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An Introduction to the TEEL Paragraph Structure

An Introduction to the TEEL Paragraph Structure
January 06, 2022

An Introduction to the TEEL Paragraph Structure

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An Introduction to the TEEL Paragraph Structure

The 'T.E.E.L. paragraphs' are heart of an essay. You will elaborate on your ideas with facts and arguments. An essay will include 3 to 5 body paragraphs and each of them must include at least three to four sub-paragraphs, ideally more. A written paragraph should not exceed half a page in length (with single line spacing). The T.E.E.L. method must be followed by each body paragraph that will need the following elements: a TOPIC SENTENCE, an EXPLANATION, EVIDENCE, and a LINK. This is where the term "TEEL sentence" comes from. Let’s start with the Introduction to the TEEL Paragraph Structure.

What is TEEL?

If you've ever documented an essay for school, you've probably come across a TEEL paragraph. These are passages that adhere to a specific and symmetrical sequence, allowing you to introduce your ideas in a structured and well-organised manner. If you are searching for “what is TEEL”, then this piece of information is a must read for you! To write a TEEL paragraph, you need to provide a Topic sentence, a Description, an Example or Information to prove the topic, and a Linking sentence to put everything together.

TEEL is an acronym that stands for Topic Sentence, Explanation, Evidence, and Link, which is a composing methodology used to compile data in an essay. TEEL provides structure to the paragraph, which can aid in the formation of the thesis and thus improve the overall quality.

  • The letter T stands for Topic Sentence.
  • Explanation (E)
  • Evidence (E)
  • L-Link

Each document in the term TEEL represents the type of phrases that should be included in a paragraph. The stream of wanted to think in a paragraph should be such that it first presents the topic along which paragraph is specified, then follows an elaboration of what this is, why you ended up choosing it, and why it is important, and finally, you continue providing scientific proof to the reasoning that you have made.

Begin with a topic sentence (T)

The letter T in TEEL stands for "Topic." The topic sentence unveils or identifies the most important idea of your paragraph. The topic sentence is usually the very first sentence in the paragraph. [1]

  • Maintain a short and unambiguous topic sentence so that the reader knows exactly what the statement is about. For instance, your executive summary could be, "A zebra is a type of mammal."
  • A PEEL paragraph is a variation on the TEEL structure that you've already seen. The P in a PEEL section stands for "Point," or the key topic of the paragraph.

Explain the context (E)

Following this, write one or two sentences describing or articulating the topic. These paragraphs may provide a frame of reference, demonstrate an understanding of the topic sentence, or go into greater detail about the topic paragraph's point(s).

  • For instance, you could say, "A mammal is indeed a cool in the summer animal with hair or fur." Women naturally secrete milk to protect their child, and they typically bear children to live young rather than laying eggs.”
  • Consider what kind of interpretation or increased detail would be beneficial to the reader. If there are any terms in the thesis statement that you'll have to define, for instance?

Give an example of scientific proof to support your claim (E).

Give relevant examples or facts to support your claim. This will aid in establishing the credibility of your statement. The second E in TEEL can mean "Example" or "Evidence."

For example, in your zebra sentence, you could conclude, "Zebras, like all vertebrates, are pleasant." They also have a fur coat with black and white striped stripes on it. Females give birth to live foals, which are fed milk from a pair of teats situated between their rear legs.”

You may have a lot of instances or witness testimonies can choose from. Choose the most current example or facts to prove your point of view.

Finish with a link (L) to your core argument.

The L in TEEL stands for "Link," and the penultimate paragraph of the TEEL paragraph contextualises your paragraph by attaching it to some other idea. For example, you could use this sentence to summarise the paragraph of the article argues, to access your essay's core premise, or to interact this section to the next one. You can seek Essay Writing help from us at any time.

How Should We Organise Paragraphs?

The TEEL structure is a good way to organise a sentence. TEEL is an acronym that stands for Executive summary, Explanation, Evidence, and Link. You might find it useful to insert C for Comment before Link. A paragraph framed in this manner would include the following:

  • The executive summary is the first sentence in a topic sentence that informs the reader of the sentence's core premise or assertion.
  • Explanation – Go into considerable detail about what you mean.
  • Focus on providing evidence to back up your idea or claim. Respond to your research to accomplish this. Research papers, statistical data, documentary evidence, scholarly works, or journal articles may all be included. Understand that all information must be properly cited.
  • Response – Think about the pluses and minuses of the evidence and examples you've provided. Demonstrate how your indication backs up your claim (how does it ‘prove' your topic sentence?).
  • Link – Summarize the paragraphs and explain how it contributes to your main argument.

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