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Ready to Begin Your March Study Semester in Australia? Here’s How the BushFire Emergency May Affect You.

Ready to Begin Your March Study Semester in Australia? Here’s How the BushFire Emergency May Affect You.
February 18, 2020

Ready to Begin Your March Study Semester in Australia? Here’s How the BushFire Emergency May Affect You.

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A New Students’ Guide for Australian Universities amid Bush Fire catastrophe in Australia.

The outrageous scale of Bushfire in Australia is arduous to make sense of, as it has been a long, tiring, and anxious fiery season that continued like forever. The worst-affected state, New South Wales saw the land of 12.1 million acres turn into ashes; with damage and burnt to about 600 homes. With such a disaster spreading not only into the forest but also in the lives of the natives, the smoke has also reached out for international students who were looking forward to take-up admission Australian Universities.

Bushfire Affecting Student’s Mental Health

According to our experts, a lot of university campuses have been shut down affecting the presently running curriculum of the universities that were and still are risked by bushfire. With a huge loss of human and animal life in Australia, students all across the affected area are going through a rough patch, seeing the hideous situation of mass death. In a sense of depression and anxiety, students, who have witnessed the death of a family member, a friend or even a pet, have lost a sense of emotion resulting in their academic performances. Losing a near and dear one, when you have only a few friends in a new country like Australia, being a watcher to their loss is again a situation that is leading and affecting their mental health.  

Bushfire and Student’s Health Due To Climate Change 

With a growing change in the climate, Bushfire again has contributed towards the level of pollution. The contaminated air, being a major reason for a health issue in the students, has affected the performance of students in universities and colleges. Many universities have postponed examinations and advised students to stay inside their homes to avoid contact with air that is hazardous to breathe in. The smog-choked cities have canceled classes too, affecting a whole class of students and their careers.  

Bushfire’s Effect on the land itself 

Also, Australia has held up to the name of “a beautiful city to visit”, but all thanks to the massive and rapid spread of the fire, the country holds in itself the allure to attract the students and tourists; being also the” most vulnerable” to climate change in the near future. The students, planning to visit the country, are held up in a state of confusion, which is making them question their choice just because of the massacre caused by the deadly - Bushfire.

Supports Parents And Teachers Can Provide To Students

A lot of students tend to feel distressed due to various reasons such as:

  1. Faced direct risk of life due to fire
  2. Loss of homes, pet, family or family
  3. Grief and loss that is yet fresh
  4. Memories related to the same situation before

It is important to understand the change in the behavior of students, to help them cope up in this situation of near death. It is now, that they need a ray of light, to help them grow out the string in this situation. Being a parent or a teacher, help in the following ways:

  1. Talk to them about the situation. Help them understand it well and not make false interpretations of the same. 
  2. Make them understand that there is a positive end to this, and that is it will be over soon. Keep your surroundings positive.
  3. Make them stay connected to friends to have a change of topic.
  4. Help them follow the normal routine just like any other day in Australia.

Looking For a March In-take in Australian Universities? Look Out For The Following!

With a majority of students coming from abroad to get in an international exposure to their abilities to hold on to a bright future, a lot of students travel miles away from their homes to get admission in Australian Universities. But is it possible to take in that step this march? Well, the disaster of bushfire has affected the economy of the country so badly, that a major hike in the educational courses along with the living expense is expected to rise for the international students.

Also, with a lack of resources, the government might try and reduce future enrolments in universities, leading to a break on a lot of student’s dreams; therefore, affecting the future admissions for abroad study for a lot of Indian students. Student admissions are also affected due to bad air and water quality. Being scarce for the natives, holding on to such resources for foreign students is an impossible task to do.

In a situation of such misery, where the locals, the wildlife and nature is affected so badly, students, who have come up and the ones who are planning to enroll themselves in Australian universities, are affected too. For, this is something that holds in a great impact on the study and grades, students can take-up help from experts and professional subject writers to help them do their assignments with a bit of ease. Students can also get in subject and assignment related consultancy from them too that will make it easier for them to fetch out HD grades.

Bushfire FAQ’s

Question 1: Which universities are affected the most by Bushfire?

Answer 1: Areas like Sydney, New South Wales, Albury, Townsville, Queensland, Gladstone, and many more are affected badly by the bushfire, indicating the majority of universities down here. These are the locations, which hold maximum student interaction and population from foreign lands.   

Question 2: Can I take up admission in the coming March intake?

Answer 2: Yes, it is absolutely safe to take up admissions in the March in-take as the universities are giving up enrolments to students to carry forward a normal class routine in Australia. The government has taken up major steps to keep it in control for the students and provide them with a normal every-day environment to learn and study.

Question 3: Where can I get emergency support and help?

Answer 3:  There are a variety of numbers that you reach out for such as:

  1. For Fire Emergency - call 000
  2. If are a specially-abled individual, call 106
  3. Bush Fire Information Line- 1800 676 737
  4. To report a fire emergency(TTY users) - 1800 555 677

You can also reach out for the official government site for any kind of emergency -

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