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University professors often assign students with hefty assignments and questions. The professor usually expects from the students that they must portray a clear understanding of the statistics through their assignments. However, it is quite difficult for students to master every aspect of finance and accounting and relevant quantitative methods used in it and to portray them in their assignment solution. This is where they are compelled to search for finance and quantitative methods assignment help online.

What are quantitative methods?

Quantitative methods explore the relationship between scientific expression and experimental observations. It emphasizes on statistical, numerical, and mathematical expressions.

Types of quantitative methods:

Descriptive method

It is used for the identification of fundamental behaviours of the variables

Correlational method

It deals with the relationship among variables

Quasi-experimental/ causal comparative

It emphasizes on the cause-effect relationships between independent variables


This also emphasizes on the cause-effect relationships but between the set of variables

Finance and qualitative methods Topics and assignments that have been Written by our experts

Finance and quantitative assignments include complex statistical and mathematical numerical with numerous tools, approaches, formulas, and techniques hence, students freak out while solving these assignments and need help with finance and quantitative methods assignment.

We, at Online Assignment Expert, offer finance and quantitative methods assignment help online to the students. Our finance and quantitative methods assignment experts are well experienced and hold a PhD in this field that will solve every complex and confusing problem flawlessly. They will solve the problem in such a way that every step of the solution will be understandable by you and will help you in achieving high grades. Our experts have successfully accomplished the solutions of the following topics:

  1. Data analysis:
  • Sampling method:

A) Random

B) Cluster

C) Stratified

  • Box-plot:

A) Graphical representation of statistical elements

B) These elements can be median, data values, quartiles

  • Normality test:

A) Statistical method

B) Can be done mathematically as well as graphically

C) Help in showing whether the data fits in the standard distribution or not

  • Dispersion and central tendency
    • Measures of central tendency

    A) Mean

    B) Mode

    C) Median

    • Standard deviation

    A) Measurement of the variation

    B) Symbol: σ

    • Standard error

    A) Measurement of dispersion of sample means

    • Central limit theorem

    Approaches normal distribution as the sample size

  • Regression and regression analysis
  • Regression

    Regression analysis


    Multiple regression


    Logistic regression


    Coefficient of determination


    Coefficient of correlation

    Salient features of quantitative methods

    • The information and data gathered is generally of a particular group of the population
    • The outcome is directly proportional to the sample size
    • Outlining of all the parts of investigation prior to the data collection
    • Information gathered are structured in the form of tables, figures, or diagrams
    • Compilation of all findings
    • Repetition of quantitative methods to cross-check the findings.
    • Screening of the finding for the best outcome

    Things to remember while writing a finance and quantitative methods assignment

    • Explanation of the collected data
    • Explanation of the techniques properly
    • Description of all the findings and assumptions
    • Using tables for presenting the figures

    Here's a finance and quantitative methods assignment sample

    Given below is a type of finance and qualitative methods assignments that have been written by our experts of finance and quantitative methods assignment help. The requirements of the given assignment were to evaluate the mean, mode, median, standard deviation, and coefficient of variation along with the box and whisker plot for the given sample size.

    finance and quantitative methods assignment sample

    Our finance and quantitative methods assignment experts evaluated the marking rubric, the required format, and the other requirements of the assignment and started working on it. Given below is the solution of the above assignment which helped one of our clients to avail HD grades.

    finance and quantitative methods assignment solution

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