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What are Narrative Conventions and their Importance?

What are Narrative Conventions and their Importance?
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The narrative conventions are used while writing an English assignment. It is used to provide a background flow to explain the related events. Some of the literary works like novels, stories, poetry, dramas, narratives, etc., are written by using narrative conventions tools. These narrative convention tools can be crumbled into a surfeit of classifications by narrative conventions of a short story. However, the narrative conventions are classified as:
  • Primary narratives
  • Secondary narratives
The primary narrative conventions help make a comprehensive effect on the whole literature, whereas secondary narrative conventions make an effect only on a few selected literature sections. Therefore, the essay writing help experts say that writing narrative conventions assignments need a strong writing skill so that they can identify where to use secondary and primary narrative convention tools. The narrative convention is termed as a technique that is used by the writers to develop the meaning of the story. There are several things to be considered while narrative conventions conflict. Some of them are – elements for narrative conventions Some primary narrative conventions examples are setting, plot development, conflict, point of view, characters, descriptive language, symbols, themes, and motifs. These literature narrative techniques are discussed below by our experts.


Here, the setting can be explained as the location and time in which a story takes place. Settings can be broad as well as specific. Generally, there are two kinds of settings; time setting and place setting.

Plot development

Plot development can be said as a sequence of events that helps you to connect with the audience to their goals and protagonist. Some common stages of plot development are:
  • Exposition or Orientation
  • Complication
  • Climax
  • Falling tension
  • Denouement


The narrative convention conflict is explained as the fight or struggle that takes place between two or more people. Following are the basic examples of conflict:
  • Man against man conflict
  • Man against society
  • Man against nature
  • Man against himself
Conflict also helps the writers to determine the themes of the novel.

Point of view

In narrative conventions media, generally, three types of points of view are used. They are first-person, second-person, and third-person. Our experts providing assignment help in Australia have defined them in detail.

First Person

In this, the story must be written by using words like ‘I’ or ‘we’ or ‘me’ or ‘us.’ Using such words helps the audience to understand the protagonist’s feelings, experiences, and other inner desires. Additionally, you may understand that the first-person writing style only provides information about the protagonist you see or know.

Second Person

Here, you narrate the story. You generally talk about the reader in this section. The best way is to use ‘You’ in your writing.


In this section, you are required to act as an omniscient personality who knows everything. Here, you may display that you have a comprehensive understanding of all the characters, places, times, and events that are about to happen or have already taken place. You may use ‘he,’ ‘they,’ ‘she,’ and ‘them.’


While writing narrative conventions in a film or story, the word “character” is explained in different terms. However, the two most basic terms are – The antagonist and the protagonist.

Descriptive Language:

The writers use tools to write descriptive language that enhances the interaction level of the literature. Being an academic writer, you must try to cover the taste and inclination of your readers, entailing the descriptive language tools in your current literature. The two examples of descriptive language are-
  • Imagery
  • Sensory Imagery

Figurative language:

Figurative language comes with a different meaning from its actual sense. This style of language is used to show compare a particular thing. This language is using words like metaphor, simile, hyperbole, and personification.


It is a method that is used to create a link between the characters of the story and the reader. The characterization types may be: Direct characterization: This form of characterization generally takes place when the writer describes the personality of the character/s. Indirect characterization: When the writer gives information about the character, and then the audiences are asked to make their perception and point of view about that particular character, then it is said to be the indirect characterization. Some popular ways to plot characters are –
  • Appearance
  • Behavior
  • Thoughts/Feelings
  • Dialogues
  • Relationships & interactions
So, these were the few things to be considered while writing a narrative convention assignment. In case if you need further help such as editing, proofreading, plagiarism-check, quality-check, or any other academic help, then contact Online Assignment Expert.

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