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Bsbhrm512 Develop And Manage Performance-management Processes Assessment Answer

Bsbhrm512 Develop And Manage Performance-management Processes Assessment Answer

Bsbhrm512 Develop And Manage Performance-management Processes Assessment Answer

Students enrolled in Human Resource Management discipline are required to undergo various tasks and one of them is BSBHRM512 assignment. This assessment deals with the development and managing performance management processes. This unit is involved in different courses and units like 10720NAT (Diploma of Health Administration), BSB52318 (Diploma of Governance), BSB51918 (Diploma of Leadership and Management) and more. In this unit, students come to learn the skills and knowledge of developing and facilitating and implementing performance management processes effectively.

The assignments involved with this unit require you to develop and implement KPIs in the organisation; write a reflection on performance evaluation; conduct SWOT analysis; develop and apply training for managers who are accountable for performance management. Students who are willing to write BSBHRM512 Develop and manage performance-management processes assessment answer effectively must have foundational skills like reading, writing, oral communication, numeracy, and ability to complete the task on time. There are many more things to know about BSBHRM512 assignment. So, read the information described below by our human resource management assignment expert.

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What Are The Different Parts Of Bsbhrm512 Assessment?

In this assessment task, you are asked to solve Part A, Part B, and Part C. In each part, there are a few questions you need to answer. Let's discuss it in detail.


You are required to review the Australian Hardware simulated business information given in the assignment appendices.

Understand and review the given case:

Bsbhrm512 assessment sample

Develop a training plan for Wollongong managers by using the template given in Appendix 1. The plan should meet the objectives of the training and monitoring training evaluation. The plan should be 20 to 30-minute session discussing the key features of the performance management process, discuss the four different aspects of the process, and providing enough time to practice for Wollongong managers.

While providing training, ensure for the following:

objectives of the training and monitoring training evaluation


Read the given scenario:

Bsbhrm512 assessment scenario

Draft an email to Wollongong Housewares' Manager discussing:

  • The positive approaches of providing coaching and feedback 
  • What could be the suitable intervention options?
  • Discuss the process required for dispute resolution.
  • Develop a systematic process for terminating an employee in case of unsuccessful intervention. 
  • What should be the recordkeeping process to adhere to legislative and policies requirements?

While drafting your email, make sure that you have referred to relevant legislation and policies, including particular reference to industrial relations legislation, anti-discrimination, and privacy.


  • Being a student, you are required to write a reflection evaluating the performance, the effectiveness of the current performance management process, and suggest timeframe to evaluate the processes involved in performance management. 
  • Once you are done with the process of writing reflection, you must submit documents as per the below-given specifications:

    • Provide a replicated training session
    • Session plan
    • Send an email to the Wollongong's Housewares Manager 
    • A complete reflection paper

How to complete the BSBHRM512: Develop and Manage Performance-Management Processes Assessment?

The BSBHRM512 Assessment requires a set of skills and subject knowledge. Students who lack the foundational skills or do not have knowledge of the developing and managing performance process look for human resource management assignment help services to complete the task accurately. Here, our assignment writing experts have illustrated a few points that can help complete BSBHRM512 assignment tasks.

Develop an assimilated process for manage performance 

  • Examine and evaluate the operational plan and organisational strategy to determine the related objectives and policies in terms of performance-management processes
  • Plan ideas concerned with the processes of performance-management that is quite helpful in supporting organisational goals and strategy 
  • Design processes and methods for housewares' managers to cultivate significant performance indicators 
  • Design processes and timeframes for organisation 
  • Make sure that the performance management process is flexible 
  • Get in touch with stakeholders and discuss the processes

Simplify the execution of performance-management processes

  • Provide training to individual and concerned groups to identify gaps in the performance, provide feedback, monitor performance, and manage talent effectively
  • Work in collaboration with managers to make sure that performance is regularly monitored 
  • Helping  managers in counselling and maintaining discipline among employees 
  • Develop a process for dispute resolution, mediating between employees and managers
  • giving support to dismiss employees if they get fail in responding to interventions as per the legislative requirements and organisational protocols 
  • Check that the results gained from performance-management sessions are stored securely and accessible as per the organisational policy
  • Need to perform evaluation and improvement in performance-management processes aspects at a regular interval

Manage individual and group development and learning

  • Required to develop and implement developed strategies and plans to inspire actual employee performance
  • Provide development plans and learning as per the mutually agreed deadline
  • Monitoring developed activities and learning to ensure quality assurance 
  • Prepare reports for managers 

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