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Upcoming ALA Webinars in Australia 2020

Upcoming ALA Webinars in Australia 2020
ALA stands for Adult Learning Australia and it is the largest national peak for ACE (Adult and Community Education). It is a not-for-profit body including individual and organisational members in every region and state who reflect the ACE diversity. Adult Learning Australia generally runs forums all over the year. Also, it offers an online webinar for professional development. Many ALA webinars are free of cost for applicants. In this blog, we are going to talk about the upcoming events from ALA. So, let's read the blog further.

Finance Bootcamp: Surviving Extreme Times

ALA is offering a two days Bootcamp webinar where applicants will get financial advice for extreme times. Mainly, the Finance Bootcamp webinar will offer an impact of COVID-19 over a business and also discusses the best ways that can be followed by the business to recover once the market re-opens. After then, you will be helped with the templates and tools to use the 5 steps to make sure business success in the current difficult situation because of COVID-19.

This webinar will be held on 7th April 2020 and 8th April 2020 from 1 pm AEST onwards. Anthony Turner, SBMS is the presenter for this webinar. The total time duration for the Finance Bootcamp webinar is 1 hour per session. The existing members of ALA can participate for free whereas non-ALA members will be required to pay just $50.

ALA webinar: The Pprinciples of Adult Learning

After the success of last year's session, Cheméne Sinson is providing a webinar on 09th April 2020 on Thursday. She has come back to present a webinar on the Principles of Adult Learning. In this session, applicants will learn about adult learning principles and strategies to apply them in the current century. The presenter Cheméne Sinson says that this webinar is going to be quite helpful for adult education practitioners because the session covers a wide range of models, theories, and techniques that adult educators can use to improve and enhance performance.  

The principles of adult learning

Ala Webinar: Understanding And Addressing Specific Learning Disorders

This webinar is going to be presented by Karen Dymke on 23rd April 2020 at 1-2 pm AEST. The ALA members can participate in ALA Webinar: Understanding and addressing specific learning disorders for free whereas non-ALA members can pay $50 to attend this webinar and understand the following:

  • How to present SLDs like Dyslexia
  • Ways to find out a student who learns differently
  • Determining some day-to-day learning challenges faced by students 

Moreover, this ALA webinar will provide practical and strategies that can be easily implemented to enhance a student's learning.

Understanding And Addressing Specific Learning Disorders

Ala Webinar: Matching Your Teaching Style To Different Learning Levels

Adult educators must be able to accommodate and adapt to the various learning levels easily. Also, they must be flexible. Rachel Leigh is presenting a session in the ALA event this year where she will highlight the different methodologies, teaching resources, and what should be the classroom interaction patterns? All these things are necessary as they impact the way an adult practices and learn basic skills. Rachel states that under this webinar, participants will learn to develop scaffolded learning tasks, design group study, group work, and be able to manage different levels of classrooms.

Matching Your Teaching Style

Ala Webinar: Supporting Low Literacy Learners Using The Acsf

Again Rachel Leigh Taylor is going to present the Supporting low literacy learners using the ACSF based session on 27th May 2020 at 1 pm AEST. Rachel says that she is going to be focused on the different ways to make sure adult learners with low language, numeracy, literacy are supported with the use of the ACSF (Australian Core Skills Framework) tasks to create and spread the involvement with the learning content. The key outcomes of this webinar are as followed:

  • Performance domains and attributes 
  • Developing easy bench-mark for LLN tasks
  • ACSF level rubric
  • Creating ACSF based tasks 

This webinar will be of an hour and the cost to participate is free for ALA members and non-members is $50.

Supporting Low Literacy Learners Using The Acsf

ALA Webinar: Building Partnerships with Industry

This webinar is to be presented by the winner of the Australian Training Awards for Excellence in Language and her name is Deb Guntrip. Under this session, Deb will be focused on developing with partners in order to provide literacy projects to different organisations and industries. Deb will also share her experience while working with employers in terms of organisation needs, context, and workforce needs of an individual. She will also discuss what sort of tools and resources she has used to examine the needs and requirements of the business, develop a program that can be useful in accomplishing the goals of an organisation, and how to fill the employee's skills gap.

Building Partnerships with Industry

ALA LLN webinar: Validation of ACSF Assessment Resources

This session is best-fit for adult literacy, language, and numeracy practitioners. The Presenter: Philippa McLean says that this webinar will provide a great opportunity for participants to have external task validation planned to ACSF. The webinar is structured with one assessment task or group strategy to validate. Interested participants can provide the following:

  • An assessment strategy or task 
  • ACSF core skill
  • ACSF level

Validation of ACSF assessment resources

Ala Webinar: Managing Challenging Behaviors

Karen Dymke is presenting a webinar for managing challenging behaviors who has 30+ years of experience as a teacher, senior leader, trainer, consultant, and coach. Under this webinar, you will be allowed to share your experiences or issues concerned with classroom behaviors, reasons behind those challenges, and repack them through management strategies. 

So, this was a list of webinars and events that will be held in 2020 in Australia by Adult Learning Australia. If you are interested in any of the above-given events, do visit their website and start enrol yourself today! Do speak to their excellent team of customer care professionals for any query.

managing challenging behaviours



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