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BSBCUS501 - Manage Quality Customer Service Summative Assessment Answer

BSBCUS501 - Manage Quality Customer Service Summative Assessment Answer

BSBCUS501 - Manage Quality Customer Service Summative Assessment Answer

The study of BSBCUS501 - Manage Quality Customer Service Summative unit is offered to accredited, training packages, and qualification courses. Therefore, students enrolled in the study of business customer services might be asked to deal with the BSBCUS501 assessment answers. Under this assessment, students are required to undergo four different tasks i.e. Unit Knowledge Test, and rest are unit projects. Our assignment writing experts providing help to students in their assignments have described all the essential details concerned with BSBCUS501 assessment

Overview Details of the BSBCUS501 Assessment

As we read above, the BSBCUS501 unit consists of Unit Assessment Task 1, 2, 3, and 4. No marks or grades will be given to students; the results will be displayed as satisfactory or not satisfactory. Under these tasks, you will find written questions, developing and articulating customer service plan and reflection plan, developing and managing a team, and monitoring, controlling and improving customer service.

BSBCUS501 assessment sample

To solve these unit assessment tasks, you will be required to demonstrate and make proper use of your knowledge and skills required in establishing strategies to manage organisational systems that make sure that the services and manufactured products are delivered and maintained as per the mutually agreed organisational standard. Additionally, you may focus on the considered judgement and discretion, use decision-making and problem-solving strategies. However, let's read the purpose, tasks, and problem-solving approaches for the above-given assessment tasks in detail. 

Unit Assessment Task 1 – Written Questions

In this task, you will be given 22 written questions to answer. You must provide a clear and correct answer to each question within the given word-length. Being a student, you are free to use a laptop/PC to write answers. Remember to present your learning, knowledge, and skills to your assessor. As we all know that every assignment comes with a specific structure. Similarly, the UAT 1 (written questions) task has the following instructions:

  • No questions will go untouched. You must answer all the questions.
  • Try to understand the requirement of the assignment before writing. Therefore, go through each question and analyse them critically. Make a list of the requirements based on your examination and analysis.
  • Your answers should show the application and understanding of concerning theories, concepts, academic writing skills, and critical thinking.
  • Use non-discriminatory language, concise, and clear answers as per the given word-limit. 
  • Don't forget to include a citation and referencing if you paraphrase, quote, or collect information from other websites, writers' tasks, etc.

Purpose of the Unit Assessment Task 1

The unit assessment task 1 is assigned with a purpose to evaluate your abilities and skills to complete the tasks within the given time frame. Apart from this, there are few essential purposes like - 

  • Knowledge to identify, include, assess, and investigate the customer's requirements in the process of planning and with a purpose to deliver a high-quality product or service, and ensuring cost specifications are duly met. 
  • Knowledge to check whether the product and services qualities are as per the customer's specification or not. 
  • Skills to monitor and review the team's performance so that the customer service standards of the organisation are met.
  • Develop knowledge to establish and use strategies for services and products to gain feedback and improve its quality. 
  • Knowledge to establish, obtain and use resources effectively to deliver quality-based services and products. Formulate decisions to resolve problems.
  • Developing adequate knowledge to manage reports, records, and propose recommendations for the organisation.

Assessment Question Sample

Our assignment writing experts have explained a few questions samples of the Unit Assessment Task 1. Let's have a look at them:

BSBCUS501 assessment question sample

How To Answer The BSBCUS501 - Manage Quality Customer Service Summative Assessment Questions?

To solve these questions, you are required to follow the below-given instructions. These instructions are given by experts providing the BSBCUS501 assessment answer who have written thousands of assignments before. 

  • To provide a satisfactory response, you must refer to learning resources, textbooks, handouts, slides, and learners' resources. 
  • You may require resources like a computer, internet, MS Word, Printer, e-printer, and Adobe Reader. 
  • Understand and examine textual information by using multiple resources and apply the knowledge you have gained during your study to evaluate the ethics and principles of an organisation.
  • Use correct words, languages, and approaches to convey requirements, information, and recommendations to your audience.
  • Comprehends and interprets mathematical information in customer service plan and organisation's business. 

For example –

manage quality customer service summative assessment

In the above-given questions, you may describe the organisational regulatory as well as legislative context related to forming a misleading or false impression. Also, you may know Australian competition and consumer commission so that you can propose what services and products can be offered by the organisation. Once you are done with these points, the answer will look like –

manage quality customer service summative assessment answer

BSBCUS501 assessment question 2

The 2nd question of the unit assessment test deals with the purpose behind establishing a policy to handle customer complaints. Mention what to be included in the policy and define the major steps included in complaint handling policy. You may describe a few terms like patiently listening, show empathy to customers, regular follow up, etc.

BSBCUS501 assessment answer 2

BSBCUS501 assessment question 3

While answering the above question, you may describe four different standards and practices for customer services in terms of "quality management". Take into account that these models and practices must be issued by ISO. Also, you must be assured that team members are working as per customer service standards. An overview of the answer is given under.

BSBCUS501 assessment answer 4

Unit Assessment Test 2 – Unit Project

This is a unit project task where you are required to establish and eloquent a plan for customer service and draft a reflection plan as well. The aim behind offering Unit Project assessment is to develop skills to identify and access customer's needs in the planning process, to ensure time, quality, and costs are determined effectively, etc.

unit project assessment sample

unit project assignment answer

You will be provided with a case study and case scenario. You must solve the given questions based on that case study and scenario explaining the steps involved in customer support processes, describe policies and procedures, and focus on internal and external customers and their requirements.

Unit Assessment Task 3 – Unit Project

The purpose of this task is to determine whether you are ready for the assessment or not. You will be given a checklist and ensure that you may have followed all the points of the checklist because the assessor will review your performance on that specific checklist. In addition to this, there are few instructions to be followed while answering the questions:

  • Ensure you have covered all the necessary points. 
  • Check if you have discussed the needs and other adjustments in the assessment. 
  • Collect information from authentic and reliable sources. 
  • Complete and submit the assignment within the scheduled deadline.
  • Include sufficient evidence and supporting materials during the assessment.

unit project assessment task3

How to solve Unit Assessment Task 3 – Unit Project task?

If you are finding difficulties in writing BSBCUS501 task 3 assessment answers then follow the hints given below. 

  • You should write answers in the given template. 
  • Prepare a report and draft an email as per the template. 
  • Don't exceed the word length. 
  • Adhere to the given checklist and performance criteria. 
  • Complete the Unit Assessment Task 3 as per the template given by the accessor.
  • Include appropriate citations and references.

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