is operated on a remote server and offered to users with the help of the internet. Different web application frameworks are used to develop a web application. Thus, it is important to have better understanding and immense knowledge of programming languages, HCI principles, and web development techniques.

Our experts providing web application developer assignment services in Australia say that various scripting, coding, and programming are done to develop a web application. Detailed information is given below.

Client Side Scripting/ coding

Client-side coding or scripting is generally running scripts like HTML or JavaScript (depending on the browser's support). You must remember that every website uses three components to run, i.e., the database, the server, and the client. Here, the client is said to be a browser a person is using to look at his/her website. The server can be said as a remote location located in any part of the world"” processing requests, running a site's back-end architecture, housing data, and delivering pages to the browser.

Now, when you have an overview of what is client-side programming and front-end technology, you may read the front-end frameworks and scripting languages used mostly.


front end development sample

Source: upwork.com

Now, when you have an overview of what is client-side programming and front-end technology, you may read the front-end frameworks and scripting languages used mostly.

  • HTML and CSS:
  • This framework is termed as the key building blocks of a website. HTML manages the content and organisation of a website whereas CSS is composed with code for a graphic element. In other words, HTML is used for "how to display the content of a web page" and CSS is used to apply styles to that content. If you want to know more about CSS and HTML, contact our application development assignment experts.

  • JavaScript (JS):
  • JavaScript is a framework that is used to make web pages highly interactive. Few JavaScript libraries include React.js, jQuery, and Zepto.js and frameworks like Ember and Angular Backbone to develop a website easily.

Server-Side Coding/ Scripting

It is a technique that is used in developing websites that involve employing scripts over a server that provides a static web page on the operating server. In simple words, it offers an appropriate interface to the user and used to keep control over the script-source code and to limit the access to proprietary data. Few examples for server-side scripting are -

  • ActiveVFP
  • JavaScript
  • DC
  • C
  • ASP
  • Java
  • Perl
  • Python

To know more about how our experts write assignments on server-side scripting, do get in touch with our customer representative teams and application developer assignment service providers. Here, you will be assisted by a team of professional assignment writers who have adequate knowledge and experience of writing assignments.

An Introduction to Web Application Development Assignments

Students pursuing application development-related courses in Australia are required to undergo various activities and challenges. The biggest challenge a student's face during their higher study is dealing with assignments. Our application developer assignment experts have worked on topics like:

  • ITDB201: Web Application Development 1 - Database - Driven PHP Application/ System
  • IFN666: Web and Mobile Application Development
  • COSE50586: Mobile Application Development
  • Principles of Mobile Application Development
  • SIT323: Cloud Application Development
  • COSC2309/2347: Movie Night Planner App

These are the highlights of application development assignments. The subject-matter experts providing application developer assignment online services have explained the COSE50586: Mobile application development in detail. Let's have a look:

COSE50586: Mobile Application Development

This assignment is assigned to students studying at Staffordshire University. In this assessment, students are required to answer two different assignments as explained in the below snippet. The total credits for this assessment are 30.

COSE50586: Mobile Application Development Assignment sample

So, students have a great opportunity to enhance their academic grades by answering these questions accurately.

  • Present your understanding of the patterns and components that create an appropriate web application architecture
  • Develop and apply a web application
  • Highlight your understanding, knowledge about the components concerned to a secure mobile application and framework
  • You may present analysis, communication, application, and problem-solving skills.

Necessary Tasks Required in COSE50586 Assessment

In addition to above-given details, you may include the following points in your COSE50586 Assessment Answer.

Introduction and Objectives

  • In this section, you may provide a simple and short description of the program. Along with this, you may also highlight its objectives.

Review the system

  • As per the instructions of the assessment, you may discuss at least 2 existing systems. Also, discuss the solutions they offer.

Storyboard and UML

  • Give the layout of the website including the UML diagram and its explanation.


  • Show the web page screenshot and label each object.
  • Include a short description for each page.
  • Find out the key code snippets for discussion in web pages.
  • Describe the MVC architecture that has been used in the implementation.


  • Include a minimum of two test cases

Critical Analysis

  • The task is to analyse the patterns and components critically that is used in the developing web application.

Reference Lists

  • List all the references that you cited in your COSE50586 report. The reference style you need to follow is the Harvard reference style.

Make sure to follow these points while writing the COSE50586 report. If you encounter any sort of issues, then Online Assignment Expert is here to assist you.

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