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The important aspect of financial statement analysis assignment help is to help students in preparing an income statement, cash flow statement, balance sheet, trial balance, etc. The financial statement analysis assignments become difficult to tackle when students are asked to analyse financial statements or what are the different methods to analyse financial statements.

If you are a student and assigned such topics then you must pay attention to the topic. They may know income statement analysis, leverage ratio & balance sheet, cash flow statement analysis, profitability analysis, and more. If you lack with these processes then you may need financial statement analysis assignment help. Few essential things are discussed below by our assignment experts.

Understand the term "Financial Analysis" by Our Finance Assignment Help Experts

Financial statement analysis is also known as financial analysis. It is defined as a process which refers to analysing the organisation's financial statement to determine the financial position of an organisation. The study of financial analysis develops the knowledge of certain guidelines, rules, and principles.

Types of Financial Statement

In finance, there are mainly three types of financial statements i.e. income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement. If you are new to financial reporting, then read the details discussed below by our financial statement analysis assignment experts.

  1. Income statement analysis
  2. Few experts providing help in financial statement analysis assignments start financial statements analysis with analysing income statement. Innately, the income statement is also the first things to consider in business. It includes a few questions as what is the total revenue. How much profit we have earned?

    To answer such questions, the income statement is required. Income statement mainly focuses on the expenses and revenues of an organisation within a particular period. The income statement can be analysed by using two analysis methods: horizontal analysis and vertical analysis.

    Horizontal Analysis: This analysis method is used to look across year-over-year to the income statement.

    For example -

    financial statement analysis assignment sample

    Vertical Analysis: Vertical analysis is another form to analyse financial statements and each line item is recorded as a base figure percentage in the statement. In this method, the statement's first line always shows the 100% base figure. Let's understand this with an example -

    vertical analysis sample

    In the example defined above, the significant metrics to be taken care of are:

  • Gross profit
  • Cost of goods sold
  • SG&A
  • Interest
  • Depreciation
  • Earnings Before Tax (EBT)
  • Net income
  • Taxes

To learn more about the income statement analysis, you may need a financial statement analysis assignment help.

  • Balance Sheet
  • The other type of financial statement is the balance sheet. In this, our financial statement analysis assignment experts assess and appraise the operational functions within an organisation. They take different items and compare them to the company's capital assets.

    There are several categories to divide balance sheet metrics such as leverage, liquidity, and operational efficiency.

    The key business liquidity ratios are:

    • Current ratio
    • Quick ratio
    • Net working capital

    Leverage ratios may be:

    • Debt to capital
    • Debt to equity
    • Fixed-charge coverage ratio
    • Interest coverage
    • Debt to EBITDA

    Few examples of operating efficiency ratios are:

    • Accounts receivable days
    • Inventory turnover
    • Total asset turnover
    • Accounts payable days
    • Net asset turnover

    With the help of these ratios, assignment helpers providing financial statement analysis assignment help in Australia come to finalize the revenue percentage generated by a company.

    financial statement analysis assignment solution

    The above balance sheet figure is taken from an assignment done by our financial statement analysis assignment help.

  • Cash Flow Statement
  • After the balance sheet and income statement, we will now discuss the cash flow statement. The cash flow statement generally assists an individual in knowing the outflows and inflows of cash. It includes a few essential components such as - operation cash, financing cash, and investing cash. Our expiring offering help with financial statement analysis assignments say that many financial managers use the cash flow statement to evaluate the organisation's performance.

    cash flow statement

    Taking help from our financial statement analysis assignment experts, you will know about term debt, bonds, syndicated leasing & loans, common shares, and preferred shares.

    Let's take a look at the sample explained below by our financial statement analysis assignment experts.

    Brief Details to ELE 37501: Financial analyse of verdsettelse

    The ELE37501 is a financial analysis assignment task in which students are required to make a report. To complete this assessment task, you will be required to act as a financial manager or financial expert for a consultancy firm. While preparing a report, you must include the following things -

    ele37501 assignment sample

    How to Solve the ELE 37501: Financial analyses og verdsettelse Assessment?

    According to our financial statement analysis assignment help professionals, students must have enough knowledge of The Corporate Annual Report, Accounting Standards, Accounting quality analysis, Accounting problems concerned to financial statement analysis, Forecasts, Analysing historic financial outcomes, Valuation, etc. However, to provide the best help in financial statement analysis assignment, our experts have given few snippets.

    Summary: If you are finding issues in writing a summary for the above assignment. Then refer to the below snippet:

    ele37501 financial statement analysis assignment sample

    Apart from this, our experts delivering financial statement analysis assignment help in Australia have found that students encounter issues in conducting a SWOT analysis and Porter's five force analysis. So, we have tried to assist them by providing a sample for these two:

    financial statement analysis assignment swot analysis

    Porter's Five Force Analysis Sample:

    porters five force analysis sample

    Apart from this, there are many more sections to be included in this assignment such as Accounting Quality, Analytic Income Statement, Profitability Analysis, Growth Analysis, Liquidity Analysis, Firm Valuation, Present Value Valuation, Relative Valuation, etc.

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