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Types Of Assignments Law Students Are Given In Australia

Type Of Assignment Do Law Students In Australia Get

Types Of Assignments Law Students Are Given In Australia

The amount of material available to students in law is overwhelming. The problem needs a thorough study and assessment of each situation and its complex dynamics. Finding a deeper understanding of a situation through thorough assessment is troublesome at the beginning of the course. Every student desires to get the greatest possible grade, but due to clear limitations, this isn't easy. As a result, students seek law assignment help to improve their marks.

Topics Covered Under the Study of Law

Law encompasses a wide range of topics. Our assignment help professionals discuss almost all topics. It would be difficult to mention each area of law, but we have discussed some most common areas. Let's read them:

  • Civil Law - Civil laws are mainly concerned with the 'Right of the Citizen' in a particular country. The majority of these laws are non-criminal, and most are supposed to deal with legal actions for any infraction. Civil law is about crime and the reward received by the criminal prosecuted in court. The articles concerned with civil laws are written to entice readers and provide insight into the subject.
  • Common Laws - The court and other bodies in charge of the common law make judgements based on prior instances and expertise. The court extrapolates earlier rulings that apply to the current situation. However, if the situation is unusual, the justices' decision is definitive.
  • Hybrid System - A hybrid system is a combination of two systems that work together. An electoral system is one among the subsets. The system is dynamic since it has some and a lot of variables. It allows us far more flexibility than religious laws.
  • Religious Law - These rules are centred on most people practising a certain religion's beliefs. It usually comprises a code of conduct and moral and ethical ideals. These laws do not change over time, whereas non-religious laws are subject to revision by legislators.
  • Pluralistic System - This system is comprised of three or more legal systems. It is implemented in areas with diverse demographics. The United States of America is an excellent example, as it has a federal legal structure that coexists with state laws.

Apart from these, there are several other law areas to study, such as administrative law, criminal law, tort law, etc. Our law assignment help experts provide instant assistance for every area of law. Hence, reach us immediately if you encounter any study assignment issues.

How To Write A Law Assignment

What Types Of Assignments Do Students Get While Studying Law Courses In Australia?

Studying law in Australia cannot be easy as it requires several academic tasks, and assignment is one of them. Being a student, you must deal with several forms of assignments. Some of them are discussed below by our law assignment help professionals.

1. Essays

An argument or discussion about a particular topic is presented in a law essay, which uses pieces of evidence to present your perspective about the given topic. An essay is formatted using four essential sections – Introduction, body, conclusion, and references.


The introduction gives information about the background and discusses why it would be relevant to your audience. It also gives you a general idea of how you'll respond to the question.


  • It would help if you immediately reacted to the essay topic in the body.
  • This section of your assignment should be well-structured to ensure that you present enough information to back up your response.
  • You'll almost always need to address multiple points of view, which entails combining diverse concepts from various sources.


  • The conclusion reaffirms the topic of the essay and provides an overview of the important points presented in the essay.
  • You might be required to make recommendations.


  • The reference list contains all the list of resources that you have used for your essay information.
  • It is always written on a separate page.

2. Reports

A report organises information regarding a condition or problem that is being investigated. The data could originate from your perspective, reading, study, experimentation, or measurements taken in the laboratory or the field.

Report structure

Depending on the field and goal, reports can have a variety of structures. Our law assignment help experts have discussed an ideal law report structure below; however, you must always read the instruction file of the assignment to determine if your professor has asked to use a specific format.

  • Abstract (or Executive Summary)
  • Introduction
  • Method
  • Findings
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion & recommendations
  • Appendices

3. Literature reviews

A literature review can stand alone as an assignment to summarise the important studies on your topic. Alternatively, it could be part of a longer work, such as a research report, to explain why more research on your selected topic is needed.

Literature Review Structure

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

4. Case Studies

In essence, a case study necessitates the integration of theory and practice so that relevant theories can be applied to professional circumstances or real-life scenarios.

An event, an occurrence, a person, a text, an object, an institution, or an idea are all examples of cases. You analyse the situation by comparing it to a theoretical explanation to understand and provide a broader picture – Why did this happen? And what happened? 

Our experts delivering law assignment help in Australia say that a case study can follow the report or an essay structure. The key tasks you need to perform in case study assignments are as follows -

You might be asked to identify: 

  • the case's primary issues and why they've emerged possible solutions to the issues, and
  • proposals and arguments

Identification of problems:

  • Give a summary of the case study.
  • Summarise the issues
  • Connect the highlighted issues to the theory.

Recommend Solutions:

  • Provide practical and realistic remedies to the case's challenges.
  • Consider the benefits and drawbacks of each proposal and the price and expertise/resources required to implement it.
  • When analysing the answers, you might want to consider costs/time/resources/expertise levels.

5. Annotated Bibliographies

An annotated bibliography summarises and evaluates each reading independently, rather than combining them into a single conversation. Each reading is normally presented using alphabetical order. An annotated bibliography's goal is to:

  • outline the key ideas raised in the text
  • assess the text's merits and faults, and
  • Discuss how it can help you or others who are doing a study on this topic.

Structure to be followed while writing annotated bibliographies

Reference details

  • Complete bibliographical information for the text using the referencing system specified.

Summary of text

  • Depending on your word restriction, the overview and analysis may be integrated into one paragraph or presented as two different paragraphs.
  • Gives a quick rundown of the essential issues raised in the text.

Critique of text

Assesses the book's strengths and shortcomings, including –

  • the weight of the information used to support any assertions made,
  • any author(s) prejudice or preconceptions, and
  • any significant parts of the issue that have not been effectively addressed in the text.


The conclusion is typically written at the end of the paragraph. It illustrates how the text relates to the research.

Willing to know more about the law assignments? Want to write a perfect law assignment? You may need to contact subject matter experts providing law assignment help in Australia. They are well-experienced, highly skilled, and talented in dealing with law assignments and their concerns. Hence, don't wait and connect us immediately!



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