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What is the responsibility of forestry when it comes to agriculture and food security?

Forestry has many roles for this planet. It has always been on the positive side when it comes to the benefit of the planet. Whenever humans have thought about development or growth the forestry has always been the primary helper. Here we will be discussing the role or the contribution of forestry to the agricultural field and the food security field. You will be finding this beneficial for the help in forestry assignment writing. You can use this to create a rough idea of the uses of forestry in a specific field. You can use this for your assignment work or practical work.

The first role or the contribution of forestry in the field of agriculture and food security is that it helps in maintaining the soil fertility not just the fertility maintenance but it also works for the restoration of the soil fertility. Forestry plays a vital role in soil improvement also. Soil plays a significant role in the food production sector. If the quality of the soil is poor and lacks fertility it does not have the plant nutrients. The maintenance of forestry can help in holding soil fertility. It can help in restoring the soil which can lead to an increase in the yielding part of the food production. Trees are found as a friend of the soil. They help in improving the quality of soil by several processes. Organic matter maintenance, nitrogen fixation, augmentation of nutrients, etc. are some of the processes.

Biodiversity is another contribution or the role of forestry. The biodiversity is the representation of the wealth Mother Nature has. This wealth is present in the form of the difference of species in plants and trees, animals, insects, microorganisms, etc. all of them are found in the forestry, as it has all for everyone. Forestry is the reason which the biodiversity on this planet exists. The Source of all food, shelter, and other basic demands which support life is a gift from the forestry. Forestry helps in food production, there are processes in which different crops are crossed together. This cross comes up with the formation of a new crop. The soil filled with nutrients and other good things is present due to the forestry. So everything is co-dependent on each other in some ways. The forest is home to so many different animals and their species. It has different micro-organisms that are also dependent on food and shelter in the forestry.

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