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If you are a student and looking to write a global procurement assignment on your own, then you may have a clear understanding and difference between supply chain management and global procurement. It has been analysed in recent years that many university scholars get confused between supply chain management and procurement assignment. As a result, they fail to compose a correct piece of assignment. In such a situation, they look for global procurement assignment help. If you are facing the same issues, then do read the details explained below.

What is the Difference Between Procurement and Supply Chain Management?

Have you ever thought about the difference between supply chain management and procurement? These two concepts are related to each other, but still, there is a distinct difference between them. In this section, we will understand them by the help of our global procurement assignment experts.

What is Procurement?

Procurement is defined as a process to obtain services and goods that a company needs to meet its fundamental requirements. Under this, the following lists of tasks are involved:

  • Purchase planning
  • Defining quality standards
  • Finding suitable suppliers
  • Financing purchases
  • Price negotiating
  • Purchasing required goods and obtaining services
  • Control inventory and clearance of waste production

The main stages of procurement are planning and doling out of demand, acceptance receipts, and payment approval. In all these processes, procurement stops only when the company possesses all the essential goods, materials, and/or services. The objectives behind the procurement are to make sure the purchaser gets services and goods at a reasonable price for quantity, quality, location, and time.

Meaning of Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is explained as a network of producers, logistic providers, suppliers, and other people involved in the process of delivering products to customers. The supply chain not only includes raw materials, wholesale warehouses, and transportation companies but also the functions and tasks contributing to delivering products. Such tasks signify marketing, quality control, sourcing, and procurement.

If you are still in doubt about the above-given concepts, then do contact our global procurement assignment writing experts. They will provide you with sufficient information about procurement and supply chain management.

How Do Our Experts Help With the Assignments Covered in the Study of Procurement?

We have understood the difference between procurement and supply chain management. Now, we will learn what sort of topics and assignments are covered under procurement courses. In Australia, you will find numerous online, TAFE, and university courses such as Diploma of Procurement and Contracting, Certificate IV in Procurement and Contracting, Certificate of Procurement and Contract Management, and various other training programs. Under these courses, you are asked to deal with several assignment topics. Few are listed below by our global procurement assignment help experts:

procurement assignment sample

Additionally, there are a few more topics that can give you a nightmare. But don't worry, our experts are here to help in global procurement assignments. They will let you understand the assignment completely and if you are still unable to write them, then they will provide you with a right approach to solve your assignment. Our experts providing global procurement assignment writing services in Australia will now use a sample for you, so that you can get the ideas to deal with procurement assignments.

An Introduction to BEO5307: Global Procurement Assignment

The BEO5307 assessment asks you to write a report on "Green Procurement of Panasonic". Your report should be between 3000-3500 words. You must use single space, and 12 Times New Roman to format the document. This assessment is offered with an aim to check and maximise the understanding and knowledge of operational importance of geographical boundaries, procurement, and strategic attainment of goods & services.

How to write the BEO5307 Global Procurement Assignment?

To complete the BEO5307 Global Procurement assignment task effectively, you must follow the below-given steps. These steps are suggested by our global procurement assignment experts who have delivered more than thousands of papers to students pursuing or completed their study from Australian universities. However, let's have a look at the steps defined below.

Title page

The title page of a report must present exactly what you are writing about and should be clear. Also, you can include a subtitle if required.

Table of content

The Table of Contents should be written in the end based on the details you have covered in your report because it requires page number as well.


As per the global procurement assignment help experts, a summary should be written once you are done with other sections of the report. They suggest making a draft of the summary in the starting to be on the right track but should be altered in the end. A report summary is said as a blurb of the report and includes idea, process, principle, and overview of the resolution.


The introduction is the main part of your BEO5307: Global Procurement report that covers 5% marks of the assignment. Thus, don't forget to state why the report is being written. The word length depends on the total word count of the report. Generally, an introduction covers 10% words of the total report. Therefore, ensure not to write a too short or too lengthy introduction.

Body of the report

  • Examine and review the procurement strategies and organisational strategy that you have studied.
  • Explore the available procurement practices and processes of the organisation.
  • Identify the essentials that the company is already using to attain the strategic goal.
  • Determine the areas that have a scope of improvement and what steps to be taken to achieve it.
  • Discuss the effects on performance, barriers, critical success factors, enablers, and recommendations.


You must end your writing with a well-crafted and solid conclusion. You may discuss the overview details of your report including recommendations.


It is obvious that you will collect ideas, details, and information from different sources. Thus, it is important to give credit to such sources, websites, and/or writers which are known as references. You must also be well-versed with the reference styles such as MLA, Harvard, Chicago, APA, Columbia, OSCALA, and IEEE.

So these are the steps that should be followed while writing the BEO5307 assessment report. If you want to know more about global procurement or its related assignments, then Online Assignment Expert can be the best destination.

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