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Lost wax casting or cire perdure is the oldest methodology of making objects from various materials. It casts original models and patterns precisely into objects. It is also popularly known as precision casting and investment casting. This technique is in trend for more than six thousand years because of its various specialties. The accuracy, integrity, and repeatability in its nature have made it the preferred process for making art, dentistry, sculpture, ornaments, and jewelry. Apart from all these things, this process is also used in the engineering and manufacturing sector in the form of investment casting.

some materials used in lost wax casting

Industries getting benefitted from lost Wax Casting:

Numerous industries use the lost wax casting techniques to manufacture products and components. Its precise and accurate result helps industries to achieve perfection in their parts of machinery. Below is the list of industries that produce their parts with the help of lost wax casting or investment casting:-

  • Aerospace industry- This industry is heavily dependent on the lost wax casting. The manufacture of Aeroplanes, helicopters, and spacecraft requires perfection in every component. That is why; most of the essential parts of air vehicles are made using the process of lost wax casting or investment casting.
  • Automotive industry- It uses various types of this technique to make components of vehicles. Components of the engine, gearbox, and compressor are made by using lost wax casting. The other essential parts like suspension systems, fuel systems, frames, etc. are made using aluminum and stainless steel lost wax casting.
  • Petroleum industry- The machinery of the petroleum industry works in challenging places of the world. It faces hostile environments and extracts natural gases. The components of this industry must be robust. The lost wax casting fulfills all the requirements of its components like corrosion resistance. The use of aluminum, stainless steel, and alloy steel cast by the lost wax technique is quite common in the petroleum industry.
  • Food industry-  This industry requires the use of lost wax casting for making parts of food processing machinery. The packaging stuff like cans and bottles are also made with the help of this technique. The material of Containers and cold storage systems are designed and developed by lost wax casting as well.

There are many more industries like pharmaceutical, dentistry, power, medical, chemical, etc. that uses lost wax casting to a much extent.

Plus points of Lost Wax Casting

There are many advantages of low wax casting that lure engineers to choose this technique for manufacturing. Its capability of replicating the complicated design at one go has made it the first choice of numerous industries.

Here is the list of its advantages:-

  • Sleek finish- As the lost wax casting uses the ceramic molds, the need of giving final touch or finishing to the product is not at all required. It saves valuable time and money also.
  • Various range of metals- Lost wax casting uses almost every metal for casting components. It gives a variety of choices to the engineers to design and develop the product according to the requirement.
  • Waste reduction- It is another beneficial factor of lost wax casting. The process of lost wax casting uses all the materials efficiently and whatever little bit of materials remained unused are reused in the development of some other components. It negligible wastage also reduces the expenditure of the industry.

There are numerous more plus points of low wax casting such as less production cost, environmentally friendly process, rapid production turnaround, etc. that are keeping this technique above the rests.

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