What is an Oxford Comma? - Tips, Rules and Examples!

What is an Oxford Comma? - Tips, Rules and Examples!
December 28, 2021

What is an Oxford Comma? - Tips, Rules and Examples!

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What is an Oxford Comma? - Tips, Rules and Examples!

If you are looking for- what is an Oxford Comma? along with the Tips, Rules and Examples then your research could end here. The Oxford comma is known for becoming one of the most contentious aspects of the English language. This little punctuation mark, sometimes known as the serial comma, is publicly supported — or tossed off — by scholars in the field for years. Get a comprehensive overview of what is an Oxford Comma so you can decide whether or not to use it!

What is an Oxford Comma?

Let’s bump into the query what is an Oxford Comma? The Oxford comma is a comma! It comes before the coordinating conjunction in a group of three or more components. (It's also known as a serial comma or serial comma) that could be used as the last comma in both "and" and "or" lists to separate a succession of elements. It helps to organise these items and distinguishes them from the rest of the list, especially the last two. To grasp the fundamentals of how the Oxford comma works, look at a few instances in action.

  • She enjoyed reading novels, painting portraits, and walking her dog.
  • Ascertain that he does not consume any peanuts, bread, or carrots.

Who Advocates For Oxford Commas And Who Is Against Them?

The exclusion of the Oxford comma has historically been more common in print newspapers, where rigorous character boundaries are considered necessary in the limited space of printed sections. When given historical texts, there is no cohesiveness in their use or misrepresentation, but it's now more common in American style guides than in British style guides.

Both The Times and The Economist, for example, are opposed to its use. It is recommended by plenty of well American style manuals, including The Chicago Manual of Style, while there are notable examples, such as the Associated Press Stylebook. Somebody else, such as The Guardian, are more lenient, arguing it should only be used in instances where ambiguity must be avoided. Surprisingly, the Oxford comma is not used at all in numerous languages, including French, German, and Italian. This may assist you in understanding what is an Oxford Comma?

The Benefits of Using the Oxford Comma At a Right Place!

Numerous individuals who are passionate about proper grammar debate vehemently in favour of the Oxford comma, bemoaning the fact that it has been obliterated by many grammar rules. Let's take a look at why so many individuals still argue for the Oxford comma and see if we can grasp why advocates are so adamant about using it.

Elegance and Intelligibility

The most compelling justification for employing the Oxford comma is its clarity. Many individuals claim that the Oxford comma isn't merely an aesthetic feature, but also a necessary one, because a sentence's substance can be modified without it. As a result, it's critical to eliminate any apparent contradiction that could detract from your writing's clarity and beauty.

  • The variant without the Oxford comma in the preceding example might be construed as suggesting that one of the girl's favourite foods was "cake and chicken" mashed simultaneously.
  • The Oxford comma establishes that these are two distinct foods. Take a look at the following sentence for another example:

The Tip To Use Oxford Comma…

So far, the reasons for employing the Oxford comma appear to be convincing. Why would someone object to using commas that clarify your meaning or more closely resemble how you would pronounce a statement out loud? Now we'll look at the equally vehement reasons against using the Oxford comma. You can better seek Professional Writing Help from the online experts to meet with your assignment queries.


Many individuals feel that using the Oxford comma is purposely obtuse and that it can seem pretentious and hypercorrect in some contexts. Without it, it is typically completely simple to deduce the meaning of the sentence.

Adding to the ambiguity

However, pomposity and excessive pedantry aren't the only reasons to avoid using the Oxford comma. We've seen how it can be used to avoid ambiguity, but it can also be used to generate ambiguity in specific instances. This can happen as a result of an appositional clause, which is used to add personal info about the prior sentence.

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