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Physical geography has been considered as an important sub-field under the sphere of geography. Students often face challenges when it comes to completing the assignments that require the study of natural science and this is where they look up to the physical geography assignment help to get over the issues.

Online Assignment Expert is an organization that houses a team of excellent physical geography assignment experts that are dealing with various complex assignments and helped many students in understanding the spatial features of the elements that are associated with numerous layers of the earth.

Overview of Physical geography as explained by Physical geography assignment help

The division of geography that deals with the study of natural characteristics of the earth are termed as physical geography. These natural characteristics include atmosphere, biosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere, and geosphere. This is also called as physiography or geosystems.

Physical Geography is categorized into the following divisions:

  1. Hydrology
  2. Hydrology deals with the study of quantity as well as the quality of water that is present on the earth's surface. This could be done by the study of the hydrological cycle. As per our physical geography assignment experts, Hydrology has its significant applications in almost every subject.

    For example, hydrodynamics studied by the students of engineering.

  3. Geomorphology
  4. This area deals with the study of details of the earth's surface, this focuses on how initially the surface was and how and what changes have been seen with time.

  5. Glaciology
  6. The branch deals with the study and knowledge on glaciers i.e. ice sheets, that are also called the cryosphere.

  7. Biogeography
  8. Biogeography deals with the study of various geographic patterns as per the allocation of species to take place. It depicts the relationship between plate tectonics and the evolution that is considered as an important concept to be understood by the students.

  9. Pedology
  10. Pedology deals with soil science it also has a sub-branch named Edaphology which is considered as a complex branch. We have helped various students regarding the assignments related to this subject.

Why students often need help with physical geography assignment?

Team of academic writers at Online Assignment expert has a diverse knowledge regarding all the topics of this subject. Therefore, our experts are fully aware of all the components as well as concepts that are involved in these assignments. Given below are the things because of which students come to us for guidance:

  • Lack of time and other issues
  • Lack of in-depth knowledge of some tricky concepts of natural science
  • Ignorance of the university guidelines
  • Being short of analysis of requirements
  • Lack of experience for the aspects such as extensive research, writing skills, and proficiencies in proofreading

Sample of an assignment written by our experts who provide Physical geography assignment help

The assignment was asked to develop a research proposal that should briefly a framework of the student's proposed research topic. The topic should include:

  • Some exposure to the relevant literature that should include recent events
  • The scope and importance of the topic/issue
  • Research question(s)
  • Description of the data source(s) that are proposed to access and use
  • What research methodology and tools are being used
  • How the research is contributing to solving the given problem statement
  • Policies or other initiatives

physical geography assessment sample

The structure of the assignment was asked to include the given below points:


  • The abstract should be accurate, non-evaluative, coherent, concise, and readable.
  • The problem that has been investigated must be stated
  • Give information on data sources/ participants
  • Give an outline of the methodology
  • Give the key findings and results
  • Briefly outline the main conclusion


  • Define what you are going to talk
  • Discuss & demonstrate the topic
  • Outline the scope of the report
  • Provide sufficient background information
  • Provide literature to identify the research gap and question


  • Justify the purpose of the research question
  • Justify the theoretical and conceptual framework
  • Establish the significance of the topic
  • Provide background information
  • Up-to-date research that is relevant to the topic
  • Create the study as a link in a chain of research


  • Discuss how the study was conducted in detail as per the APA Manual
  • Discuss the sources of data that have been used in study & how it was collected
  • Discuss how you sourced participants
  • Types of equipment used for data extraction
  • Examine the limitations of the methods


The main objective of this section is to give an account of the results without discussing any type of subjective interpretation.

The results should include:

  • Justify your conclusions.
  • Mention all relevant information
  • Don't include the raw data in the results section
  • Be very selective while including both text and illustrations
  • Show an understanding of statistical concepts
  • Be concise and objective.


  • Frame the importance of the argument set up in the introduction.
  • Discuss and interpret results
  • Outline the limitations and problems


The conclusion should:

  • Be a logical ending to what has been previously been discussed.
  • Should be of one or two paragraphs in length
  • The final statement of the topic should make a great impact on the reader.
  • The conclusion should not:
  1. End with a long quotation
  2. Focus on a minor point

References (APA style)

physical geography assignment references

physical geography assignment sample

physical geography assignment solution

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