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What are the functions of cash management?

Cash management is a tricky business but is also very significant to manage. The business needs to have the proper cash management function so that there is no unpredictability related to the cash flow. Here we will be discussing the function of cash management. Later the same functions are been considered to build up the strategies. This is going to be fruitful for your help in objectives cash management assignment. You can use the functions as your assignment work if required. And the functions can also be used to understand the factors on which the objective cash management works. You can also use this knowledge in your practical execution. So let us begin with the functions of cash management that are as follows:

  • The first function of objective cash management is cash planning. Any kind of business small or large organization needs cash in both short and long term goals. Without cash, the business cannot exist and also cannot flourish. The business requires current assets and fixed assets. These assets are predefine by the organization and are used in operating and making several payments. Cash planning plays a vital role in planning the future of the cash flow. It reduces the chance of cash deficit or excess cash. To make fully reliable cash planning the organization must have a cash budget. The cash budget is nothing but the statement which has a summary of the cash inflows and the outflows. It brings out the complete process through which the cash has to travel. The management of cash can only be done once the knowledge of it's in and out is thoroughly visible.
  • The second function of cash management is to manage cash flow. By cash flow, we mean the track of money or cash inflowing and outflowing. The cash collected from different sources is the inflows. And the cash disbursement is known as the outflow of the cash. The inflow and the outflow have been based on the three components. The first is the accounts receivables, the second is the accounts payables, and the third one is the difference between the first two accounts. This commonest helps in maintain the inventory and keep an eye on the cash.

The above-mentioned functions are just the major ones there are more which are essential to read. You will be availing of all of them once you join us. Our experts will make sure that this topic and the problems related to this topic will be solved thoroughly.

Discuss the strategies required in cash management?

As mentioned above the function is the path of making the strategy for cash management. The strategy is an essential part and has to be done correctly. The strategy is the set of instructions following which the cash can be managed properly. And so here we will throw light on the strategies of cash management. You will be able to use this piece of knowledge for your objectives cash management assignment help online. This is useful for your assignment work and also for the practical approach to this topic. So let us talk about the strategies of cash management which are as follows:

  • The collection policy is the first strategy. The company to maintain proper cash management must have a formal collection policy. They will have an on-paper record for every in and out through this method. There are software's which are used for accounting purpose. The same will be useful in such a scenario also.
  • The second policy is known as the offer discount. When the company offers the customers the discount they become interested in. And once the customer is interested they start paying fast. There might be less cash collection but this strategy will improve the cash flow.

The third strategy says to manage and maintain the inventory properly. If everything will be mentioned properly tracking the flow of cash will become easy. And once the cash flow becomes easy the cash management will become efficient.

The above-mentioned strategies are not the only ones; there are many more to this topic. But due to the word limit, we are not able to mention all of them so have mentioned the major ones. But when you come to us our experts will provide you with the appropriate knowledge of this topic and many more.

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