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10 Powerful Tips to Quickly Ameliorate Your Academic Writing Skills

10 Powerful Tips to Quickly Ameliorate Your Academic Writing Skills
“I wish I could have a genie who would give me the best assignment help”- Liza said. “Your wish will come true!” – Online Assignment Expert asserted. We are sure you have also wished that you could get the best academic writing guide just like how Liza did. To let you know, Liza is a student at the Australian National University and was looking for Academic Writing Help until Online Assignment Expert happened to assist her where she not only got the best assignment help but also got the opportunity to choose her expert. And today, she is a happy-go-lucky girl who is enjoying her ‘me’ time while her favorite expert is working for her. Online Assignment Expert is that assignment genie whom you have been looking out all this while.  It is often said that academic writing is informal writing, but actually, it is different. If we go by Oxford Learner’s Dictionary of Academic English, it says that academic language is concise, formal, precise, impersonal, tentative and carefully structured. In case you want to go ahead by yourself, I will be sharing top practical tips and tricks in this blog which would help you ameliorate your academic writing skills. Without further ado, let’s dive straight to the point with our powerful academic writing tips.
  • Be focused and spot your place to be
First things first. It is extremely imperative for you to find a silent place where you can write without any distractions. Keep a clean desk policy as the cleaner your room will be, the less it will create a ruckus for you. There is no denying the fact that writing is thinking and as a human being, your thinking will be clearer and work more precisely when you are away from the hush-hush. So, keep this in mind that concentration is the key!
  • Know your audience and write accordingly
You are an academic writer and you must know that your writing will be read by the well-informed and highly erudite audience who are aware of the basic know-how of the topic in question. Thence, it is suggested that you as an academic writer must not majorly focus on giving the introduction rather put emphasis on the main points of the treatise. Better you don’t waste your readers’ time by re-hashing about what they already know.
  • Be clear about what message you want to convey
The clarity in your writing is the main thing that shows how much knowledge and stronghold you have as a responsible scholar. Therefore, you have to have a clear vision and pen down that on the paper. Think through the message first and organise the entire paper into sections. Tackling the topics individually is one of the effective strategies, whilst taking the overall message in hand.
  • Take a resilient stand
One of the most effective academic writing strategies is to create a thesis statement and outline the pieces of evidence that support the same. You have to take a resilient stand in your academic writing by either presenting a hypothesis along with persuasive arguments for its cogency or by indoctrinating authentic resources. Ideally, your academic paper must include proper bibliographic information, stating where the information used in that paper was sourced.
  • Tête-à-tête with your reader
Well! Now this one is basic but it is the key for your academic writing to be a blockbuster in no time. Be conversational – as simple as that! Whatever your academic paper is all about either legal opinions of a court or descriptions of a machine in engineering, as a reader people related instantly within a jiffy if at all your style is interactive. The clearer and conservational your writing are; the better it will be implicit by the reader.
  • Don’t you dare bluff!
Never ever try to bluff. Your professors are your professors and they will instantaneously know when you try to bluff your way through the content. Never ever fake a point you didn’t understand rather not include it in the paper. It is completely fine if you couldn’t comprehend a point but being disingenuous is not okay at all.
  • Take the cab to vocab!
The next tip from our way to yours is to take the cab to vocab! Yes, that’s what you just read. Choose your words wisely as there are words that aren’t terribly complicated but help turn a phrase. You can go on to use words namely, “auspices”, “albeit”, “rubric”, “bereft”. This is how you will be able to project a higher level of competence and erudition.
  • Watch out for literary cliché or redundant expressions
In academic writing, one is required to inform the readers. So, in this case, it is significant that you must not use flowery language, metaphors and analogies. Using such a writing style will weaken the influence of the points that you have put forth.
  • Organize your paper to help readers
This is very important. Good academic writing is designed and prearranged logically. Often, authors are expected to go by the IMRaD3 structure, which is inclusive of introduction, materials and methods, results, and discussion. BONUS TIP:
  • Proofread, proofread and proofread!
The more you proofread, the stronger paper you will deliver without any typos or grammatical errors. Especially, when it comes to academic writing; proofreading plays an essential role. So, it is imperative that you examine your paper thoroughly for any spelling or grammatical errors to ensure that their papers are as credible and cogent as possible.

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