7 of the Best Student Blogs for University Life

7 of the Best Student Blogs for University Life
July 22, 2022

7 of the Best Student Blogs for University Life

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7 of the Best Student Blogs for University Life

Some people find it easy to adjust to university life, while others find it more challenging. In the end, it depends on several variables, although the majority of people find it challenging frequently. Student life can initially be just as exhilarating and entertaining as it is difficult and perplexing. Fortunately, that's where a group of student bloggers who have already done it might be helpful. Young people all across the world are visiting these specific blogs for some ideas and advice, in addition to listening to podcasts and taking notes from motivational YouTubers.

After all, there is no shame in occasionally asking for guidance, and who better to ask for it than someone who is experiencing what you may be? Reading about other students' real-world university experiences could help you get more out of university life rather than procrastinating assignments with a Netflix binge or avoiding any potentially unpleasant social situations by playing games online. For instance, some blogs might concentrate on money management, while others might concentrate on study advice and networking strategies. There are several choices available. Our experts at university assignment help have selected top blogging pages for students who want to find out what it’s like being in university. We are grateful for the hundreds of student bloggers and student-focused blogs that exist specifically to share their experiences of university life and aid in guiding new students through the highs, lows, and "words" of university life. For many people, attending university can be a frightening experience. Therefore, at least one of our wide range of sites should be of interest to you whether you are studying and living in student housing in Manchester, Aberdeen, London, or anywhere else in the world.

There should be anything, ranging from student lifestyle blogs to course-specific blogs about student money management, student travel, and student living tips. Moreover, to make college life exciting with less burden on submissions and deadlines, we advise you to take advantage of assignment help services that offer a plethora of academic guidance.

  1. Channon Gray - Channon Gray is a student at the London School of Economics studying social anthropology. Her blog has become a go-to place for students looking for wise counsel and inspiring ideas to better their student lives. Focusing on the highs and lows of being a student and everything that entails, Channon also provides kind and helpful hints and guidance on common problems. By going through her profoundly vivid description of student life in London, Channon Gray's blog is extremely popular for students pursuing their academics in Great Britain.
  2. College Entrepreneur 101 - College Entrepreneur 101 is a tremendously well-liked e-magazine and website that focuses on student businesses and assists students in starting, running and growing their businesses either while they are still in school or after they have finished. For instance, College Entrepreneur 101 is a great choice if you're eager to earn some additional cash while in college. They also incorporate several volunteers, interns and job seekers in their company to write about inclusive campus spaces through academic endeavours. Most students facing academic difficulties turn to assignment help for an enthralling college experience balanced with their strict deadlines.
  3. College Info Geek - It was developed to assist students in becoming better and covers four key topics. These include learning how to study properly, increasing productivity, launching a profession, and having a better time as a student. These subjects are typically the centre of the articles, helping students move easily through university life. College Info Geeks looks more into academia, so if you’re serious about your studies, this is the perfect blog for you. If not, you know you always have university assignment help.
  4. Blog for International Students - The International Students Blog is a website that any international student should check out. It has aided millions of students in nations including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and the Caribbean. The website serves as a forum and a blog by creating a sense of home and community for users. All you have to do to get a wealth of useful information is select your preferred country, academic discipline, academic institution, and degree level. For medical students, it isn't easy to gain access to information related to the healthcare industry. This is why Online Assignment Expert services provide the best nursing assignment help for the benefit of international students.
  5. Uniplaces - Uniplaces provides a unique look into what it's like to study abroad and is crammed with helpful information about student life in towns all throughout Europe. Uniplaces provides a lot of value with first-hand accounts and intriguing posts from folks who have done it all. Students can gain valuable supplementary insights through university assignment help services.
  6. Far Away Lucy - Far Away Lucy, a travel blog created by 22-year-old Lucy Ronan, focuses on travel tips and advice for those who want to experience some foreign delights before starting a career after graduation. Writing blogs throughout college, Lucy has some fantastic advice for cheap travel as well as some ideas for summer vacations. Moreover, she gives a personalized view of what it means to be a university student while on travel mode and how academia is enriched through experience.
  7. College Life Made Easy - A blog called College Life Made Easy has information on financial aid, scholarships, dorm life, and graduation suggestions. A festive blog is a great place for students looking to get creative, with anything from lifestyle material to ideas for celebrations!

7 of the Best Student Blogs for University Life

Benefits of Blogs

The fantastic thing about blogs is their wide diversity of them. Additionally, you can locate blogs with long, short, or video material to meet your requirements. You can also listen to college advice instead of reading it because some blogs have podcasts.

As a college student, you'll probably have concerns about everything from how online colleges operate to how to acquire financial aid, how to dress for a job interview, where to submit an application for graduate school, and much more. There are countless sites on the internet that can provide all of your answers! These advice-filled blogs are typically completely free to visit.

Whether you decide to follow a blog created by a student, recent grad, professor, businessperson, or university, you can rely on the guidance of knowledgeable individuals.

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