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Automotive engineering is a sub-disciplinary branch of engineering which deals with vehicles. It is a sophisticated field that uses tools and techniques of other engineering fields like mechanical, electrical, electronics, aerospace, architecture, safety, and software. Automotive engineering combines all tools and techniques of various engineering branches to produce superior driving machines. It primarily focuses on the process of making automobiles much safer and eco-friendly. This branch of engineering requires intensive research and in-depth analysis to reach the goal. Nowadays, the automotive industry is growing way faster than earlier. It has become a gigantic field and burdened automotive engineering with the demand for innovations.

Vehicles have become an integrated part of human beings. So, the requirement of reform in technologies used in vehicles has become very important for the betterment of mankind. Therefore, the demand for professionals in automotive engineering has increased. The requirement of skill set and expertise in automotive engineers has also been increased due to the high demand for innovations. Automotive engineers require vast knowledge to do all the processes like designing, developing, manufacturing, modifying, and maintaining the various kinds of vehicles. They also do the up-gradation of outdated technologies to make them more efficient and effective. In automotive engineering, you get options to do specialization in design, research, and development, testing and quality control, production of components, etc.

You need various qualifications and skills to be an automotive engineer and succeed in your career. These are the basics requirements to start your career in this field. Here, we will first talk about the desired qualifications then move further to the necessary skills.

Know about the essential qualifications:-

  • Pursue a Bachelor's degree- A bachelor's degree in automotive engineering is the key to start your career as an automotive engineer. However, many universities do not offer a bachelor's degree in automotive engineering. So, acquiring the same qualification in its interdisciplinary branch helps you with this issue.
  • Be an intern- It is important to engage yourself in an internship while pursuing a degree. You can also be an intern after the completion of the course. It helps you to get the essential experience. You also get the preference when you apply for the job.
  • Get hired by the company- After completing the internship, you can be hired by the same company as a full-time professional. If not, then you can look for the job of an automotive engineer in other companies.
  • Apply to be licensed- It is always a better option to be a licensed engineer. It will introduce you to the variety of posts and scope. Ensure the eligibility criteria of availing of the automotive engineering license in your state. Apply for the license after fulfilling the criteria.
  • Pursue a Master's degree- You can consider pursuing a master's degree in automotive engineering if you want to be posted at a higher position. It will be beneficial for your career and influence your expertise.

Know about the essential skills:-

automotive engineering field requires the following skills
  • Data analysis skills- This skill helps automotive engineers to analyse the performance data accurately to enhance the performance of the vehicle.
  • Technical skills- This skill helps them to maintain the various functions of automobiles.
  • Teamwork skills-This skill is necessary to work as a team. It helps them in creating a positive working environment.
  • Problem-solving skills-This skill helps them in thinking creatively which eventually helps them in solving various technical problems related to automobiles.
  • Commercial awareness- It helps them in being up to date with the latest trend in the market and the rules and regulations of local government.

Types of jobs in automotive engineering:-

Scholars who have completed their four-year course of bachelor's degree in automotive or mechanical engineering perform the work in the automobile industry as a:-

  • Automotive technician- The job role of an automotive technician is to work under the automotive engineers. They assist engineers by inspecting designs, performing safety and quality tests, and designing prototypes. They also analyse various components to check their effectiveness. Generally, the students who recently got their bachelor's degree work as automotive engineers.
  • Automobile designers- They are responsible for designing vehicles in a way that fulfills all the latest technology in them. They also keep the convenience of the passenger in priority. They follow the rules and regulations of safety standards while designing any new vehicles. Usually, they design land transports like buses, cars, SUVs, trucks, etc.
  • Automotive design engineers- They enhance the design of any automobile by modifying it. They also evaluate the design precisely and ensure the robustness of the design. The efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the material used in the design are also examined by them.

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