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John Model of Reflection: A Comprehensive Guide by Experts

John Model of Reflection: A Comprehensive Guide by Experts

John Model of Reflection: A Comprehensive Guide by Experts

In nursing, several models of reflection are available to use. The most important thing is why and when you may use them. In this blog, we have a practical explanation to Johns Model of Reflection. This blog will let you understand the fundamental of this reflective practice tool. So, let's begin the tour.

The Johns Model of Reflection is termed as a model that is being used for structured reflection. This reflective model was developed by Christopher Johns. It was originally developed for the nursing sector in the early nineties. Then, this model was soon accepted in several different sectors as well. It was seen that this model plays an important role in the process of structured reflection. Also, the John Model of Reflection assists you in reflecting and analyse complex decision-making.

He concentrated on determining knowledge which can be used in practices and make it definite. The Johns framework is comprised of five prompt questions which are consequently categorised into more detailed questions in order to advance reflection. He also suggested that an individual should have both external and internal focus while thinking. Here, the internal focus is referred to the thoughts and emotions of an individual, whereas the external focus is generally considered as factual incidents or situations. 

Understand "Critical Reflection" and "Critical Analysis"

In this section, we will read about the critical reflection and critical analysis by nursing assignment help Australia experts. These experts have a well-understanding of reflection models. 

Critical Reflection

Critical reflection generally means determining and exploring our own feelings, thoughts, and experiences and then making decisions for how they fit best with the theories, concepts, and ideas.  It enables individuals to amalgamate different perspectives, opinions, ideas, etc. The ideas behind critical reflection are that you are not just exploring your feelings, thoughts, or experiences but also evaluating them from a different point of view and consider if it can change own perspective or approach. It is also termed as a way of examining the approaches and actions to early learning.

Because of the above reasons, critical reflection is supposed to be important, mainly in the professional development of teachers.

Critical Analysis

A critical analysis is referred to as subjective writing as it expresses the text evaluation and opinion of a writer. Analysis generally means to categorise and study them. Whenever you are writing a critical paper, you may focus on these two steps: 

  • Critical reading 
  • Critical writing

The critical analysis revolves around evaluation, analysis, and description. Let's understand this with the below figure.

critical analysis example

Christopher Johns Model of Reflection: Phases and Step-by-Step Plan

The plan discussed below can be used by an individual who wants to critically reflect on the activities he/she is performing in his/her daily life. This plan is based on Johns' model of reflection. But, you should also know that this can be less or more relevant depending on the context and situation.

john model of reflection

Step 1: Describe experiences The first step to be followed in Johns Model of Reflection is describing your own experience that you felt at during the situation. It can be done by answering different questions. For example – 

  • Phenomenon
  • Casual
  • Context
  • Explain

Step 2: Reflection The next step focuses on the reflection. You may answer the below-illustrated questions to complete this section:

  • What were you trying to do?
  • What approach did you follow? And Why?
  • What consequences were there because of your actions?
  • How did you felt when the situation took place?
  • How did others feel during the incident/situation?
  • How do you come to know what others were thinking during the situation?

Step 3: Influencing factors The third step is the influencing factors. It deals with the factors which influence the situation when it takes place. Few questions to be answered in the Johns' model of reflection:

  • What external and internal factors affect the decision at the time of experience?
  • What knowledge sources were available?
  • What information and sources might have affected your choice?

Step 4: Alternate ways to deal with the situation This section deals with determining the areas to be improved for the situation. Here, you are required to answer the below-given questions:

  • What alternatives do you have?
  • What consequences were tangled in those alternatives?
  • Have you measured all the identified options?
  • Have you chosen the best option?

Step 5: Learning The fifth and the last step in Johns Model of Reflection are learning from areas that need to be improved. The questions included in this section are:

  • What all have changed because of the experience?
  • How do you feel now about my experience?
  • What other approaches can be better for that situation?
  • How the experience has changed your knowledge? Explain it in any of the following ways:
  • Ethical – moral knowledge
  • Empirical – scientific
  • Aesthetic – the art of what we do, your own experiences
  • Personal – self-awareness

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